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Gov't Mule 10/30/09
Casino Ballroom, Hampton Beach, NH
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Checksums md5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Schoeps MK4 > CMC6 > Sound Devices 702 24/96 at Soundboard
Dithered to 16/44.1 with samplitude 9.0 
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Gov't Mule
Club Casino Ballroom
Hampton Beach, New Hampshire


Schoeps MK4 > CMC6 > Sound Devices 702 24/96 at Soundboard
Dithered to 16/44.1 with samplitude 9.0
This is a 16 bit offering

Set 1 CD 1
Brand New Angel >
Blind Man In The Dark >
Steppin Lightly
Any Open Window
Far Away (Painted Black Tease)
No Need To Suffer
32/30 (w/Jackie Green)
Frozen Fear
That's What Love Will Make You Do (w/Jackie Green, Jeremy Plog, Bruce Spencer and Nathan Hale)

Set 2 CD 2
Broke Down On The Brazos
Inside Outside Woman Blues
Get Behind The Mule
Mr Big >
I'll Be The One >
Blue Sky Teases >
You Can't always Get What You Want >
I'll Be The One
Thorazine Shuffle

Set 2 CD 3
Encore: (w/Jackie Green)
Don't Let Me down >
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52ff61ff23d501331bf7b09a63ff48b6 *gm-2009-10-30-s1-t01.flac
0c36305c2e5406a5e10ebf9ecf6889ff *gm-2009-10-30-s1-t02.flac
b26059ed01441d8dfbf97ef900367fbd *gm-2009-10-30-s1-t03.flac
832431e797432cbb3841b9b45cd1e943 *gm-2009-10-30-s1-t04.flac
f2f9e01573e914d4faaf73838005cd20 *gm-2009-10-30-s1-t05.flac
7d6e7ab5c1da55d6f3bfdac78b72ef26 *gm-2009-10-30-s1-t06.flac
1890df8e48faa398684a72843ca655c2 *gm-2009-10-30-s1-t07.flac
a315ab520bb148ba7de6b6c0165dfa11 *gm-2009-10-30-s1-t08.flac
9c97d4df1ff29fe61b7c4381e83157eb *gm-2009-10-30-s1-t09.flac
5ad64ec4ae2fd747d0c51ac6932d903c *gm-2009-10-30-s2-cd1-t01.flac
0b70987141326dc88b038086c44ff516 *gm-2009-10-30-s2-cd1-t02.flac
98bb9cd76c9bb83eb8b9fdb5af77b732 *gm-2009-10-30-s2-cd1-t03.flac
e363480452d7a8e1b2e48421e8360631 *gm-2009-10-30-s2-cd1-t04.flac
54ca9a23862e55f8711628157dc3c30c *gm-2009-10-30-s2-cd1-t05.flac
9c90f78e8b58f92193317a05636b0e3f *gm-2009-10-30-s2-cd1-t06.flac
235e9ce640c6a9ec25c84784a13a3025 *gm-2009-10-30-s2-cd1-t07.flac
3e537586e3c40dc0e75999e4e7896421 *gm-2009-10-30-s2-cd1-t08.flac
896687b37fe07dced190e7de3d336a42 *gm-2009-10-30-s2-cd1-t09.flac
3614dffd09971c9b7c965680a4e9e6be *gm-2009-10-30-s2-cd1-t10.flac
fafea6301ac9f1eca88cd29b7dcaa6f6 *gm-2009-10-30-s2-cd2-t01.flac
482eb867c02f857af05f69255590e608 *gm-2009-10-30-s2-cd2-t02.flac
21ad720d890399b10d2375e03f903d58 *gm-2009-10-30-s2-cd2-t03.flac

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