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Robert Hunter 09/26/86
The Ritz, New York, NY
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Entered by Greg Yurkovic
Checksums ffp , flac-md5
Disc Counts 1 / 1
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Source Summary flac16; Taper : Joe D'Amico ''AKA'' Joebeacon; Nak 300 Mics > Sony D-5; Nak Dragon Tape Deck > Sony Sbm 1 > Creative Extigy Soundcard > Cool Edit Pro > Flac 
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Robert Hunter, The Ritz, New York, NY 1986-09-26

Taper : Joe D'Amico ''AKA'' Joebeacon

Nak 300 Mics > Sony D-5

Nak Dragon Tape Deck > Sony Sbm 1 > Creative Extigy Soundcard > Cool Edit Pro > Flac Frontend

I Patch Out Of These Guys That Where Stealth Taping Up Front . My Deck If I Remember Right Was The 3rd Deck .

Disc 1 :
01-Jack Straw
02-Doin' That Rag
03-Rock Columbia
04-Aim At The Heart
05-Reuben And Cherise
06-Alabama Getaway
07-End Of The Road
08-Ship Of Fools ( Tape Flip After Song)
09-Promontory Rider ( Missing First 3 To 4 Seconds )
10-Chingo !
11-Box Of Rain
Encores :
13-Boys In The Bar room
Show Checksums
Disc101-Jack Straw.flac:b98edf1f6665cab1d7a049d25c672237
Disc102-Doin' That Rag.flac:82e34639232ed535259cf467b2d7e803
Disc103-Rock Columbia.flac:67e77da560b95213c095ebe08ae7d6e3
Disc104-Aim At The Heart.flac:42c4064bad44c0bdad07c3305af11611
Disc105-Reuben And Cherise.flac:d1decaee4bdbd5df2556c9afaa3e26ed
Disc106-Alabama Getaway.flac:1a9587223f0f8757ab1a64b75e5a82aa
Disc107-End Of The Rooad.flac:2610ea2a5c66415b29e0a4a926c384c8
Disc108-Ship Of Fools.flac:0b8b151cc29db93677dc9bda6c7f171e
Disc109-Promontory Rider.flac:739bdae963f1f2304a02a6b34a530422
Disc111-Box Of Rain.flac:2204f01e758747d9a4d136872fdd6ed0
Disc113-Boys In The Barroom.flac:14231a2a72c6b1ccf94906b269c4b06e
11e0602ad5b8275fd4397ce8daa7b1a5 *Disc101-Jack Straw.flac
8dc27e4d50d0bb5c8c59842ca797624a *Disc102-Doin' That Rag.flac
4ca5ed33e0f02ec646cfa94995656387 *Disc103-Rock Columbia.flac
4ffcad4035c49d08157ff5a0512fb32b *Disc104-Aim At The Heart.flac
4ca9989afc8c638cca3fee4c36315b63 *Disc105-Reuben And Cherise.flac
81e87a7cec8f99af280c685b8435199a *Disc106-Alabama Getaway.flac
4e269e627f88e19fe58c163803118739 *Disc107-End Of The Rooad.flac
8e54c82bfe89232448d094f5c7c74654 *Disc108-Ship Of Fools.flac
dd6b512203bb1874251329670d768e05 *Disc109-Promontory Rider.flac
57b59c4c78d7d85993778397ac5ced06 *Disc110-Chingo!.flac
60365a3511eaa4bc259a182e5591cdba *Disc111-Box Of Rain.flac
a299935c7c231857dd507507cb283622 *Disc112-Ripple.flac
953a224f5a08711229b49e9d0da43c94 *Disc113-Boys In The Barroom.flac

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