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Radiohead 08/22/08
Polo Fields, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by Ron Broman
Checksums ffp
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Source Summary B&K 4022 > 722 
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August 22, 2008
Outside Lands Festival
Golden Gate Park
San Francisco, CA

Source: B&K 4022 > 722
Location: FOB 45'from Stage ~ 15' LOC
Transfer: 722 > Firewire > Samplitude SE v8 > CD Wave 1.94.8
Lineage: 24bit/48kHz > 16bit/44.1kHz > FLAC (Level 8)
Editing: Samplitude: Waves Q10 40hz -12db left channel
Resampled to 44.1kHz (Ultra High 2)
Waves L2: Threshold: -5.6; Dither to 16bit (IDR Type 1 Normal)
CDWave: Tracking
FLAC Frontend: FLAC Conversions (Level 8)
Foobar2000: Live Show Tagger: Tagging

Taped and Edited by Mikey Jones (terrapinj AT

-One Set-


01  15 Step
02  Reckoner
03  Airbag*
04  There There
05  All I Need*
06  Nude
07  Talk Show Host
08  National Anthem
09  The Gloaming
10  Videotape
11  Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
12  Idioteque
13  Karma Police
14  Jigsaw Falling Into Place
15  Just


01  Exit Music (for a film)
02  Bodysnatchers
03  crowd
04  Pyramid Song
05  You And Whose Army?
06  Paranoid Android
07  Fake Plastic Trees
08  Everything In Its Right Place

*Sound cuts out on entire PA during Airbag and All I Need

HPF @ 40hz -12db was accidentally engaged on the 722 for the right channel only.
Identical HPF was applied in post to the left channel.
Show Checksums
ce953e957f022093f69fae666b0a21b7 *radiohead2008-08-22d1t01.flac
f14912cae70a917ed9e847936d02efdd *radiohead2008-08-22d1t02.flac
c8a5a3435d873c14f41d8b46501eb18c *radiohead2008-08-22d1t03.flac
ae7aaf039181ee6ef87bd762fae32a49 *radiohead2008-08-22d1t04.flac
ec6ffa15e6ab116657a72bedebd593a2 *radiohead2008-08-22d1t05.flac
c5d0cb3bbf9bb2fc8062614f6a227e7e *radiohead2008-08-22d1t06.flac
e02d35c5e2f8da3fcd302dd38521aa66 *radiohead2008-08-22d1t07.flac
ce3094905c0d20c6e3879fab2bac8fa0 *radiohead2008-08-22d1t08.flac
4b3583cea7f6d4208077094035ca50b5 *radiohead2008-08-22d1t09.flac
125cab2f6fecb2ff59259a73a2262448 *radiohead2008-08-22d1t10.flac
7df522385588c9065774f55b3c859dd3 *radiohead2008-08-22d1t11.flac
2796e4c4633634a07a88fb5be54f17e1 *radiohead2008-08-22d1t12.flac
7ed5b5c301bdb587203944aee740652a *radiohead2008-08-22d1t13.flac
4c6a42b0b1c8aa81a7629918fcfd7500 *radiohead2008-08-22d1t14.flac
09405e3fbcd6c109a825d6ee8ed4308e *radiohead2008-08-22d1t15.flac
d4b5a120bbff0dd7fda6dee431978b84 *radiohead2008-08-22d2t01.flac
9f6754e0d3638a85ee2d3cd390f3bd4c *radiohead2008-08-22d2t02.flac
5039784ea180dbde543f4f584a780d05 *radiohead2008-08-22d2t03.flac
4ee204df2330a519c1cecd8ccda4194b *radiohead2008-08-22d2t04.flac
4f92de89e1a85560c9b38d9f1753b512 *radiohead2008-08-22d2t05.flac
c63edd9accf7a463eff91f7258a9546d *radiohead2008-08-22d2t06.flac
c78004f672f995d216efbb5e712ef95c *radiohead2008-08-22d2t07.flac
a73f62c02f10334e1c9b3545096a4ad8 *radiohead2008-08-22d2t08.flac

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