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Allman Brothers Band 03/11/92
Beacon Theatre, New York, NY
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Entered by Matt Vernon
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Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Taper : Mike Springer
Editing : Joe D'Amico ''AKA'' Joebeacon
Sony 727 Mics > Sony D-6
Nak Dragon Tape Deck > Sony Sbm 1 > Creative Extigy Soundcard > Cool Edit > Flac Frontend 
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Wednesday, March 11, 1992
The Allman Brothers Band
Beacon Theatre, New York, New York

Taper : Mike Springer

Editing : Joe D'Amico  ''AKA'' Joebeacon

Sony 727 Mics > Sony D-6

Nak Dragon Tape Deck > Sony Sbm 1 > Creative Extigy Soundcard > Cool Edit > Flac Frontend

Disc 1 :
1.  Tuning/Intro Jam
2.  Statesboro Blues
3.  End Of The Line
4.  Blue Sky
5.  Nobody Knows
6.  You Don't Love Me
7.  Seven Turns
8.  Midnight Rider
9.  Come On In My Kitchen
10.  Mama Ain't Long for the Day
11.  Melissa

Disc 2 :
1.  Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad
2.  Hoochie Coochie Man
3.  Get On With Your Life
4.  In Memory of Elizabeth Reed

Disc 3 :
1.  Revival
2.  One Way Out
3.  Dreams
4.  Whipping Post

Show Checksums
2080e5d94ebd10d393ff433f720d2121 *Disc101-Tuning-Intro Jam.flac
ddbb384b115f21f45bfbbc62d6be0c8b *Disc102-Statesboro Blues.flac
5c5e1e0811f5572797f5b747dcf87404 *Disc103-End Of The Line.flac
33f188414364a4f5cd830a4039235e94 *Disc104-Blue Sky.flac
f451e8d8d3f1b7e3910316e673c4f969 *Disc105-Nobody Knows.flac
7d43b01cd789fe4df094ddd0e57451ea *Disc106-You Don't Love Me.flac
1e28b70343e849450ea01f07fccabcc0 *Disc107-Seven Turns.flac
868a7bde789931d005d10e62f70f607b *Disc108-Midnight Rider.flac
9d683ccdf86edad341249ee034d4d5ed *Disc109-Come On In My Kitchen.flac
dd6bb485a58225e7842905c33cab960f *Disc110-Mama Ain't Long for the Day.flac
c31ecaabab19d06ad8ad4e8fa2dc7acf *Disc111-Melissa.flac
98ebfac828aa5f3959e773906660b846 *Disc201-Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad.flac
2a24e352c9758874608748b53a30b677 *Disc202-Hoochie Coochie Man.flac
9a462a692115242ddae4fe7a56378f3d *Disc203-Get On With Your Life.flac
e1a1c8c881ddfde4b42427c03fe22440 *Disc204-Elizabeth Reed.flac
bbab1c61f6a69b5630fb93ba2454cf0f *Disc301-Revival.flac
2004e773399de8ba326c066dfaade047 *Disc302-One Way Out.flac
b7a6dd2dbe9b302720d14f4575290b1c *Disc303-Dreams.flac
1d0c8c60dc46e939ab082a22381126b4 *Disc304-Whippin' Post.flac
0672b2e186397ab9b2af229e6838e28a *info.txt
abb1992-03-11d1t01-Tuning-Intro Jam.flac:4d556b7590c853e0edfaa6287851bcac
abb1992-03-11d1t02-Statesboro Blues.flac:9781c9ac4bd0355c1d3096a7e2e9f715
abb1992-03-11d1t03-End Of The Line.flac:17728244fcd5f9fb7a9ca3d8074867ad
abb1992-03-11d1t04-Blue Sky.flac:0d1851c88fc3307d8564ccccbe04de08
abb1992-03-11d1t05-Nobody Knows.flac:a9528dc2fd61b2435c61b56b1b978773
abb1992-03-11d1t06-You Don't Love Me.flac:d0b3e6f007c46dfe55e406e073b56194
abb1992-03-11d1t07-Seven Turns.flac:640b45816cd5974e4f20a729d87f1eb9
abb1992-03-11d1t08-Midnight Rider.flac:10e8cc9d0b07dcb15290472afa65078d
abb1992-03-11d1t09-Come On In My Kitchen.flac:d5f1d9fbc5df1d262a29762e7aee204e
abb1992-03-11d1t10-Mama Ain't Long for the Day.flac:7df25d6f45e0dd1e8df78e7272e9d5a2
abb1992-03-11d2t01-Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad.flac:8d5355f00b242fbc0fd009f75f5cb435
abb1992-03-11d2t02-Hoochie Coochie Man.flac:e99226702b93434485b65dd5b07d8b71
abb1992-03-11d2t03-Get On With Your Life.flac:c4fde8d0f8ad63bc48e3bc0c68a9e0c7
abb1992-03-11d2t04-Elizabeth Reed.flac:59bf689302edd6194699c1ef69adc26e
abb1992-03-11d3t02-One Way Out.flac:30481cdab435b09055b2ff2424c92be9
abb1992-03-11d3t04-Whippin' Post.flac:c2fc6c6abb65941ca3972cceccf64e4a

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