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Gov't Mule 09/23/09
Club Nokia, Los Angeles, CA
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Source Summary Source-Sennheiser MKH-8050's (Hyper-Card)- Oade T. MOd PMD-661
Mic's 10Ft High DFC 50 Ft from Stage 
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1st Set: Brand New Angel, Streamline Woman, Rocking Horse, Beautifully Broken, The Shape I'm In, Broke Down On The Brazos ,
Dirty Work (1), Endless Parade, Thorazine Shuffle

2nd Set: Rooster (2), Hunger Strike (2)> Dear Mr. Fantasy (2)> Hunger Strike, Railroad Boy , Monday Mourning Madness, Sco-Mule (3), Drums, 32-20 Blues
(4), Smokestack Lightning (4), El 'A' Major jam, When The Music's Over

Encore: Mule

Source-Sennheiser MKH-8050's (Hyper-Card)- Oade T. MOd PMD-661 Mic's 10Ft High DFC 50 Ft from Stage
Recorded, Mastered and Posted By Pat Myers AKA DATPAT

Setlist Notes: (1) with Jeff Young on guitar ; (2) with Pete Thorn on guitar ; (3) withTal Wilkenfeld; (4) with Bruce Willis
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7db1ccd78f608b3a37d7fa7116b0b100 *01-Brand New Angel.flac
32990f535ecd58e6bbd478412a2b1ff3 *02- Streamline Women.flac
9c609b72825390c33856b1a8e02ece65 *03-Rocking Horse.flac
54d4a68b49efbe59f26d7d11bbe9147e *04-Beautifully Broken.flac
095afc3a36c78ef64ed64a8ea61fe3ab *05-The Shape I'm In.flac
53c130c1653ecc8fe7c92209172c2d48 *06-Broke down on the Brazos.flac
10e82f4ebf160811ba392de6742c3a6f *07-Dirty Work.flac
c9fa4e3e6155423d4ced0453b0c8a95c *08-Endless Parade.flac
4de92da2b5f83cca1a234cdd56d19ed1 *09- Thorazine Shuffle.flac
73265c8ebf66f5edf84f6c71244170c3 *10-Rooster.flac
161ead7ed8fb3962a6a1538e8d7cd694 *11-Hunger Strike-Fantasy-Hunger Strike.flac
2ce82c15a2dc435a6ce5eb510b206db5 *12-Railroad Boy.flac
fe28a98c1c238f354e3b902118bb7c99 *13-Monday Morning Madness.flac
3af9c14dff384cf93ba1351a8f5608b1 *14-Sco-Mule (With Tal Wilkenfield on bass).flac
e836250896cc99010dea1dd2c483db70 *15-Drums.flac
70905202f92f7cf7e69ef912d447622d *16- 32-20 (With Bruce Willis.flac
03c3896147a58d015ae58d79d6ba3508 *17- Smoke Stack Lightening (With Bruce Willis).flac
01a2686f4afeb58683b4a9b56c077906 *18- l 'A' Major jam, When The Music's Over.flac
08f0a3d60c51e16bee1c9d5f0179c4ce *19-Mule.flac

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