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Radiohead 08/06/08
Parc Jean Drapeau, Montréal, QC
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Source Summary Source: AT853rx (cardioid)> Fostex FR-2LE (Busman T-Mod) @ 24/44.1
Location: Just left of soundboard.
Transfer: CF Card> Adobe Audition 2.0 (resample, fades, edits)> CD Wave> FLAC 
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August 6th, 2008
Parc Jean Drapeau
Montreal, Quebec

Grizzly Bear Opened

Source:  AT853rx (cardioid)> Fostex FR-2LE (Busman T-Mod) @ 24/44.1
Location: Just left of soundboard.
Transfer: CF Card> Adobe Audition 2.0 (resample, fades, edits)> CD Wave> FLAC

Taped and Transferred by Blane

*DISC 1*  

1. Intro
2. 15 Step
3. There There
4. Morning Bell
5. All I Need
6. My Iron Lung
7. Nude
8. Weird Fishes
9. The Gloaming
10. The National Anthem
11. Fake Plastic Trees
12. Reckoner
13. Like Spinning Plates
14. Jigsaw Falling Into Place
15. Lucky
16. Optimistic
17. Idioteque

*DISC 2*

18. Bodysnatchers

Encore 1
19. Faust Arp
20. Videotape
21. Paranoid Android
22. Bangers n\' Mash
23. Karma Police

Encore 2
24. House of Cards
25. You and Whose Army?
26. Everything in it\'s Right Place

- Fireworks audible in a number of places (particularly in Fake Plastic Trees and most of Encore 1) as the
Montreal International Fireworks Competition was having its finale at the same time.
Most audible in Faust Arp, when Thom comments on them.
- Some stereo phasing at times due to having to move to let people by me in either direction or make way
for passing-out lightweights (at least 5 times!) who needed to be escorted to the soundboard area to get out.
Probably only really noticeable on headphones.
- Crowd starts off a bit rowdy during the intro and 15 step, but settles down after that.
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804a69f4c833f24452804dde50675521 *radiohead2008-08-06_01_Intro.flac
7ec0d3b78b8d4051e7d2985e22355257 *radiohead2008-08-06_02_15_Step.flac
ad3503eb4361757980d93ead81c24e3e *radiohead2008-08-06_03_There_There.flac
9e54522786234e5007614084a15b9212 *radiohead2008-08-06_04_Morning_Bell.flac
bb79f071ad692d74426cb4ee1e10d2ec *radiohead2008-08-06_05_All_I_Need.flac
a4dc375e2df10f2373d3d58170fa47c6 *radiohead2008-08-06_06_My_Iron_Lung.flac
50de6129c60121610d1e5a5a26daaaec *radiohead2008-08-06_07_Nude.flac
239fd221da015f4eed6ec045a006888d *radiohead2008-08-06_08_Weird_Fishes.flac
3cff2b3c3967fd59f9e018901886fe73 *radiohead2008-08-06_09_The_Gloaming.flac
5a9bbeb0cbd1fa74df538dda230bce44 *radiohead2008-08-06_10_The_National_Anthem.flac
f9d70eacbc931909f5212055e9c0ab05 *radiohead2008-08-06_11_Fake_Plastic_Trees.flac
da1f256433aff70d8bb359f420485ad3 *radiohead2008-08-06_12_Reckoner.flac
7a3210aaa7574f5c702e723ecc0422e9 *radiohead2008-08-06_13_Like_Spinning_Plates.flac
79cc4eed851e4702ea78a5535fb1e40c *radiohead2008-08-06_14_Jigsaw.flac
a63cd6c810bed1da396dc1c4621d4c83 *radiohead2008-08-06_15_Lucky.flac
b5e3c8ea7dd73c912e21bfe9d44dbd58 *radiohead2008-08-06_16_Optimistic.flac
0f8f21d9279a98227a21a5db020c3aff *radiohead2008-08-06_17_Idiotheque.flac
faa9929ea695088a7ebb50cf541b18ee *radiohead2008-08-06_18_Bodysnatchers.flac
0ec247336c1288cc3035dd654241ae69 *radiohead2008-08-06_19_Faust_Arp.flac
26134bbe3c89ee5b418a012756d85344 *radiohead2008-08-06_20_Videotape.flac
867aed7b2d7ec203eca37fc8345aac31 *radiohead2008-08-06_21_Paranoid_Android.flac
2b641d76b8389b0f2ae8dad1d9e83a7f *radiohead2008-08-06_22_Bangers_and_Mash.flac
b5af263f96e320a3004cb9226831af49 *radiohead2008-08-06_23_Karma_Police.flac
7342a86c12c60f54498d7a7df6e8c7ae *radiohead2008-08-06_24_House_of_Cards.flac
8d9c1b8119893e38952f4297dce49a9f *radiohead2008-08-06_25_You_and_Whose_Army.flac
66b6bc177644e7282d5361168fcefdfc *radiohead2008-08-06_26_Everything.flac

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