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Grateful Dead 09/26/91
Boston Garden, Boston, MA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums ffp , flac-md5
Disc Counts 3 / 3
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Source Summary DTS Audio 5.1; Mix of SBD (shnID = 95534) SBD > DAT > CD > EAC > SHN; Via A. Kowalski and AUD (shnID = 101443) FOB Digital Audience Recording 
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Grateful Dead
Boston Garden
Boston, MA
September 26, 1991

DTS-Audio-CD 5.1 Mix

Set 1 - Disc 1
01 [07:25] Civil War Tuning
02 [05:48] Jack Straw
03 [09:25] Cold Rain And Snow
04 [09:44] Wang Dang Doodle
05 [10:20] Candyman
06 [05:38] Mexicali Blues >
07 [08:11] Cumberland Blues
08 [06:42] Picasso Moon
09 [05:06] Box Of Rain
TT [68:19]

Set 2 - Disc 2
01 [03:39] Pre Dark Star Tuning >
02 [13:20] Dark Star (V1) >
03 [06:47] St Of Circumstance >
04 [12:29] Eyes Of The World >
05 [12:22] Drums >
TT [48:38]

Set 2 - Disc 3
01 [08:10] Space >
02 [07:32] The Other One >
03 [06:43] Dark Star (V2)
04 [05:24] Attics Of My Life >
05 [08:44] Good Lovin'
06 [05:20] Brokedown Palace
07 [03:08] Bid You Good Night
TT [45:01]


Source Info

SBD (shnID = 95534)
SBD > DAT > CD > EAC > SHN; Via A. Kowalski

AUD (shnID = 101443)
FOB Digital Audience Recording
The James Young & Clay Brennecke FOB Vault - [email protected]
Lineage: Master DAT
Recording Equipment: B&K 4011 110 ORTF > Neumann BS 48i-2 >
Modified Sony TCD D-10 Pro  
Recording Location: FOB Section BB Row 18 Seat 15
Recorded By: James Young and Clay Brennecke
Transfer: 16/48k DAT Master > TASCAM DA-20 (SPDIF out) >
LynxTWO-B Audio Reference Interface (SPDIF in) > Wavelab 6.0
by Todd Evans ([email protected]) November 9, 2008
Editing and Mastering: Jamie Waddell ([email protected])
Weiss Saracon for 16 BIT 44.1kHz SRC and POWR-3 Dither
Encoding by Dazed64. Tracked in CDwave, FLAC Frontend level 8
Tag & Rename for FLAC Meta-Tagging.
A **GEMS** Production


Special Thanks

Many thanks to James Young and Clay Brennecke for their wonderful
recording.  Thanks to both Jamie Waddell and Todd Evens for their
pristine transfers and excellent editing/mastering on the FOB.

Thanks to Charlie Miller for the terrific SBD and to Joe B. for
help with the pitch/speed correction.

Huge thanks to Gyro for his excellent work in crafting some really
spectacular artwork for this release.


Tech Notes

FLACs decoded and Wavemerge was used to reassemble the entire
show back to 1 long wave. CEP2.0 was used to align & synch all
of the sources. SF8.0 was used for the EQ setting on the LFE and
CTR channels.  SF8.0 used to adjust the volume for the center,
surround and LFE channels.   SF8.0 used to adjust the volume for
the center, surround and LFE channels.  SF8.0 was used to perform
the hard limiting on the LFE channel.  Surcode CD Pro DTS was
used to encode to DTS.   This incorporates 6 channels of DTS
encoded 16/44 wave files.      
- Mixed by [email protected]
- FLAC conversion 24-SEPT-2009
- Artwork by Gyro at 300dpi - For best results
print at the highest resolution onto glossy photo paper.
Design for use with a clear, double CD case.  The CD labels
are for use with an "hub printable" inkjet CDR.


