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Grateful Dead 09/26/91
Boston Garden, Boston, MA
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Entered by Gary Field
Checksums flac-md5 , ffp , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary flac16; Matrix of Soundboard (shnid 95534) and Front of Board Audience (shnid 101443) -> Matrix by Amdig 
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Grateful Dead
September 26, 1991
Boston Garden
Boston, MA


Soundboard(shnid 95534)and Front of Board Audience(shnid 101443)-->Matrix by Amdig

SBD > DAT > Cassette Master (TDK SA-X 100) > SonyTC-WE475 > Apogee MiniMe at 24/28 > Samplitude v7.02 > FLAC16
by Charlie Miller

FOB Digital Audience Recording
The James Young & Clay Brennecke FOB Vault
[email protected]

Lineage: Master DAT
Recording Equipment: B&K 4011 110 degrees ORTF > Neumann BS 48i-2> Modified Sony TCD D-10 Pro  

Recording Location: FOB Section BB Row 18 Seat 15
Recorded by James Young and Clay Brennecke

Transfer: 16 bit - 48kHz DAT Master > TASCAM DA-20 (SPDIF out) ->
LynxTWO-B Audio Reference Interface (SPDIF in) ->
Wavelab 6.0 by Todd Evans ([email protected]) January 7, 2009

Matrix Notes: This Matrix Recording is a mix of the soundboard source at 60 % and the audience source at 40%.  
Mix down was -2 dB on the SBD and -7 dB on AUD. The audience source used was the master 16bit/48kHz file that supplied shnid 101443.  The SBD source was Sample Rate Converted for the synch work as the original transfers were no longer available.  All mixing after a bit rate conversion to 24bit/48kHz by Amdig ([email protected])
- Set One "Crowd & Tuning" First 2:19 is AUD source only.  Completed the transition with crossfade to the SBD.
- "Cumberland Blues" Missing 1:34 of crowd (tape flip) after song.  Patched with AUD and crossfaded the transitions to the SBD.
- Set Two "Crowd & Tuning" First 1:34 is AUD source only.  Completed the transition with crossfade to the SBD.
- "St. Of Circumstance" A subsecond dropout .917 was missing from SBD.  Patched with AUD and crossfaded the transitions to the SBD.
- "Space" Missing 26.156 from SBD (tape flip).  Patched with AUD and crossfaded the transitions to the SBD.
- "Good Lovin'" from SBD Missing 44.451 of crowd after song.  Patched with AUD and crossfaded the transitions to the SBD.

Editing and Mastering on FOB and Final Mastering: Jamie Waddell ([email protected]) on the GEMS Edit Station.
Weiss Saracon for 16 BIT - 44.1kHz SRC and POWR-3 Dither

Encoding in TradersLilHelper FLAC Level 8 SBE Free Meta-Data Tagging with Tag & Rename by Jamie Waddell

Art: Gyro

A **GEMS** Production

Originally Seeded September 26, 2009

Set 1:
d1t01 |  7:25 | Crowd and Tuning
d1t02 |  5:48 | Jack Straw
d1t03 |  9:10 | Cold Rain And Snow
d1t04 |  7:29 | Wang Dang Doodle
d1t05 |  2:16 | Tuning
d1t06 |  6:53 | Candyman
d1t07 |  3:39 | Tuning
d1t08 |  5:39 | Mexicali Blues ->
d1t09 |  6:26 | Cumberland Blues
d1t10 |  1:12 | Tuning
d1t11 |  7:16 | Picasso Moon ->
d1t12 |  5:02 | Box Of Rain

Set 2:
d2t01 |  3:34 | Tuning and Intro>
d2t02 | 13:19 | Dark Star ->
d2t03 |  6:43 | Saint Of Circumstance ->
d2t04 | 12:33 | Eyes Of The World ->
d2t05 |  8:40 | Drums ->
d3t01 | 11:52 | Space ->
d3t02 |  7:37 | The Other One ->
d3t03 |  6:38 | Dark Star ->
d3t04 |  5:23 | Attics Of My Life ->
d3t05 |  6:39 | Good Lovin'
d3t06 |  1:58 | Crowd

