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Allman Brothers Band 08/01/99
Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums flac-md5 , ffp-rename
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary Neumann Km 184 Mics > Lunatec V2 > Zefiro > Sony D-7
Tascam Da-p1 > Sony Sbm 1 > Creative Extigy Soundcard > Cool Edit Pro > Flac Frontend 
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Allman Brothers Band, Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA

Taper : Dan Sisler

Editing : Joe D'Amico ''AKA'' Joebeacon

Neumann Km 184 Mics > Lunatec V2 > Zefiro > Sony D-7

Tascam Da-p1 > Sony Sbm 1 > Creative Extigy Soundcard > Cool Edit Pro > Flac Frontend

Disc 1 :
01-True Gravity
02-Ain't Wastin' Time No More
03-You Don't Love Me
04-Good Times Don't Fade Away
05-Midnight Rider
06-Good Clean Fun
07-Blue Sky
08-End Of The Line
2nd Set
09-Betty Boop Cartoon
10-Seven [email protected]
[email protected]

Disc 2 : 2nd Set Con't
01-J.J.'s Alley
02-Trouble No More
03-Stormy Monday**
04-In Memory of Elizabeth Reed***
06-E: No One To Run With

**w/Susan Tedeschi on guitar and vocals, ***w/Martin Fierro on saxophone
Show Checksums
c6b3fefa68054d1be7147ec91d906511 *Disc101-True Gravity.flac
1bd0c04333fb1ded7bb4966e1834e74a *Disc102-Ain't Watin' Time No More.flac
5b7e1a130c33e3c8d84e2effe50960e1 *Disc103-You Don't Love Me .flac
668f1125dd96ab85a67fcafc1225d564 *Disc104-Good Times.flac
dc19b93c581c7291d7e2b891c355b834 *Disc105-Midnight Rider.flac
df861c773e29f95650f9f4420b6a24e6 *Disc106-Good Clean Fun.flac
8709644cf3bda4abaff08bf24a286f86 *Disc107-Blue Sky.flac
c5905e568e5f932fa977598fc8b8ddf9 *Disc108-End Of The Line.flac
c8a09bd1d66953fa0c907055ebba3401 *Disc109-Betty Boop Cartoon.flac
9b1d83a0dc112153f7dd87fb57303ffc *Disc110-Seven Turns.flac
0304d7f519361f7cede7802ffc3731a3 *Disc111-Melissa.flac
e7e7a2ec8d5b1a38e4894075e85f062f *Disc201-JJ's Alley.flac
84ca782e944aea48a088dea43de9e6f5 *Disc202-Trouble No More.flac
86251e260511ea5cd6a68d587f833c7e *Disc203-Stormy Monday.flac
2edeec6a97f9c6d17e77d05256a0208c *Disc204-In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed.flac
3becdde9e910af674c4649accd0ca6fb *Disc205-Revival.flac
9c83faccd31d6e4b27fa3ee12b2ebbd5 *Disc206-No One To Run With .flac
abb1999-08-01d1t01-True Gravity.flac:921bdba584f4f63bd1dc75a61e6c3fa2
abb1999-08-01d1t02-Ain't Watin' Time No More.flac:937aa03911eb9a1a69091813280a555b
abb1999-08-01d1t03-You Don't Love Me .flac:1abab70c377e20bbacb2439d3faf89a0
abb1999-08-01d1t04-Good Times.flac:218f1c3b0977578f44900efbf445f249
abb1999-08-01d1t05-Midnight Rider.flac:9b5b173d6c4c553986510fb1ca3ddf7d
abb1999-08-01d1t06-Good Clean Fun.flac:452b3aee75085c4bf451bc2d19e0a60e
abb1999-08-01d1t07-Blue Sky.flac:ae3ec667103968be81097beadcb53d48
abb1999-08-01d1t08-End Of The Line.flac:8c5224197b14ee78c0fe46292b3d955e
abb1999-08-01d1t09-Betty Boop Cartoon.flac:5b644dcb52a24ffa0dfdd9a24b7cb296
abb1999-08-01d1t10-Seven Turns.flac:47c917f4a9e52a593d3f7d9617e2fd4b
abb1999-08-01d2t01-JJ's Alley.flac:e3b7aeaf23ff48159f0ea624839bf73f
abb1999-08-01d2t02-Trouble No More.flac:f9f36ce265e445673e82ee20af994710
abb1999-08-01d2t03-Stormy Monday.flac:4b9f6081f7ef6690cc5af7672564982d
abb1999-08-01d2t04-In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed.flac:0b5b7ff84e7d8cc77143ef9123030b4b
abb1999-08-01d2t06-No One To Run With .flac:fc70a2337740bd5c7e99eba3a3dd655a

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