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Gov't Mule 09/26/09
Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, CA
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Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Source: Neumann KMF4i > Denecke PS2 > Modified D8 (7ft. Stand in Section)
Transfer: Modified D8 > Prodif Gold > Soundforge 6.0 (fades & Normalization) > CD wave (tracks) > Flac(8) 
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Gov't Mule
The Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA
Sept. 26th, 2009

Source: Neumann KMF4i > Denecke PS2 > Modified D8 (7ft. Stand in Section)
Transfer: Modified D8 > Prodif Gold > Soundforge 6.0 (fades & Normalization) > CD wave (tracks) > Flac(8)

Disc One/Set One:
1. Intro
2. One Of These Days
3. Fearless
4. Wish You Were Here
5. Thorazine Shuffle
6. Kind Of Bird
7. Frozen Fear
8. Brighter Days
9. Like Flies
10. Don't Let It Bring You Down with Jackie Greene>

Disc Two:
1. Loser with Jackie Greene
Set Two:
2. Lola Leave Your Light On
3. Broke Down On The Brazos
4. Inside Outside Woman Blues
5. Any Open Window
6. Drums
7. Empty Pages with Jose Neto

Disc Three:
1. Wild Horses with Grace Potter
2. Take Me To The River with Grace Potter
3. Mule/Who Do You Love/Whole Lotta Love->
Encore with Jackie Greene
4. Morning Dew
5. Southern Man with Grace Potter
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Gov't Mule 2009-09-26d1t01.flac:88d15339a0cc3385ea05971cbf33e1d0
Gov't Mule 2009-09-26d1t02.flac:df129756c4e351691f2baf8a6fa0c545
Gov't Mule 2009-09-26d1t03.flac:f9b89d9ac2d0accbf747d632d65f0423
Gov't Mule 2009-09-26d1t04.flac:a1288c7691b55b49d7aefef623b8387f
Gov't Mule 2009-09-26d1t05.flac:f16eb491117c84d43e34e8407713039a
Gov't Mule 2009-09-26d1t06.flac:b5d4e57d2eacc8353093f98589fad2fd
Gov't Mule 2009-09-26d1t07.flac:6aa6ec62bd9f52f16418726e1ad9b47e
Gov't Mule 2009-09-26d1t08.flac:3f050f8614e543f3897d382a6b7466eb
Gov't Mule 2009-09-26d1t09.flac:c8c5d6389261f9cb063c66c9688decdd
Gov't Mule 2009-09-26d1t10.flac:2e81d717fcfd7c7c5a53819a4ba41864
Gov't Mule 2009-09-26d2t01.flac:fc5b0d73569ba71897ba30a2b14ff41b
Gov't Mule 2009-09-26d2t02.flac:8ba836696ccb4cd4e610f7d934e88ab3
Gov't Mule 2009-09-26d2t03.flac:656d785e0152e80d4241a7ea219388c5
Gov't Mule 2009-09-26d2t04.flac:82605155398d5f8905f0238d9b4e6ec3
Gov't Mule 2009-09-26d2t05.flac:ce0f286cf421a70813c2a121172646f2
Gov't Mule 2009-09-26d2t06.flac:72e9235757f541d24a4fa433543dedcf
Gov't Mule 2009-09-26d2t07.flac:19292edeeab7a089366ef96c00e168c9
Gov't Mule 2009-09-26d3t01.flac:08112ba75eff2808720bbff7a83b34c3
Gov't Mule 2009-09-26d3t02.flac:253551a7a1780b21c3e7233212872602
Gov't Mule 2009-09-26d3t03.flac:bcd562f0a47881159a6b69b7421f3942
Gov't Mule 2009-09-26d3t04.flac:65928e89fb21bab64043c11a8a4f90da
Gov't Mule 2009-09-26d3t05.flac:1c9313a245c471ddc169a6dd32949aea

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