d3t07 |  5:29 | Brokedown Palace ->
d3t08 |  3:07 | And We Bid You Good Night

The James Young & Clay Brennecke FOB Vault - a GEMS Production
May 2008 ... we are in progress with The James Young and Clay Brennecke FOB Vault Transfer Project. We have all the Master DATs and are hard at work transferring, editing and soon to be releasing the shows Clay & James recorded from 1991 through 1994.  James and Clay began recording with B&K 4011 microphones and a Sony Pro DAT in the Spring of 1991. Summer 1991 mainly saw recordings from the Front Row Dead Center of the Official Taper Section (OTS). June 28, 1991 was their first FOB Recording. And starting with Fall 1991, all of their recordings were All FOB All The Time!  Early they recorded with the B&K 4011 Cardiod Mics in the ORTF pattern into a Modified Sony Pro DAT Deck. In 1993, James traded in the B&K's for the AMS ST-250 Soundfield Mic and recorded in the Blumlein pattern into the modified Sony Pro DAT Deck. We are starting at the beginning and working our way to the end of this vault. Spring 1991 through 1994. We have added artwork for CD's and included an m3u playlist for import into your choice of PC/MAC media player ... and if your player supports FLAC, all you have to do is place the folder where you plan to store the files and import the playlist - tracks, tagged and with art are ready for you. We hope you enjoy their body of recording work. ------- Todd & Jamie - Project GEMS.

If you have questions or comments, Clay would love to hear from you - [email protected] - and of course Jamie (**__**) and I (bluedakota) welcome any input you may have - [email protected]  -  [email protected]


All files have been meta-data tagged appropriately.

Please do not manipulate this recording in any way. Please do not dub to analog tape or convert to MP3 (or any other lossy format) and circulate.

If you would like to re-seed this torrent in the future, please use the exact files contained in the torrent with no file or ID tag manipulation. This will insure that the FLAC fingerprints, ST5 and MD5 hashes verify, keeping the integrity of the torrent intact.

The ffp was generated to verify and maintain the integrity of the music.
The ST5 was generated to verify and maintain the integrity of the meta data.
The MD5 was generated to verify and maintain the integrity of all the files included with the torrent folder.


