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Grateful Dead 04/10/87
UIC Pavilion, Chicago, IL
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums orig-md5 , orig-ffp , ffp , flac-md5
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary flac16; Source: SBD Unknown Taper Lineage: ? -> CD-R (uncut waves) -> CD Player (XLR out) -> M-Audio Delta 66 -> Flac16  
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This is the 1st SBD to circulate for this show.
For me, this has been very much anticipated, years in the works...
Read below notes for editor comments...
[email protected]

Grateful Dead
UIC Pavilion
Chicago, IL

Source: SBD Unknown Taper

Lineage: ? -> CD-R (uncut waves) -> CD Player (XLR out) -> Pair Presonus EQ3B -> Presonus Blue Tube -> BBE 882i -> dbx231 -> Behringer SRC2496 (spdif out) -> M-Audio Delta 66 -> Wavelab (Ozone 4, Graphical edits) -> FlacFrontEnd -> TLH (shntool, ffp, md5)

Transfer, editing and lossless compression by mtownshend ([email protected])

Set One:
Shakedown Street
Little Red Rooster
Technical Problems Bobby Speaks
Me & My Uncle-> (Trippy intro and Phil)
Mexicali Blues
Brown Eyed Women
Don't Ease Me In

Total: 40:04

Set Two:
Iko Iko
Looks Like Rain
Box Of Rain
He's Gone->
Drums-> %%
The Other One->
Black Peter->
Around & Around->
Turn On Your Love Light,

E: It's All Over Now Baby Blue

Total: 56:21

Show Total: 01:36:25
General Notes:
1. There a number or points where there is a change in the mix. I have no clue as to why that is…maybe Healy tweaking the mix…
2. % There are two cuts in Drumz 43:17 and 44:55 (3.8 sec gap), I cross faded them and they are not noticeable unless you are listening for it.
3. While this is a dramatic improvement over the source I have (these CDr’s are quite possibly the only ones.)
4. There is some static throughout. I made 4 transfers of each disk and came up with the same static.  As I mentioned earlier I was given these CD’s by Tom Morgan, 4 or so years ago and nothing has surfaced since them..
5. This may be something to seek some guidance from Charlie Miller ;), I mean, why has this show eluded the sbd til now?
Editor Notes:
The CD's were burned in way that I have never seen.  you could not open them up and drag and drop. The wave on each disk appeared and was treated as it was an image. This, from my viewpoint made it only possible to transfer if it was played into your soundcard and recorded on any software capable (which is what I do for all my transfers anyway, see lineage.)

I was given the waves on three disks several years ago and at the time, this was a complicated project and I have never been happy enough to archive and seed. Basically, I was not able to make any substantial improvement on the quality, which was in the C range.  
I guess that my editing (or perceived skills) have improved over the years as this transfer/re-master is fantastic! There is a bit of noise between,

There was an obvious attempt to reduce the noise on the master that I used here. I will place spectral graphs of a sample track, just because I think that it is important that this previous attempt to remove noise (worse yet, excessive processing may be at the root of the SBD quality as I got it. :(  

Fortunately, most of the processing done, which was in the range of a C quality, was reversible, but with an impact on the noise. Every attempt, however small had a drastic effect on the drumz, ie... cymbals, Hi-Hats and other material in the highest range of the spectrum (see the spectral graphs linked below). (When/if you compare the original sample, look to Billy’s drum kit, most of it was not audible until I ran the edits (touring transfer and post transfer).

Anyway, The Phil Bomb is accurately represented in the low of the lows ;) Jerry is upfront in vocals and guitar (his voice sounds great!, the drumz/space is notable, particularly the space -> The Otherone. I adopted an opinion read somewhere that the best O1's are those that are given a the most time to fester a while til that bomb, well ... we have all that here.  Brent and Bobby are there, as expected (Brent plays rather dark during space, an interesting treatment, found on a few other shows in this tour.

