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Led Zeppelin 07/24/77
Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum, Oakland, CA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Source: 8-Track AnaMstr > DAT(0) > CDR(4) > (wav) Note the MD5's/FFP's are for the WHOLE show 
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Led Zeppelin
July 24, 1977
Alameda County Coliseum, Oakland, CA

Audience Recording Source 3

Source: 8-Track AnaMstr > DAT(0) > CDR(4) > (wav) EAC (secure mode) > mkwACT (shn) > flac (tagged and
encoded to flac 8 with Flac Frontend)

Disc 1

01. The Song Remains the Same
02. Rover intro > Sick Again
03. Nobody's Fault But Mine
04. Over The Hills And Far Away
05. Since I've Been Loving You
06. No Quarter
07. Ten Years Gone
08. The Battle of Evermore

Disc 2

01. Going to California
02. Mystery Train > Black Country Woman > Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp
03. Trampled Underfoot
04. White Summer / Black Mountain Side
05. Kashmir
06. Guitar Solo (inc. Star Spangled Banner)
07. Achilles Last Stand
08. Stairway to Heaven
09. Whole Lotta Love > Rock and Roll

Total Time: 158:10

*note from Orangeboy: CD Wave Editor was used to split
Mystery Train/Black Country Woman/Bron-Y-Aur Stomp and
Whole Lotta Love/Rock and Roll

Credits: Jeff James and orangeboy



This is source 3, the longest source, clocking in at 158 mins total.

Source 1, taped by Bob Whitfield, is 145 mins and is best sounding of the three.
Source 2, as released by Missing Link (titled Final Ever In The States) is 155 mins and has only been released on bootleg
as far as I know. It's sound is a hair below that.
This Source 3 doesn't sound as good, has lots of crowd interference and tends to distort but compared to source 2 it
has a longer intro, The Battle Of Evermore is complete and it includes the closing announcements.
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; flac fingerprint file generated by Trader's Little Helper
; generated on July 20, 2009, at 21:45:31

; wholefile md5 checksum file generated by Trader's Little Helper
; generated on July 20, 2009, at 21:52:52

ab7bfd58cc71148ff6d39e9fe1896284 *lz1977-07-24 Info.txt
12e1cc90703028ed377b2487e5b42471 *lz1977-07-24d1t01.flac
8cfc5ac431ce5018cfb9ced07d80e126 *lz1977-07-24d1t02.flac
83256e9987ff71601700d785e327ab6e *lz1977-07-24d1t03.flac
b40fda6c49298b76feccdc486cc0ed49 *lz1977-07-24d1t04.flac
c179d2a75ea9b578676ff312973e2c36 *lz1977-07-24d1t05.flac
64122f17e5208ea072f1d39587d9ee90 *lz1977-07-24d1t06.flac
ff629e696b13d39377ef44c87b089a62 *lz1977-07-24d1t07.flac
2d96f0dbbb2d606a9d04914c34bee113 *lz1977-07-24d1t08.flac
23ef834a90ea07cfb9efcb7a98fac859 *lz1977-07-24d2t01.flac
98c0a340081c85cc1e7773c13b6235eb *lz1977-07-24d2t02.flac
e273abed761a1cb7c9fd2df6dd09ffaa *lz1977-07-24d2t03.flac
9d7bb710e67f9b68a1044ccaf0c2150d *lz1977-07-24d2t04.flac
da6af4bac53681bcfe66328b8924283e *lz1977-07-24d2t05.flac
9a61ddc8113f0c00920ae5b795c909d1 *lz1977-07-24d2t06.flac
25ed99db0a2e5ca34c58349c581030c8 *lz1977-07-24d2t07.flac
8c5b86da2366cec652a3818c7d22754e *lz1977-07-24d2t08.flac
7f3d3b334d5d108cb7e792f0ea833c4a *lz1977-07-24d2t09.flac
e5e518f6b96f2fa57edb025b32616a6b *lz1977-07-24d2t10.flac
6c7297e0df92c7a7a73c0405da246da3 *lz1977-07-24d2t11.flac
9d83f11d004ecb416be4526a55664df6 *lz1977-07-24d2t12.flac
; shntool md5 fingerprint file generated by Trader's Little Helper
; generated on July 20, 2009, at 21:50:36

9429eac659826696feca79197d857a9d [shntool] lz1977-07-24d1t01.flac
e4ff88324fc9d35601f33faeca24189f [shntool] lz1977-07-24d1t02.flac
d046315e19b8a35cd98301f5e1ae9c0a [shntool] lz1977-07-24d1t03.flac
7a4ddea659b6df01df6ace274e44d461 [shntool] lz1977-07-24d1t04.flac
f91a5026a1c1f5973e57f8a4187f7789 [shntool] lz1977-07-24d1t05.flac
e1ab78576a83c19377d38b57e2ea3554 [shntool] lz1977-07-24d1t06.flac
561b015304a23f04a74b281a2aadc44c [shntool] lz1977-07-24d1t07.flac
dc76cc0c8c6625cf708d6ae13b3fe5b2 [shntool] lz1977-07-24d1t08.flac
11d3539ed0d5c139fcba28031852e42a [shntool] lz1977-07-24d2t01.flac
75395fc491639b848bf917deeff93482 [shntool] lz1977-07-24d2t02.flac
fe18babbd2f30f180e27e6f1bb84c1d6 [shntool] lz1977-07-24d2t03.flac
a05c7668023d670bcdd66d532d24839e [shntool] lz1977-07-24d2t04.flac
b41fdef516c8dbb522d68fcb25b0f639 [shntool] lz1977-07-24d2t05.flac
8c7952e3fd4d7da05054e9f843908e4c [shntool] lz1977-07-24d2t06.flac
d0a4c3239741dd991b18d80cd8c5a196 [shntool] lz1977-07-24d2t07.flac
da7d4c7a618903f79ad297a0e39830eb [shntool] lz1977-07-24d2t08.flac
7841f002566169dc62dd26f26addc512 [shntool] lz1977-07-24d2t09.flac
3fb39d78a934ef11da9358bed37841cf [shntool] lz1977-07-24d2t10.flac
964d7b3dbf89b9b9326f8807f6908e23 [shntool] lz1977-07-24d2t11.flac
0db014d2e3783e0179fcdb1d2fae27a7 [shntool] lz1977-07-24d2t12.flac

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