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Gov't Mule 07/14/09
Crossroads, Kansas City, MO
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Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary Source- MBHO603a/ka200(FOB,DIN,DFC)>[email protected]/44.1
Lineage- Wavelab(DSP,dither,tracking)>Flac 
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Crossroads K.C.
Kansas City, MO.

Source- MBHO603a/ka200(FOB,DIN,DFC)>[email protected]/44.1
Lineage- Wavelab(DSP,dither,tracking)>Flac

Disc 1 Set 1

01. Pygmy Twylyte > Blind Man In The Dark
02. Lola Leave Your Light On >
03. Mother Earth
04. Lively Up Yourself
05. Empty Pages
06. Little Toy Brain
07. Mr. Big
08. Thorazine Shuffle

Disc 2 Set 2

01. Jam >
02. Sweetleaf >
03. War Pigs
04. Almost Cut My Hair
05. Effigy >
06. Folsom Prison Blues Jam->
07. Drums
08. Effigy->
09. I'm A Ram > 54-46 tease
10. Bad Little Doggie
11. How Many More Years > Higher Ground Jam
12. E:Out Of The Rain
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95ccfc626276afdff457ae88697ad0e2 *gm2009-07-14d1t01.flac
9fde20f69a0d00708980c38a927dd5b4 *gm2009-07-14d1t02.flac
00c3b91ca3558d3bc6ea8b594a65a3a3 *gm2009-07-14d1t03.flac
b51f5d7371cd92fca8fa7443d8d88485 *gm2009-07-14d1t04.flac
3527511cc6b9866f9797cd5a46180473 *gm2009-07-14d1t05.flac
5d203cb726f3235f2078b41c7351e8f7 *gm2009-07-14d1t06.flac
22806006ef6bb30fa458100d23021302 *gm2009-07-14d1t07.flac
39e333b09e18a0844c43f79275da20fb *gm2009-07-14d1t08.flac
bf5aaad0c211660e782985809521f446 *gm2009-07-14d2t01.flac
946aaa6ef0e093c9270cb90189152768 *gm2009-07-14d2t02.flac
9bb06479d6060dde13e6e24f7a2322ba *gm2009-07-14d2t03.flac
8c82781b6fc375c17e8b669c16b38822 *gm2009-07-14d2t04.flac
f90b48a3ab1fdef58c0a2d028eb70f0c *gm2009-07-14d2t05.flac
4fe775668341f1c7d946976c8f12b775 *gm2009-07-14d2t06.flac
edf8c58e5a41e6a7c1c1320df60f52d0 *gm2009-07-14d2t07.flac
53818a0b48e80eb05f7cee655b885691 *gm2009-07-14d2t08.flac
80e5fdcb5b508935b97da5deadef5d4c *gm2009-07-14d2t09.flac
fbff5844eeb14cf55cb57254ca806fda *gm2009-07-14d2t10.flac
dad8afd9cf0284a66a95fd7a383ff77c *gm2009-07-14d2t11.flac
6260b4b2e2c861c9902c56cb340b26a2 *gm2009-07-14d2t12.flac

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