I don't sense any pitch issues, but that is by ear, which at my age, is not reliable for incremental pitch analysis. (I did adopt a tip from a fellow LL’r that involves using a guitar tuner.)  It looked fine to me using this method.  One great aspect of this recording is the # of gens and the total lack of any perceivable warble, which is all too common from multi-gen sources (someone in any trade of these gens always seems to store it wrong and, so we are lucky here.

I have laid the ground work for  Kevin Tobin to make a matrix, dts, etc.., using this source and one or two AUDs.  Please give him a shot at this before taking it on yourself.  If anyone wants to modify this, feel free, but LMK, I will get you the waves from any iteration, as fast as I can.  I have saved every iteration: transfer, ozone, imager, graphical edits, wave tracked and the Flac’s here

Seeded to Planet Rock on 09/09 by mtownshend
Show Checksums
c430c6ead5b37900cadd20c69433eb10 *gd87-04-10d1t02-Little Red Rooster.flac
457f721b15ac2cecfacda180aba1fa43 *gd87-04-10d1t03-Candyman.flac
a55df4b5ca7e70b9fcf49c07a3f8e65f *gd87-04-10d1t04-Technical Problems Bobby Speaks.flac
0a34b33f6a2e15d5f37eb5609c5143df *gd87-04-10d1t05-Me and My Uncle.flac
0015dbee3fc8e7e11766f2ccf0860760 *gd87-04-10d1t06-Mexicali Blues.flac
7311db84ed0a3654cc4f0acbda83dc09 *gd87-04-10d1t07-Crowd-Phil Speaks.flac
3552cbef778b5ed16241f0fe6984b1b0 *gd87-04-10d1t08-Brown Eyed Women.flac
c7902cbf18fff3a7c47ce82292ecb867 *gd87-04-10d1t09-Cassidy.flac
5070a9cc340d9e544339e019519b2734 *gd87-04-10d1t10-Don't Ease Me In.flac
de5cfe80a11032b5ea41d53200a1fb41 *gd87-04-10d1t1-Shakedown Street.flac
0018884de69eea8414f3c4844e6f4e59 *gd87-04-10d2t01-Iko Iko.flac
621ab259413b5911ceaba3e7eb011cd5 *gd87-04-10d2t02-Looks Like Rain.flac
7532f284e582d4c697123f4edbac38d7 *gd87-04-10d2t03-Crowd.flac
229699e79a98e470bf988622e2a1b12c *gd87-04-10d2t04-Box Of Rain.flac
15c1529bbf814dca206168c061c711a1 *gd87-04-10d2t05-He's Gone.flac
28f26efff63b4a070c22f70f5f19db58 *gd87-04-10d2t06-Drums.flac
8a30127165b29f656fb90d6a908660c3 *gd87-04-10d2t07-Space.flac
7eaebffb67dce40e1f950a58d50316d5 *gd87-04-10d2t08-The Other One.flac
02c2ba5d76c204ec80ed919721cd6b7e *gd87-04-10d2t09-Black Peter.flac
20847cd8ec37a9a1ea0c18b72769455e *gd87-04-10d2t10-Around & Around.flac
0e0363e9b8c4a4e18b6760605a795d3c *gd87-04-10D2t11-Turn On Your Love Light.flac
dee9b307ad8fed95a24215621c473601 *gd87-04-10d2t12-Croud.flac
25d990a79946e619ec2b5aebdbd7b39c *gd87-04-10d2t13-It's All Over Now, Baby Blue.flac
e118210c2b2f189accc945423de4b0a1 *gd87-04-10d2t14-Post Encore Crowd.flac
