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Gov't Mule 11/12/09
Alcatraz, Milano, Italy
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Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary oktava mk-012c [matched pair] > [busman 2p+] edirol ua-5 [16 bit/ 44.1 kHz] > optical-in iriver120 [rockboxed] > .wav > usb2 > audacity [fades] > .wav > cdwave [tracked and converted] > .flac 
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Gov't Mule
By a Thread European Fall Tour
Milano, Italy
12.11.2009 [2009-11-12]

A Mad Piper & Africolaman [also mad] & Raimax Production

oktava mk-012c [matched pair] > [busman 2p+] edirol ua-5 [16 bit/ 44.1 kHz]
> optical-in iriver120 [rockboxed] > .wav > usb2
> audacity [fades] > .wav > cdwave [tracked and converted] > .flac
mic-position ab, bob [on gallery], dfc, kfc, vfb, 60 ft from stage, 14 ft high [mics fixed to stand]
Taper: Ulrich Rettinger [africolaman AT gmx DOT de]

Disc 1 [1:20:18]
Set 1
01 Audience
02 Brighter Days >
03 Like Flies
04 Gameface
05 Birth of the Mule
06 I think you know what I mean >
07 When the Levee breaks > I think you know what I mean
08 Blind man in the Dark >
09 Mother Earth >
10 Steppin' lightly
11 Broke down on the Brazos > Outro 1st Set

Disc 2 [1:09:18]
Set 2
01 Audience
02 Railroad Boy >
03 Monday Mourning Meltdown >
04 Have Mercy on the Criminal
05 Wandering Child
06 Drums
07 Fallen down >
08 The Other One Jam > Fallen down Outro
09 Painted silver Light
10 Soulshine w/ Gospel Intro > Audience Encore Call

Disc 3 [0:12:10]
01 Out of the Rain
02 Can't hold out > Farewell

Discs 2 and 3 are seamless.
If you want to burn to CD just cut s01t01 at the beginning to fit.

Warren Haynes [guitar, vocals]
Matt Abts [drums]
Jorgen Carlsson [bass, vocals]
Danny Louis [keys, trumpet, guitar, vocals]

Taped with permission of the band.

Share freely and the sun will always shine on you.
Definitely never sell.

Support the performers. See their shows and buy their official recordings.
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f6f6dca67b0cd21ce809c9c7ab1fe290 *mule_2009-11-12_s01_t01.flac
bb40a44849f886829b1c0a529ad559a4 *mule_2009-11-12_s01_t02.flac
4f59a26fe71169cc31c644177b684060 *mule_2009-11-12_s01_t03.flac
9c26f421588b2f051f78d2d8e14cd91e *mule_2009-11-12_s01_t04.flac
41c544d91eabc53560643e6cf2d8b536 *mule_2009-11-12_s01_t05.flac
57e53ce95d986d236ce36407f874e38d *mule_2009-11-12_s01_t06.flac
3e7b82e8cb4a48ea9929f8382075963d *mule_2009-11-12_s01_t07.flac
2f619b3521aa43e2a8535705d7e48c31 *mule_2009-11-12_s01_t08.flac
1d29fca20f2b342997c729e161d4dd3a *mule_2009-11-12_s01_t09.flac
54f92ec777e1f216b2531492442fd5b3 *mule_2009-11-12_s01_t10.flac
bb8c09fc227950d32f32836ddfada551 *mule_2009-11-12_s01_t11.flac
7a0faed7203730231396905393c81e39 *mule_2009-11-12_s02_t01.flac
bbb4182204fdf94cc36c06684b76ccce *mule_2009-11-12_s02_t02.flac
30ec19e1a5ce176ff8fd7f49cd37bc9c *mule_2009-11-12_s02_t03.flac
6c111928f217a0593e2e4c918d92d481 *mule_2009-11-12_s02_t04.flac
eff74bb1d21b54a63ac8613fdc8efbad *mule_2009-11-12_s02_t05.flac
3977e2c114396306113bbdb47ffc93d9 *mule_2009-11-12_s02_t06.flac
6d2503df08bd3ea1fe857153f77ad5d7 *mule_2009-11-12_s02_t07.flac
f76f1d1103ab5de3c4148230909175b8 *mule_2009-11-12_s02_t08.flac
587d9f3b7c6c396f18ffcced6f8bd398 *mule_2009-11-12_s02_t09.flac
9c8e145d6329394023b71b4dbe8cd8f8 *mule_2009-11-12_s02_t10.flac
777a616fb2b58673b65df336bc56be7c *mule_2009-11-12_s02_t11.flac
7dd23197f8aba60c164976f577c7b420 *mule_2009-11-12_s02_t12.flac

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