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Gov't Mule 11/10/09
WUK, Wien, Austria
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Source Summary ECM-719 --> Edirol R-09HR --> Audacity --> CD Wave Editor --> Flac Frontend (8) 
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Wien (AUT)

Audience Recording
ECM-719 --> Edirol R-09HR --> Audacity --> CD Wave Editor --> Flac Frontend (8)

Hi folks,

unfortunately this recording is incomplete as I ran low of batteries....
What you get is the complete 1st set and most of the second set.
18 tracks, TRT 111:57

I also decided not to go for the song titles as you all may know DIME's rules
concerning audience recordings of MULE shows.
That's why I decided to deliver the show as fast as possible and I am definitely
sure that the one or the other kind soul and lover of the MULE is going to
provide a proper setlist...:-)

Recorded by elric66 and uploaded to dime 2009-11

Enjoy and don't do things you won't be proud of
(you know everything about selling, converting...)!
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c53904137fadf129dca3dc28931294df *Gov't Mule 2009-11-10 Wien (AUT) set1 t01.flac
2e7b072775a5e7d9ae6b6976a20faa57 *Gov't Mule 2009-11-10 Wien (AUT) set1 t02.flac
5868aa7997ff284ed9aeb29e0bbb18df *Gov't Mule 2009-11-10 Wien (AUT) set1 t03.flac
435af8ea0ea6d0712374d370f563fce3 *Gov't Mule 2009-11-10 Wien (AUT) set1 t04.flac
6aafb2f2a12d1589fc831d0de979b8b5 *Gov't Mule 2009-11-10 Wien (AUT) set1 t05.flac
be78e74c86e892bc62e6bdda903ca47b *Gov't Mule 2009-11-10 Wien (AUT) set1 t06.flac
862b57010d774e5bdbb55b7d9b31202a *Gov't Mule 2009-11-10 Wien (AUT) set1 t07.flac
bc383c257b3a3072e494f06cf7d675b5 *Gov't Mule 2009-11-10 Wien (AUT) set1 t08.flac
c58b0c6275a5c05035cf88ee1334ba12 *Gov't Mule 2009-11-10 Wien (AUT) set1 t09.flac
4c374d33e2bec7f817bfe0492565ee4b *Gov't Mule 2009-11-10 Wien (AUT) set1 t10.flac
2a394d6a4e0e32c04ba089fcc6c5eb0a *Gov't Mule 2009-11-10 Wien (AUT) set1 t11.flac
b507961095f3c482454e129f98c6ee3b *Gov't Mule 2009-11-10 Wien (AUT) set1 t12.flac
50d36e731134a04ee6f6c97ba20d4a58 *Gov't Mule 2009-11-10 Wien (AUT) set2 t01.flac
55f68a5c2a8203f969e5300359e22edf *Gov't Mule 2009-11-10 Wien (AUT) set2 t02.flac
65dce6a546c81724b8c6043261020811 *Gov't Mule 2009-11-10 Wien (AUT) set2 t03.flac
d9204fce9c5bb92106bc07b3efc9c8ea *Gov't Mule 2009-11-10 Wien (AUT) set2 t04.flac
2ec0a97f18b15373104014775f77f5e9 *Gov't Mule 2009-11-10 Wien (AUT) set2 t05.flac
c7b147e6b835d79ba830b1428514ac22 *Gov't Mule 2009-11-10 Wien (AUT) set2 t06.flac

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