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Gov't Mule 11/08/09
Live Music Hall, Köln, Germany
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Source Summary Audience recording: OKM II-r -> R09HR (44.1 kHz, 16bit)
Taped by Heinz Wagner  
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8. November 2009 Live Music Hall Köln, Germany

audience recording
OKM II-r -> R09HR (44.1 kHz, 16bit)

set 1 from row 2 right side, sadly in front of the bass speakers
set 2 from row 1 same position
taped by Heinz Wagner

Set 1
01 Brand New Angel
02 Steppin' Lightly
03 Larger Than Life>
04 If 6 Was 9>
05 Larger Than Life
06 Kind of Bird
07 No Need To Suffer
08 Railroad Boy
09 Monday Mourning Meltdown
10 Thorazine Shuffle

Set 2
01 Broke Down On The Brazos
02 Slackjaw Jezebel
03 32/20 Blues
04 So Weak, So Strong>
05 Drums
06 Brighter Days
07 Like Flies
08 Mule>
09 Whole Lotta Love>
10 Mule

11 Soulshine w/ Gospel Intro
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7b5a59ebc9ab1bc23b9a790e4038b9f3 *GM_2009-11-08_okmII-aud_d1tr01.flac
21e226b46e3bb4b0a407f8585d05fb21 *GM_2009-11-08_okmII-aud_d1tr02.flac
b0d111368429bc05df560fb618d22b21 *GM_2009-11-08_okmII-aud_d1tr03.flac
20fee5bb3090e2570aa6e407be829a5f *GM_2009-11-08_okmII-aud_d1tr04.flac
2eccd1a9594ec978bd2078c5edabe1fb *GM_2009-11-08_okmII-aud_d1tr05.flac
6b1e26f08f568494fa4a26ab76ace62e *GM_2009-11-08_okmII-aud_d1tr06.flac
543a5180aa6d2d8a788a12b3f3e6e6d9 *GM_2009-11-08_okmII-aud_d1tr07.flac
c3bf3540d8657e9fec22de7162a0c656 *GM_2009-11-08_okmII-aud_d1tr08.flac
ff870b2eea5e48f99bec0cbf406c0f31 *GM_2009-11-08_okmII-aud_d1tr09.flac
184bc0b77393360763f54a6aca11b361 *GM_2009-11-08_okmII-aud_d1tr10.flac
47b3fd02209115bf383b5313046d7477 *GM_2009-11-08_okmII-aud_d2tr11.flac
027fd57066ef77d1a3d4c1bf75f06828 *GM_2009-11-08_okmII-aud_d2tr12.flac
c551f27015fafed52eba730ed662c904 *GM_2009-11-08_okmII-aud_d2tr13.flac
db56e75dae2f0d13fd92e700a6c22037 *GM_2009-11-08_okmII-aud_d2tr14.flac
74be818b43037a403b288cd893898cc3 *GM_2009-11-08_okmII-aud_d2tr15.flac
d8c82be288489a4367278eb92b9aeded *GM_2009-11-08_okmII-aud_d2tr16.flac
cadf157b7ba61b2f2993f0aabbc1d0dc *GM_2009-11-08_okmII-aud_d2tr17.flac
567c54b428cfcf3cfa96e0660bb3713d *GM_2009-11-08_okmII-aud_d2tr18.flac
b240f0349a7f89476101c679b05006ea *GM_2009-11-08_okmII-aud_d2tr19.flac
aaf7fbd02f531788eef78cf36de2fb66 *GM_2009-11-08_okmII-aud_d2tr20.flac
ab5b258b967d4389e43e6a51c07cc7b6 *GM_2009-11-08_okmII-aud_d2tr21.flac

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