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North Mississippi Allstars 05/22/09
Minglewood Hall, Memphis, TN
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Entered by vanark
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Source Summary flac16: Schoeps CCM-4L>Lunatec V3>Tascam HD-P2 
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North Mississippi AllStars
Minglewood Hall
Memphis, TN

Source:  Schoeps CCM-4L>Lunatec V3>Tascam HD-P2
Transfer:  HD-P2>Audacity>CDWave>Trader's Little Helper
Recorded and transferred by Tim DiScenza

Disc one:

01: Goin Down South
02: 51 Phantom
03: Station
04: Preachin Blues
05: Love to Be A Hippy
07: Shake
08: Eaglebird
09: Mean Ol' Wind
10: Stompin' My Foot #
11: Po' Black Maddie
12: Skinny Woman %
13: Drums
14: Po' Boy %

Disc two:
01: ML %
02: KC Jones %
03: Shake em %
04: Bang Bang LuLu> %
05: Moonshine %
06: Miss Bollweevil %
07: All Night Long> %^>Love Light> %^>All Night Long %^
08: Snake Drive %#^*
09: No Mo
10: Keep The Devil Down

# w/ Al Kapone
% w/ Hill COuntry Revue
^ w/ Alvin Youngblood Hart
* w/ Jimbo Mathus

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ade41eecfa00930d9e684e459a2d2493 *NMAS5-22-09d1t01.flac
a0e823e211739f21560098004b54bb48 *NMAS5-22-09d1t02.flac
687cce704fe6f9d0393bfb2599d02392 *NMAS5-22-09d1t03.flac
ccc65271728becb51a872d89ea59ef85 *NMAS5-22-09d1t04.flac
863650ad979a3ca3e0ad9163eb03b6c9 *NMAS5-22-09d1t05.flac
ee154e6b8394e982b6ca73cf305dddef *NMAS5-22-09d1t06.flac
d68b7e028357fe0d562bec3cd88fd4b1 *NMAS5-22-09d1t07.flac
c4f6329bf5def8a24e5795858a94333f *NMAS5-22-09d1t08.flac
dfacc75c21965d623c3c5a495598c8f8 *NMAS5-22-09d1t09.flac
3a7c09db16f5f775f419869118e1ea1a *NMAS5-22-09d1t10.flac
8248c971ffb5a00fd65494c771fb4380 *NMAS5-22-09d1t11.flac
527c0fbc955742a070dcbeae76105ebb *NMAS5-22-09d1t12.flac
668758737def7f9db95023a58cafc781 *NMAS5-22-09d1t13.flac
988ed6b96fe735ef25009d44ad0445b2 *NMAS5-22-09d2t01.flac
7750ecf495ee24d6332b4cb0c89757f4 *NMAS5-22-09d2t02.flac
89ce496c3eadde204f80b210fa3cbd8f *NMAS5-22-09d2t03.flac
80de6f1973fec5c18b8becdbe290178c *NMAS5-22-09d2t04.flac
8c9b4503a61f1d333ddb26a2091d8147 *NMAS5-22-09d2t05.flac
b5bb52a013ac14b819a45038dd7a3d45 *NMAS5-22-09d2t06.flac
b969e6dafdb72cc20e0d25e764fef5cd *NMAS5-22-09d2t07.flac
f3cf758eb65073466bb001211dc64025 *NMAS5-22-09d2t08.flac
c89883f7ae374228db0ab96b63474e2a *NMAS5-22-09d2t09.flac
b1e1724193e3c93478d40a6b1631f9ca *NMAS5-22-09d2t10.flac

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