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Les Claypool 03/26/09
House of Blues, Boston, MA
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Entered by Aaron Wiedmann
Checksums claypool-2009-03-26.md5 , claypool-2009-03-26.ffp
Disc Counts 1 / 2
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Source Summary AUD: Microtech Gefell M20's>Neve Portico 5012>AD2K+>Oade ACM HD-P2>Sound Forge>CDWav>FLAC(8) 
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Les Claypool
House of Blues
Boston, MA

Recorded: Microtech Gefell M20's > Neve Portico 5012 (Silk mode) > AD2K+ > Oade ACM HD-P2 @ 24/48
Transfer: Oade ACM HD-P2 > Sound Forge 9.0 (resample, dither, & fades) > CDWav (track splits) > Flac Frontend (encoding level 8)
Recorded and Transferred by: Myco ([email protected])
Location: left side of soundboard, about 9' high, mic's in DIN config

Disc 1:

01- Buzzards of Green Hill > Buzzards of Green Hill Reprise
02- Les introduces Oddity Faire
03- Amanitas
04- Cosmic Highway
05- Red State Girl
06- Mr. Krinkle tease > Hendershot
07- You Can't Tell Errol Anything
08- Booneville Stomp
09- Drums %

Disc 2

10- Mushroom Men
11- Les talks about Morphine & introduces remaining members of the band
12- Honey White ^
13- Les noodles and talks
14- One Better > Glide tease > The Awakening (Full) > One Better
15- crowd
16- Iowan Gal
17- Fisticuffs

^ - with the remaining members of Morphine instead of Claypool's band
% - with 25 Billion Stars per Human (Black Frames) tease

Band Lineup: Les Claypool - Bass
Mike Dillon - Percussion
Sam Bass - Cello
Paulo Baldi - Drums
Show Checksums
f9b94ef17064c5b48bf5a5a0d70e8548 *Les Claypool2009-03-26.txt
7d7eb9eb94e323810d3431c05db6df70 *Les Claypool2009-03-26d01t01.flac
7884582b2d8f57689a15192ee9d11ddb *Les Claypool2009-03-26d01t02.flac
748b9b7843389896296376f37412bb50 *Les Claypool2009-03-26d01t03.flac
453f02f53885882db96cdab7b0079f0b *Les Claypool2009-03-26d01t04.flac
f2c5712cf867168d648e12857f938f51 *Les Claypool2009-03-26d01t05.flac
99d14f1762ba2e7c0bb4b42d5552666f *Les Claypool2009-03-26d01t06.flac
2d37a1dfe7f48fbc6098a252474826db *Les Claypool2009-03-26d01t07.flac
7d1d49241ac7f60ca258087fb914060f *Les Claypool2009-03-26d01t08.flac
310713bea3769256115e469a674b91af *Les Claypool2009-03-26d01t09.flac
f746857647d4e98512498b5c0975b810 *Les Claypool2009-03-26d02t01.flac
7f41ce9580d8b7366c64da3f4e52926f *Les Claypool2009-03-26d02t02.flac
1e59597d223657fdfb1307aee331db70 *Les Claypool2009-03-26d02t03.flac
2b581ebe8de110d68d79f06b14b5e2f7 *Les Claypool2009-03-26d02t04.flac
6c53ba9b816dd2ef310c1cca448eed9f *Les Claypool2009-03-26d02t05.flac
f23be1ed3b0443162c21004d1f15121e *Les Claypool2009-03-26d02t06.flac
fad1406cbcb67ac8e76f5344fe78e729 *Les Claypool2009-03-26d02t07.flac
7a97eefa524a2fc47ad6c5f018cc2d93 *Les Claypool2009-03-26d02t08.flac
Les Claypool2009-03-26d01t01.flac:9ef08037893aec46fdc96e501cb9e545
Les Claypool2009-03-26d01t02.flac:f166bbf15cd67290a28081836cc1c4cc
Les Claypool2009-03-26d01t03.flac:113a2f25e10117497b24a30c1614fad3
Les Claypool2009-03-26d01t04.flac:90542fe4fbed3f88b710eb35dad3ffb3
Les Claypool2009-03-26d01t05.flac:4fe30a349b0f91fa1e91a22b7d414e8e
Les Claypool2009-03-26d01t06.flac:6cdf879a790522aa1cf4ac52175c88b8
Les Claypool2009-03-26d01t07.flac:10fbe1e25fc6b52542b942e7394507bf
Les Claypool2009-03-26d01t08.flac:bac29d314e436069eca68b92e5d59a90
Les Claypool2009-03-26d01t09.flac:a73c4c3f9ab3ee90db89b1b524e00574
Les Claypool2009-03-26d02t01.flac:49062e79e183b4c53aa1e8ba354494f3
Les Claypool2009-03-26d02t02.flac:0e4d91a75bc1443f9f91e1ea004bbb13
Les Claypool2009-03-26d02t03.flac:57c901b8d5b75899c54ab07656a90c9c
Les Claypool2009-03-26d02t04.flac:8be4125eade55b123dff974f4aa24bf5
Les Claypool2009-03-26d02t05.flac:a0bab3adc47e192cd302a6a8ba7e2fef
Les Claypool2009-03-26d02t06.flac:9a7c8a725dac704c3340d80657303be9
Les Claypool2009-03-26d02t07.flac:6831ca212a835b1aad818d37e355c751
Les Claypool2009-03-26d02t08.flac:4c7eb09e98090de89264891ae7613593

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