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Derek Trucks Band 07/18/09
Burg Herzberg Festiva, Herzberg, Germany
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Entered by Steve Blanchard
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Source Summary ECM 909A (90°, hand-held) > MZ-R 700 (LP2) dead center 10 m from stage, transfer: MZ-R 900 line > CLEAN .wav (16/44.1) > flac, Taped by: grtflklaus 
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Derek Trucks Band
Burg Herzberg Festival

lineage: ECM 909A (90, hand-held)>MZ-R 700 (LP2) dead center 10 m from stage
transfer: MZ-R 900 line>CLEAN .wav (16/44.1) (tracking, fades, stereo spread, loud max, normalization) >flac>U
Taped by: grtflklaus (kindly assisted by Francis); MZ-R 700 loan by Werner O. (thank you!)

01 Soul Serenade 9:26
02 I Done Got Over 6:37
03 I'll Find My Way 6:10
04 introduction 0:56
05 (Anyday ?) 11:59
06 Sweet Inspiration 7:39
07 Get What You Deserve 5:18
08 Leaving Trunk 7:55
09 Get Out My Life Woman 9:18
10 My Favorite Things 14:13
11 Key To The Highway 8:27
   tt 87:58
no encore was played

setlist is as accurate as I could get it, I just didn't find track 05 in any of the dtb recordings I have, but I figure there's people out there who know...
as for the show: a rather short but nonetheless nice performance at my favorite Festival, my first time to see Derek Trucks, a mellow crowd for taping (aside from some occassional chatter here and there), the rain had stopped, I was in high spirits and was not to be disappointed.
There is one flaw to the recording, the hand-held mike which makes the sound go a little bit muddy at times, but it's not too severe. So here we go!

And send me a mail if you alter this recording and reupload it, just let me know how it sounds first, will you?

And no mp3 except for personal use!
And support the artists!!!
And now enjoy!!!

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