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Billy Martin (illy B) 12/07/07
YMCA Theater, Cambridge, MA
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Entered by Tom Luhrs
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Source Summary Billy Martin & Calvin Weston Duo; HEB DPA 4061's>battery box>line in>MT 2496 (24/48)>NERO>converted to 16/44.1>CD WAVE>FLAC Frontend (level 8); Taped by Patook; via 
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Billy Martin & Calvin Weston YMCA Theatre Cambridge, MA December 7th 2007

lineage: HEB DPA 4061's>battery box>line in>MT 2496 (24/48)>NERO>converted to 16/44.1>CD WAVE>FLAC Frontend (level 8)

Billy Martin: drums & percussions
Calvin Weston: drums, percussions & trumpet

10 tracks (sort of)

Time: 52:35

Just dug up this one, I meant to seed it a while back but never got around until now.  No titles were annouced, one long piece with 10 edit inserts as a reference, sitting front row dead center.  This is a Patook recording/production #48.
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31207a9c54990a64ae56cddc6bbbd700 *Track No05.flac
c0589af306da1b329559b65998895db9 *Track No06.flac
5025410ffdd66c48bd100ee1c8e95465 *Track No07.flac
718fa28b3300d8cc91f1ebae45f6d28b *Track No08.flac
18e7a89aee67d720cd934d98be49af64 *Track No09.flac
f69a88dae7b09510bc9dec10cce37ac9 *Track No10.flac
5ff29008f937b2f14eb3884ae377cbb8 *Track No01.flac
45dffd8624e1d88f4d0551a1e323b252 *Track No02.flac
e0ae3e313b1e8048d48919b2e5ec4615 *Track No03.flac
fd79a25bb048129689a4ac24323c4210 *Track No04.flac
Track No01.flac:a1d434334596af7cd6407c5b0d52a4ca
Track No02.flac:4eb14cb553844f5796db7b39259e342c
Track No03.flac:fc8b45ef97810286845606820718738d
Track No04.flac:04fc17164930f81a48ef4d60c9ee69d3
Track No05.flac:a7593c7e34018687bdb5359e91443f36
Track No06.flac:b243bd01b38914788a9071d86aef5535
Track No07.flac:bf2cc0f5a30881a4b0d91e9c1889917c
Track No08.flac:77ef9739a9fe25ce1fd8ec21a04ce5c2
Track No09.flac:ad0755d70b6d43b828f4bc60eef31829
Track No10.flac:624fe41f0e26dd8780284f2cc13e58a3

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