gd87-04-10d1t02-Little Red Rooster.flac:68a647ee4d26fc4120b8945f113f0a50
gd87-04-10d1t04-Technical Problems Bobby Speaks.flac:078efc4464ee3423518e7f5c1658680f
gd87-04-10d1t05-Me and My Uncle.flac:ec3c81ccb1afc1b013791f719bf65ab6
gd87-04-10d1t06-Mexicali Blues.flac:00d592c3221c6e04e83d68ddff9338ad
gd87-04-10d1t07-Crowd-Phil Speaks.flac:4beb385b2552aa4c46366bbd1e0fb139
gd87-04-10d1t08-Brown Eyed Women.flac:779a98043970539e116559d54191cc42
gd87-04-10d1t10-Don't Ease Me In.flac:922ff4b04875edae9bc1bbb4531016be
gd87-04-10d1t1-Shakedown Street.flac:3537b4353f576273132fbc79da00f92d
gd87-04-10d2t01-Iko Iko.flac:5cf91f726de61a79993b40cac1267000
gd87-04-10d2t02-Looks Like Rain.flac:3c974615c5399dbf8f3147dd9c774c47
gd87-04-10d2t04-Box Of Rain.flac:479dd943876606523886e75c27daf6e3
gd87-04-10d2t05-He's Gone.flac:9b70f2d6f0ce65439321f634928cf8dd
gd87-04-10d2t08-The Other One.flac:6ed9044e551de5ba7bedbe8dd7f36874
gd87-04-10d2t09-Black Peter.flac:39985152e921645f918f557f2042b5e5
gd87-04-10d2t10-Around & Around.flac:75230ac290816bf8b7848ecdf848e0d0
gd87-04-10D2t11-Turn On Your Love Light.flac:5111dece57d20dddffd5a93e7bfda6be
gd87-04-10d2t13-It's All Over Now, Baby Blue.flac:152ea55f4f400c1f9f00682aa0d2ca9d
gd87-04-10d2t14-Post Encore Crowd.flac:8637214571232f6a1be91f36ca6c82f0
de5cfe80a11032b5ea41d53200a1fb41 *gd87-04-10d1t01.flac
c430c6ead5b37900cadd20c69433eb10 *gd87-04-10d1t02.flac
457f721b15ac2cecfacda180aba1fa43 *gd87-04-10d1t03.flac
a55df4b5ca7e70b9fcf49c07a3f8e65f *gd87-04-10d1t04.flac
0a34b33f6a2e15d5f37eb5609c5143df *gd87-04-10d1t05.flac
0015dbee3fc8e7e11766f2ccf0860760 *gd87-04-10d1t06.flac
7311db84ed0a3654cc4f0acbda83dc09 *gd87-04-10d1t07.flac
3552cbef778b5ed16241f0fe6984b1b0 *gd87-04-10d1t08.flac
c7902cbf18fff3a7c47ce82292ecb867 *gd87-04-10d1t09.flac
5070a9cc340d9e544339e019519b2734 *gd87-04-10d1t10.flac
0018884de69eea8414f3c4844e6f4e59 *gd87-04-10d2t01.flac
621ab259413b5911ceaba3e7eb011cd5 *gd87-04-10d2t02.flac
7532f284e582d4c697123f4edbac38d7 *gd87-04-10d2t03.flac
229699e79a98e470bf988622e2a1b12c *gd87-04-10d2t04.flac
15c1529bbf814dca206168c061c711a1 *gd87-04-10d2t05.flac
28f26efff63b4a070c22f70f5f19db58 *gd87-04-10d2t06.flac
8a30127165b29f656fb90d6a908660c3 *gd87-04-10d2t07.flac
7eaebffb67dce40e1f950a58d50316d5 *gd87-04-10d2t08.flac
02c2ba5d76c204ec80ed919721cd6b7e *gd87-04-10d2t09.flac
20847cd8ec37a9a1ea0c18b72769455e *gd87-04-10d2t10.flac
0e0363e9b8c4a4e18b6760605a795d3c *gd87-04-10d2t11.flac
dee9b307ad8fed95a24215621c473601 *gd87-04-10d2t12.flac
25d990a79946e619ec2b5aebdbd7b39c *gd87-04-10d2t13.flac
e118210c2b2f189accc945423de4b0a1 *gd87-04-10d2t14.flac

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