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Garcia 09/02/89
Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia, MD
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Entered by Joe Jupille
Checksums d1 , d2
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary Jerry Garcia Band: Schoeps CMC-44 (FOB) > Oade pre-amp > Sony PCM-F1 > Sony SL 2000 (Beta). Possible re-DAE and re-.shn of existing .shn set
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Jerry Garcia Band
Merriweather Post Pavilion
Columbia, MD

SOURCE: Schoeps CMC-44 (FOB) > Oade pre-amp > Sony PCM-F1 > Sony SL 2000 (Beta)

***** DISC I/SET I (7 Songs - 61 Minutes)
01. I'll Take A Melody
02. They Love Each Other
03. Forever Young
04. That's What Love Will Make You Do
05. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
06. And It Stoned Me
07. Midnight Moonlight

***** DISC II/SET II (6 Songs - 60 Minutes)
01. Cats Under The Stars
02. Waiting For A Miracle
03. Simple Twist Of Fate
04. Evangeline
05. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
06. Don't Let Go


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a2b97898b6d1649750813f8841968564 *jgb89-09-02d1t1.wav.shn
0b8a3f00d0371ae7660bdd692cd32370 *jgb89-09-02d1t2.wav.shn
a063040956e3b62a6c046858aa20ccaa *jgb89-09-02d1t3.wav.shn
e84c74e87c6fdcf9495906d47719e7bf *jgb89-09-02d1t4.wav.shn
c1d5d966f9c8055b80f63e49250bedb7 *jgb89-09-02d1t5.wav.shn
1bc1932992956b856d965a7019069072 *jgb89-09-02d1t6.wav.shn
8477b5c27e456f700ec0232383170034 *jgb89-09-02d1t7.wav.shn
19fd6ccb9131d9d20fda2115d43b8a65 *jgb89-09-02d2t1.wav.shn
a9adef62e8f30bc0a8f0f2c3b073aa21 *jgb89-09-02d2t2.wav.shn
633f7b1676783f2c955c54a2c3f8c1f3 *jgb89-09-02d2t3.wav.shn
ebe52b166d2a729d1716da54707fb215 *jgb89-09-02d2t4.wav.shn
b1872c60bd4063ceafff171c511c6ec0 *jgb89-09-02d2t5.wav.shn
5e1615bb5353a3d0f96c06b2f370c7a0 *jgb89-09-02d2t6.wav.shn

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Date User Comment
12/24/2002 Mark Goldey This is a nice, full, clear audience recording. It's got good presence and balance, and the crowd isn't too loud. The vocals are right up front and spot on, too. It's weighted towards the high end, and the bass is in the background -- but that's how I remember JGB sounding anyway. Recommended.
12/24/2002 darrin Mark,

Pcm recordings such as this one generally have pre-emphasis applied, which artificially boosts the high end on the recording prior to digitization. Normally, a pre-emphasis ?flag? is inserted into the digital stream that instructs the d>a converter to apply a de-emphasis curve upon playback to bring the high end back down to a more natural level. Unfortunately, when a pcm is converted to a wav file, this flag is lost.

It could well be that the ?weighted toward the high end? sound you hear on this (and other) pcm ?based recording is due to the lack of a de-emphasis flag. But, all is not lost, if you burn this show to audio cd using feurio!, you can manually set the de-emphasis flag and instruct your cd player to apply the de-emphasis processing on playback. I?ve found that by doing this on other pcm-based recordings, I end up with a noticeably more balanced and natural sounding recording when I?ve done this with other pcm-based recordings.
03/23/2008 sotm53092 Shn set 4375 and 10136 are the same source with differing md5's 10136 most likely are dae and reshn of the earlier shn id 4375