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Disco Biscuits 10/31/09
Auditorium Theatre, Chicago, IL
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Disco Biscuits
Auditorium Theatre
Chicago, Illinois, USA

Jon G.

Main Floor, Orchestra Section, Aisle 2, Row C, Seat 201 (Approximately 20' from stage, toward right stack)

Church Audio CA-14 Cardioid > Church Audio CA-9100 v4.0 > Blue Jeans Cable MSA-1 > Roland Edirol R-09HR v1.06 (Line-in, Low Gain +40, 24-bit/96kHz WAV) > SanDisk Ultra II 16GB SDHC > SanDisk MicroMate SDHC-USB to PC > Notepad (CUE Sheet) > Foobar v0.9.6.9 (Exported as 24-bit/96kHz WAV) > Sony Sound Forge v10.0 (Track Joining, Amplifiaction +9dB, Equalisation, Minor Peak Restoration, Fade-in/out, Dithered to 16-bit/44.1kHz WAV, Exported as 16-bit/44.1kHz WAV) > Trader's Little Helper v2.4.1.160 (FLAC v1.7.1 Lvl. 8, FFP) > Foobar v0.9.6.9 (Tagging) > Live Music Archive/bt.etree > (Insert Your Name Here)

Lineup (In Halloween costume)
Allen Aucoin - Drums
Aaron Magner - Keyboards
Marc Brownstein - Bass Guitar
Jon Gutwillig - Guitar

Play Time - 02:45:08
Disc I
Strobelights and Martinis
Pimp Blue Rikki
Flash Mob>
Mindless Dribble Part I>
Caves of the East>
Mindless Dribble Part II>
Confrontation Part I (Dyslexic)
Disc II
The Devil's Waltz
On Time>
Confrontation Part II (Dyslexic)>
Spraypaint Part I>
Spraypaint Part II
Disc III
I am One (Smashing Pumpkins) [First Play]
Save the Robots (Dyslexic Completion of 10.29)>
Run Like Hell (Completes 10.28)

First Disco Biscuits show and it was rather enjoyable.  Many thanks to Jon Goldberg for setting up a ticket for me in exchange for taping and sharing my recording!
DB was great, however, waiting for them to play was near unbearable.  Holy Fuck was impressive, and is now a band I'll definitely see again, but Glitch Mob was horrendous.  It would've been better to have Holy Fuck play a little longer.
The light show was very well done and was a welcome compliment for the music.
The guys played in their Halloween costumes reminiscant of zombie Blues Brothers.
Unbeknownst to me until the day after the show, those of us present were priveleged to hear the first performance of their Smashing Pumpkins cover 'I am One'.
There is another source for Holy Fuck and DB.  A gentleman in the right centre orchestra section two rows behind me to my left had a stand with what appeared to be Shoeps mics.  I didn't talk to him, however, so I don't know what he plans to do.  Props to a fellow taper tho'!
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Disc I\\db2009-10-31d1t06ca-14flac16.flac:c76f1b80ad6cd714eb61ac9cf75350f2
Disc I\\db2009-10-31d1t07ca-14flac16.flac:e74ce8e2c5d8665d5428e5e0c78beff2
Disc II\\db2009-10-31d2t01ca-14flac16.flac:34bfd9a8426bedc439eea99be17cd39b
Disc II\\db2009-10-31d2t02ca-14flac16.flac:54956e9cce117afc67844cb2196cd3c3
Disc II\\db2009-10-31d2t03ca-14flac16.flac:52ca13b8f29acb7f409cec26e62e397b
Disc II\\db2009-10-31d2t04ca-14flac16.flac:ac8f0b97f59c587d789cf62145cfc7d7
Disc II\\db2009-10-31d2t05ca-14flac16.flac:14d77b47b699c0fdf461df02fbbe82ab
Disc II\\db2009-10-31d2t06ca-14flac16.flac:6e322a60ca8eb7b6f0898f03daee1fa0
Disc II\\db2009-10-31d2t07ca-14flac16.flac:b2e9c3786be2a6e09588adb46a88a165
Disc II\\db2009-10-31d2t08ca-14flac16.flac:153589a6b165cedeab2c950b2c2195fd
Disc III\\db2009-10-31d3t01ca-14flac16.flac:d4e119291eda482d8857301320fd8776
Disc III\\db2009-10-31d3t02ca-14flac16.flac:3f1cae200b196dd33969aff0e04f12db
Disc III\\db2009-10-31d3t03ca-14flac16.flac:1b46a5c15f776d12be6af8fca30c5494
Disc III\\db2009-10-31d3t04ca-14flac16.flac:e14331944912faaf010d4009bff1c38b

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