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Grateful Dead 02/19/71
Capitol Theater, Port Chester, NY
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary 7" two track BBD reel w/ Dolby A @ 7 1/2 ips > PCM501ES @ 44.055 kHz PCM501ES analog out > Fostex D5 @ 48 kHz (Dolby not decoded?) > WAV > Cool Edit Pro (filtering and sample rate conversion) > SHN data files (seed); mono; slight whine reduced with notch filter (see info file for details and other flaw notes); via WBOTB tree (site includes covers) 
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Grateful Dead Capitol Theatre Port Chester NY

Complete show
An ESP experiment show; the second Betty Board; first show without Mickey Hart.

genealogy of this recording:
7" two track BBD reel w/ Dolby A @ 7 1/2  ips > PCM501ES @ 44.055 kHz
PCM501ES analog out > Fostex D5 @ 48 kHz (Dolby not decoded?) > WAV >
Cool Edit Pro (filtering and sample rate conversion) > SHN data files

The recording is in mono, and reflects very occasional analog tape flaws such as bursts of flutter. These flaws are from the master. The
lineage information available states that Dolby A decoding was not performed, but the sound is nevertheless very good and does not
sound compressed.

As with the other Port Chester recordings, a slight whine comes and goes throughout the recording. We have applied a very light notch
filter as needed. The filtering was accomplished using Cool Edit Pro, and consisted of a sequence of notch filters at and around 8k,
approximately 1 kHz wide and only 2 db in depth. The filtering was mainly during the in-between banter but also on the songs where
required - more so in the 2nd set. In The Other One there were two short bursts of static that appear to have come from the stage, and
these were reduced in level. No other filtering was performed.

As indicated in the set list, Bird Song is cut. There are also several cuts on the master during crowd noise before Truckin' starts the first
set, but who cares?

Indicated timings are of the music, not of the track.

disc 1

Truckin' [7:57]
Loser [5:50]
Cumberland Blues [4:44]
It Hurts Me Too [5:46]
Bertha [4:52]
Playing In The Band [4:48]
Dark Hollow [3:01]
Smokestack Lightnin' [14:42]
China Cat Sunflower [5:14] >
I Know You Rider [4:37]

disc 2

Greatest Story Ever Told [4:09] >
Johnny B. Goode [3:12]
Bird Song [6:09#]
Easy Wind [8:17]
Deal [4:08]
Cryptical Envelopment [1:46] >
Drums [2:23] >
The Other One [11:34] >
Wharf Rat [8:33]

disc 3
Good Lovin' [18:29]
Casey Jones [4:42]

The SHN files require two data discs.
The audio version is three discs.

The SHN files were created from audio files on a PC. No step of DAE (Digital Audio Extraction) from an audio CD was performed.
Show Checksums
774815f7ab6cc699f2e3d50c5d02d539 *D1T01.shn
7dcccf913f7fbb13291db115f43b9d18 *D1T02.shn
afba57581f21eed544d4b65e7c70adb5 *D1T03.shn
6db635b921582e20f8915c58de0a907b *D1T04.shn
e7651c0727112a580545cb3952367013 *D1T05.shn
9e25ec1aaaeeba66c71612a507a9f4a0 *D1T06.shn
89be63b64c4f6cb2d5dc73e2071da24b *D1T07.shn
a7c058d528bb293d648c6e9935b32f1e *D1T08.shn
8483b989105e6173c95353b7dd246d61 *D1T09.shn
125901244942353698519b8ce776d5fd *D1T10.shn
ea5d4304f6fcbfe894eb6b6297ce416c *D1T11.shn
6b9f0985808526edd3527a13f553813c *D2T01.shn
bc7008c2cf5fdae063d7df1bc2f554c7 *D2T02.shn
8e1ce868db2d656addfe1432aa6aedc6 *D2T03.shn
3782ff567430826309cae95eb716cf12 *D2T04.shn
0d072374fc6992d1564804e627b31fc0 *D2T05.shn
caa2e156f5b4cfbefe10ec7987a32b60 *D2T06.shn
01436315138634f51deefd45718f4492 *D2T07.shn
2de39d4d8ffcfefdb1cc929be41686e9 *D2T08.shn
c491b0d3fc8bc7f469e0daeae2e6ef63 *D2T09.shn
6c2e603e7a46ab16056ad9efcf45a0d6 *D2T10.shn
a1c9bd485146c67780c8dc6e7a4d5439 *D3T01.shn
19ab9c57c663202c89119a17bf4e44e5 *D3T02.shn
33a827921edb45cbba1202db80f68275 *D3T03.shn
d902b8663ff31dc0e39fadd3dfaf3635 [shntool] d1t01.shn
60d91a7123d465f5bd4d60319082cf56 [shntool] d1t02.shn
0685079be2b8a4e3b9d74880b6fc8773 [shntool] d1t03.shn
2c168cd79546dafc6651f7e724deed7e [shntool] d1t04.shn
0a7fd0c31d77e0eccc0c8baf150e253f [shntool] d1t05.shn
6a20eb200c73e180d69be151d12a0644 [shntool] d1t06.shn
904a44106cc50c7001f025004eeb92ce [shntool] d1t07.shn
e778852a95edde4d5536b2f650b24d4e [shntool] d1t08.shn
8739ae728be9cb976511cfda6e027e60 [shntool] d1t09.shn
8d6b3fc00dc6e45e94bc8e30afc0dc72 [shntool] d1t10.shn
7f580dfbd30d378e22826ba9c3e052db [shntool] d1t11.shn
5d3bb4d99bf891f96605b3333e18f847 [shntool] d2t01.shn
5c7ef04c28eaf15378d0a2c68d5697d0 [shntool] d2t02.shn
2104c31e25e87351ae01422df3ee248b [shntool] d2t03.shn
9dab8700cec94b7e0ec9af3921d96189 [shntool] d2t04.shn
e7191258c44308ce8aa36da467f6de28 [shntool] d2t05.shn
9fe5d5c28bf26689ea72e9bfce77cc99 [shntool] d2t06.shn
9af5797b4a0d32620a3bdacac280baee [shntool] d2t07.shn
f1b14107a179eccb96142989512b29b8 [shntool] d2t08.shn
4ab3d2e1ee4f4ea384c5af80d71972a2 [shntool] d2t09.shn
b790d8d645e39cadb27b223517b1825d [shntool] d2t10.shn
86d077f16861e542a9060c8526f21e12 [shntool] d3t01.shn
dbe99bd4bbd8bc154cbc42c639235be4 [shntool] d3t02.shn
cb5b661b564b397f1ebbc031311ea143 [shntool] d3t03.shn

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