A **GEMS** Production
Show Checksums
8d7b7845b23870e8b0a56927ee1bc1d1 *gd1991.09.26.GEMS.MTX.d1t01.flac
d7e8b3f7a285e4996ba13f41cbae1200 *gd1991.09.26.GEMS.MTX.d1t02.flac
e7d89aa44daa6b8b951ea40813a2f19c *gd1991.09.26.GEMS.MTX.d1t03.flac
76bdf9d98a06417da27ad015364923a2 *gd1991.09.26.GEMS.MTX.d1t04.flac
c4428a98b6a2dcf7904243149d912f10 *gd1991.09.26.GEMS.MTX.d1t05.flac
f4650d061132668b543a0494374ebb0f *gd1991.09.26.GEMS.MTX.d1t06.flac
589ff3ff28a2e3d535db175347e3c123 *gd1991.09.26.GEMS.MTX.d1t07.flac
928ff76403cb3696acfb1e86f89a28b2 *gd1991.09.26.GEMS.MTX.d1t08.flac
d66066192108340581b3427da697e90e *gd1991.09.26.GEMS.MTX.d1t09.flac
d52a6f476405a985cd75be2cd99c2ee6 *gd1991.09.26.GEMS.MTX.d1t10.flac
06afc36170d17013ab73adfa908ee18c *gd1991.09.26.GEMS.MTX.d1t11.flac
80505b87bd1dcbb7cbb2296d95228794 *gd1991.09.26.GEMS.MTX.d1t12.flac
34f074aa8b28c723475d8e2184695ed3 *gd1991.09.26.GEMS.MTX.d2t01.flac
3a98626eb4982d2286c4e7ce882367f7 *gd1991.09.26.GEMS.MTX.d2t02.flac
e378e8261ea61a9d685dc5660697421d *gd1991.09.26.GEMS.MTX.d2t03.flac
0ef794b83861a94587f5d90368e944cc *gd1991.09.26.GEMS.MTX.d2t04.flac
41590211813d69fddd7d1fe08b6de6da *gd1991.09.26.GEMS.MTX.d2t05.flac
ee6c45277471ddeb262ced83d1e18c2b *gd1991.09.26.GEMS.MTX.d3t01.flac
7909b7f4c03be9995c7ba48b6e960dcc *gd1991.09.26.GEMS.MTX.d3t02.flac
b5824fcd6ae90c2dfbe1b102fa443930 *gd1991.09.26.GEMS.MTX.d3t03.flac
40f3ea94f3631b4f497524b46ed9f034 *gd1991.09.26.GEMS.MTX.d3t04.flac
208ea8faf7423064fca550668b350ca3 *gd1991.09.26.GEMS.MTX.d3t05.flac
907c868abeb75612c23e522ebc19115b *gd1991.09.26.GEMS.MTX.d3t06.flac
b902b5a44433c52488152b3c7e68c87d *gd1991.09.26.GEMS.MTX.d3t07.flac
41a5a1705b9653d82d6af41240012a54 *gd1991.09.26.GEMS.MTX.d3t08.flac
83ed2ad386376a76d66cd776fb75811e [shntool] gd1991.09.26.GEMS.MTX.d1t01.flac
799d29dd1e7d3dd3d93a2cff36424ce5 [shntool] gd1991.09.26.GEMS.MTX.d1t02.flac
04a0dd77ddc00c6bf8d5d243c7ce3d71 [shntool] gd1991.09.26.GEMS.MTX.d1t03.flac
33ceafd17d75b106c008152556c0aac9 [shntool] gd1991.09.26.GEMS.MTX.d1t04.flac
2aa2570e86b5871d69064222b2cba24e [shntool] gd1991.09.26.GEMS.MTX.d1t05.flac
62311d81351735b71487734a992b9d7d [shntool] gd1991.09.26.GEMS.MTX.d1t06.flac
482397fdda98606ab8db0bd731de154e [shntool] gd1991.09.26.GEMS.MTX.d1t07.flac
3bf4cd27cac009a3ff580cd483db3d69 [shntool] gd1991.09.26.GEMS.MTX.d1t08.flac
c119bb3cf325609f5fe5869b68f42ef5 [shntool] gd1991.09.26.GEMS.MTX.d1t09.flac
64d8554711af14f2d901da0a8bd3ef1f [shntool] gd1991.09.26.GEMS.MTX.d1t10.flac
b14806d65b95e49a04f0daf371a382e5 [shntool] gd1991.09.26.GEMS.MTX.d1t11.flac
d2da9fe9e1829943acf8f8f4532aff21 [shntool] gd1991.09.26.GEMS.MTX.d1t12.flac
6aac8df7cc7efb35909b48571c08f04a [shntool] gd1991.09.26.GEMS.MTX.d2t01.flac
6cfee0e6aa0d6bad708f374343f72f16 [shntool] gd1991.09.26.GEMS.MTX.d2t02.flac
1d1b22c940f13b38c8ca8f1c04231633 [shntool] gd1991.09.26.GEMS.MTX.d2t03.flac
c61abc93f0bbe05b6ef50b2b48734c34 [shntool] gd1991.09.26.GEMS.MTX.d2t04.flac
4b9dbb568f482a36dcb8dc53eaf5d401 [shntool] gd1991.09.26.GEMS.MTX.d2t05.flac
5e02ee7257c19f817fe86f141984746b [shntool] gd1991.09.26.GEMS.MTX.d3t01.flac
0ca9d951af09f61151c3224ff72ceda6 [shntool] gd1991.09.26.GEMS.MTX.d3t02.flac
d8fd9b51597d905b1907172c5eb71995 [shntool] gd1991.09.26.GEMS.MTX.d3t03.flac
6aa32bc71c359847ca9a169cc7d95fa6 [shntool] gd1991.09.26.GEMS.MTX.d3t04.flac
da9a1073cd6cb2fe12d97c07e140fa2e [shntool] gd1991.09.26.GEMS.MTX.d3t05.flac
1a0318d9214d9edc642f634bee6d56cd [shntool] gd1991.09.26.GEMS.MTX.d3t06.flac
98fc8fc84325f97c6d875d21cfd1f343 [shntool] gd1991.09.26.GEMS.MTX.d3t07.flac
e500b030d199eca170b97a98c9746e1c [shntool] gd1991.09.26.GEMS.MTX.d3t08.flac

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