DTS-Audio-CD Info

Left Channel SBD  
Right Channel SBD

Mono Mixdown Left/Right -5db D'EQ SBD

Left Channel AUD
Right Channel db AUD

Mono Mixdown Left/Right -3db D'EQ SBD



Entire show (and all disc changes) are seamless and can be
played start to finish without inturruption.

d1t01 "Crowd & Civil War Tuning" First 2:19 is AUD source only.  
Completed the transition with crossfade to the SBD.

d1t07 "Cumberland Blues" Missing 1:34 of crowd (tape flip) after
song.  Patched with AUD and crossfaded the transitions to the SBD.

d2t01 "Crowd & Dark Star Tuning" First 1:34 is AUD source only.  
Completed the transition with crossfade to the SBD.

d2t03 "St. Of Circumstance" Subsecond dropout .917 was missing from
SBD.  Patched with AUD and crossfaded the transitions to the SBD.

d3t01 "Space" Missing 26.156 from SBD (tape flip). Patched with AUD
and crossfaded the transitions to the SBD.

d3t05 "Good Lovin'" Missing 44.451 of crowd after song.  Patched
with AUD and crossfaded the transitions to the SBD.



Jerry Garcia (guitar, vocals)
Bob Weir (guitar, vocals)
Phil Lesh (bass)
Vince Welnick (keyboards, vocals)
Bruce Hornsby (grand piano, according, vocals)
Mickey Hart (drums, percussions)
Bill Kreutzmann (drums, percussions)


Additional Formats

This show is available in the following formats:

1. The SBD and AUD sources listed above at 16/44
2. CD-Audio Stereo SBD+AUD Matrix Mix at 16/44
3. CD-Audio 5.1 Surround Sound DTS-Audio-CD at 16/44
4. DVD-Audio Stereo SBD+AUD Matrix Mix at 24/48
5. DVD-Audio 5.1 Surround Sound at 16/44 (6 channel x 16/44)
Show Checksums
f999ea4fe8586224d935858820278484 *gd1991-09-26_haugh_dts_d1t01.flac
3af2cbf4957674d0df9130468aabb8cf *gd1991-09-26_haugh_dts_d1t02.flac
3a76318bd19fe300285c4f5cd588ee14 *gd1991-09-26_haugh_dts_d1t03.flac
24d562e9a50293f00321598d916ff97c *gd1991-09-26_haugh_dts_d1t04.flac
222663156c7aef39bd03571d3fa6cd50 *gd1991-09-26_haugh_dts_d1t05.flac
118a64ee4f794a989a70aa52666d9913 *gd1991-09-26_haugh_dts_d1t06.flac
7d38e204f52a07aa412f35092a3d8fcc *gd1991-09-26_haugh_dts_d1t07.flac
ec923d333e1ff8528e7ba5dbda048258 *gd1991-09-26_haugh_dts_d1t08.flac
f815da1b2d3b381740f947c42816caad *gd1991-09-26_haugh_dts_d1t09.flac
a93d45f19f45830534c1c305bd62c4a5 *gd1991-09-26_haugh_dts_d2t01.flac
7a0665f39c2bab43c1e4ad8069e82a42 *gd1991-09-26_haugh_dts_d2t02.flac
69d3196e392aabd2c2b3f10a3046f26c *gd1991-09-26_haugh_dts_d2t03.flac
c4dbb64e2c900418269392379220d853 *gd1991-09-26_haugh_dts_d2t04.flac
962bc0050e3e8c4fa7f1ca6471496cbf *gd1991-09-26_haugh_dts_d2t05.flac
e6b1a0c9a897add3b1804ca600aeb91e *gd1991-09-26_haugh_dts_d3t01.flac
1c394db873e3005247852da5b1a34bde *gd1991-09-26_haugh_dts_d3t02.flac
482ade49f3540a5c9b08cca7bb2b845e *gd1991-09-26_haugh_dts_d3t03.flac
4e4bb052115ab69da6c22814069dfed7 *gd1991-09-26_haugh_dts_d3t04.flac
4ec2d75d61ef70b2c5061c0cb8dcbcd5 *gd1991-09-26_haugh_dts_d3t05.flac
45ad910d14ec7694b12e0825b77e1713 *gd1991-09-26_haugh_dts_d3t06.flac
a9ace15609bfa883481ae2fa8edd9d61 *gd1991-09-26_haugh_dts_d3t07.flac

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