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Doc Watson 08/07/93
Rockygrass, Lyons, CO
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Source Summary Doc Watson 07-AUG-1993 (evening set) Rockygrass BGF nak 300 master 
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07-AUG-1993 (evening set)
Rockygrass BGF
Lyons, CO

01 Pete Wernick's Intro  & tuneup
02 I'll Rise When The Rooster Crows
03 Nobody's Business
04 Milk Cow Blues
05 Windy & Warm
06 East Bound Freight Train
07 Stoney Creek
08 Greenville Trussel
09 Wake Up Little Maggie
10 Georgie
11 St Anne's Reel / Whistling Rufus
12 Keep On The Sunnyside
13 Doc's Tales
14 Death of John Henry
15 Flatpicked Blues
16 applause
17 Tennessee Stud
18 Outro

The Players:
Doc watson - guitar, vocals
Jack Lawrence - guitar, vocals

Total Time: 65:05.14
recorded & transferred by john levene
Source: Nak 300+ CP4 (shotguns) > Sony D3 > DAT @ 48k
Transfer: DAT master > Tascam DA-20 > Hosa ODL-276 > Nomad JB3 > SFASv9 > CDwave > Flac Frontend
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9984b09695bf460fb2dabbaa70f6d543 *dwatson1993-08-07auds2t01.flac
73f3b6b04470152ffe3fb7a2962b6b57 *dwatson1993-08-07auds2t02.flac
7c4ef7541c81cce1a081f90771820540 *dwatson1993-08-07auds2t03.flac
ccf6348f1f6ce99652f4c7288066e164 *dwatson1993-08-07auds2t04.flac
bf269f9122f1e821695e67ac68e59a1e *dwatson1993-08-07auds2t05.flac
a9d92ddf0b3ba4635aeae6440f87edfb *dwatson1993-08-07auds2t06.flac
8fd27da62dc368da48c1f8d520214787 *dwatson1993-08-07auds2t07.flac
37c2e73dbaffab3a8731dd8784aee1ed *dwatson1993-08-07auds2t08.flac
400faf28aae5127d60a109bd15af5c6b *dwatson1993-08-07auds2t09.flac
d80c4fce0ef20b139d215cea52799f1b *dwatson1993-08-07auds2t10.flac
1e6223bbedffcd17de46c8f0bab35846 *dwatson1993-08-07auds2t11.flac
159fbaf6e38171484fd7b4db2fcc068a *dwatson1993-08-07auds2t12.flac
7d5e80d4a5a651ab13842827022568c6 *dwatson1993-08-07auds2t13.flac
020ad917cd0b4e4a243ba4047a9e0039 *dwatson1993-08-07auds2t14.flac
e0450343f7d98129d7f1797d999976f3 *dwatson1993-08-07auds2t15.flac
e154bd2fa72781d38cd9826eadd111b3 *dwatson1993-08-07auds2t16.flac
08e70c42d2e2b882026ea397b66490a0 *dwatson1993-08-07auds2t17.flac
18e6271deae76cb4e6c50732b4823df9 *dwatson1993-08-07auds2t18.flac

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