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Derek Trucks Band 02/14/09
Weis Center for the Performing Arts, Bucknell Univ, Lewisburg, PA
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Entered by Steve Blanchard
Checksums ffp , md5
Disc Counts 1 / 2
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Source Summary Lineage: Edirol R-09HR Onboard Mics > 24/48 Wave > wavelab 5 > UAD Plugs > r8brain Pro > Izotope Ozone Mbit + > 16/44.1 Wave > TLH > flac lvl 8 
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Derek Trucks Band
Weis Center for the Performing Arts
Bucknell University
Lewisburg, PA

Source: Audience Recording
Lineage: Edirol R-09HR Onboard Mics > 24/48 Wave > wavelab 5 > UAD Plugs > r8brain Pro > Izotope Ozone Mbit + > 16/44.1 Wave > TLH > flac lvl 8

Disc 1

d1t01. Down In The Flood
d1t02. Down Don't Bother Me
d1t03. Don't Miss Me >
d1t04. Soul Serenade
d1t05. Get What You Deserve
d1t06. Sahib Teri Bandi/Maki Madni
d1t07. Get Out Of My Life Woman
d1t08. Days Is Almost Gone
d1t09. Already Free
d1t10. Meet Me At The Bottom
d1t11. Congas solo *

Disc 2

d2t01. My Favorite Things
d2t02. We're A Winner


d2t03. Freddy's Dead


- There are 3 instances of short bursts of clicking in the first minute that coincides with me changing the levels
on the edirol. Not sure where it came from or why, but patching felt more intrusive than the actual flaw so I left
it as is.

- I met with John "the wild man" Bleich at this show and he was contemplating using the edirol instead of his trusty tape deck.
Once we were there, plans changed and he stuck with anna log (his D6) so I decided to see what the onboard mics
were like on the edirol since I hadn't brought any other gear. It definately has a different feel to it than John's
source, listener's choice I would say. I was sitting way left, about 20 feet from the stage under a concrete balcony so
there is a little more reverb in this source. A very nice show all in all, very warm sound, great way to spend
valentines day with my lady (whom graciously allowed me to tape on our date, Thank you Amy)


* Count M'Butu


- Taped, Transferred, Tracked, Flacked, and Packed by Bgreen

- Tracked, flaced, and packed by Jade Merchant

- First seeded to Lossless Legs - July 2009

- Brought To You By Live Music Preservation Project

- contact [email protected]


Show Checksums
cbeb669bb00f799b0aed88fdd1de9786 *dtb2009-02-14d1t01.flac
de9c21f77873e18f437e207eb0735a3f *dtb2009-02-14d1t02.flac
66eacdf2573390e00149bb2f4b138f86 *dtb2009-02-14d1t03.flac
9642a6338849d5ea4192407acf9ab7b7 *dtb2009-02-14d1t04.flac
2ad38235ed04636c9f64c32dee36daa3 *dtb2009-02-14d1t05.flac
dcd639a3f4cef3451a0cfdcc1ff5cfde *dtb2009-02-14d1t06.flac
92faf78441c0ee150b48595dbe9f7d0d *dtb2009-02-14d1t07.flac
e9a44fe3a027daf5d9838a3e06926720 *dtb2009-02-14d1t08.flac
fdab8b80fe1243a62994616519b7ae12 *dtb2009-02-14d1t09.flac
652d07e338bf776d6eb62a430c940ada *dtb2009-02-14d1t10.flac
c3d6774295225cd72abf74ab4e39a42f *dtb2009-02-14d1t11.flac
61287510e8e9c4acca1ad3403d1c9d66 *dtb2009-02-14d2t01.flac
887fb615cf87dc12efd8296982fdefb3 *dtb2009-02-14d2t02.flac
6cf441048de72933f50b59419ebe7131 *dtb2009-02-14d2t03.flac

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