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Solar Circus 02/23/91
Dulaney Inn, Towson, MD
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Entered by Michael Townshend
Checksums ffp
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary SBD-> Panasonic SV-255 DAT -> Soundblaster Audigy 2 (44.1K/16 bit) -> Cooledit -> FLAC Frontend -> traders little helper 
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Solar Circus


Dulaney Inn
Towson MD

SBD-> Panasonic SV-255 DAT ->
Soundblaster Audigy 2 (44.1K/16 bit) -> Cooledit ->
FLAC Frontend -> traders little helper

Set I
Disk 1
1) Midnight Moonlight
2) Forbidden Fruit (Bruce Vocal)
3) Brown Eyed Women
4) Announcements
5) Two Of Us
6) Road of Life
7) Festival
8) Ophelia
9) Bird Song
10) Heads With Suits
11) Legalize It
12) Announcements
13) Spin Song

Set II
Disk 2
1) Twilight Dance->
2) Into Tomorrow->
3) Jam ->
4) Obsession ->
5) Drums ->
6) Tabla Rasa ->
7) Obsession->
8) Twilight dance
9) Shakedown Street->
10 Casey Jones
11) Love\'s My Thing
12) Announcements
13) Mystery Train
14) Imagine (Bruce Vocal)

Disk 3
1) Gates of Heaven->
2) Warewolves of London->
3) St Stephen->
4) The Core
5) Announcements
6) Fire on the Mountain

Show Checksums
d4e96172a0608706b42be21718845ca6 *solar 91-02-23d1t01 Midnight Moonlight.flac
c8c0a444998c64e62bb1dbbcf54b35f2 *solar 91-02-23d1t02 Forbidden Fruit.flac
ab3249eecf1b9f23a2fd7d0382d60f5c *solar 91-02-23d1t03 Brown Eyed Women.flac
6e90be771ab2ef8ae67f0e20e8849985 *solar 91-02-23d1t04 Announcements.flac
2ce65158783ce02d250b92e478c645e0 *solar 91-02-23d1t05 Two Of Us.flac
a81a845dd8b19f540d36a8f3f2f244e4 *solar 91-02-23d1t06 Road of Life.flac
beaf3afd8c1295799a8fa1aa501eea15 *solar 91-02-23d1t07 Festival.flac
49d1427e9313d08697dfc52b31c3b963 *solar 91-02-23d1t08 Ophelia.flac
89e52147bca97106fb0615094c85758e *solar 91-02-23d1t09 Bird Song.flac
b275acbc9028918e79c15479aba5fcc0 *solar 91-02-23d1t10 Heads With Suits.flac
6546e0010c2a1e2ccb951f6270ac82f8 *solar 91-02-23d1t11 Legalize It.flac
8aa68efcbc11027efed1ae91536fc1dd *solar 91-02-23d1t12 Announcements.flac
b3f39977d23676982119a6b4071db823 *solar 91-02-23d1t13 Spin Song.flac
d6a7f11da17a6b640510f11fd339910a *solar 91-02-23d2t01 Twilight Dance.flac
3a718a75a959d794220871a7a75638ab *solar 91-02-23d2t02 Into Tomorrow.flac
4f3954d832f1da7709d9b4e6bc8991c7 *solar 91-02-23d2t03 Jam.flac
170f94fb2505dfadcf0d6d1364f43c6d *solar 91-02-23d2t04 Obsession.flac
93d195a5d262c00489ed44774abe6c13 *solar 91-02-23d2t05 Drums.flac
51c795d06a4c38821f7f9c6f6c7cb40e *solar 91-02-23d2t06 tabla rasa.flac
7d0c557f6e41c7c8b1d3d3b28488e044 *solar 91-02-23d2t07 Obsession.flac
dd1d1aea07a301dc7e6cb282118e9896 *solar 91-02-23d2t08 Twilight Dance.flac
73fa19cbfdb58083b8f6220bb6926a4e *solar 91-02-23d2t09 Shakedown Street.flac
f1565ec128fe5189ffbfc9a7e3707aef *solar 91-02-23d2t10 Casey Jones.flac
9dd02b6831c51b96c9d0277344b68e60 *solar 91-02-23d2t11 Love's My Thing.flac
a7f033d9a40be2ff991c2091899464a6 *solar 91-02-23d2t12 Announcements.flac
d5bae95672b36e335820049bb9dc3130 *solar 91-02-23d2t13 Mystery Train.flac
9dae7a1e52f3d607a89ebbfde8e5245b *solar 91-02-23d2t14 Imagine.flac
8a871654215080d186261e11d6d25841 *solar 91-02-23d3t01 Gates of Heaven.flac
c2a528489812260a4743145c2d4dd9c1 *solar 91-02-23d3t02 Warewolves of London.flac
a2269b496893d1b1558c1105c1daa4e9 *solar 91-02-23d3t03 St Stephen.flac
1afaa324b9dcfc30a5f105b1bedae9aa *solar 91-02-23d3t04 The Core.flac
0038dd2af15360dc3b655dbd962edfae *solar 91-02-23d3t05 Announcements.flac
4264eead5abcc84a0c083d5976e20794 *solar 91-02-23d3t06 Fire on the Mountain.flac

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