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North Mississippi Allstars 03/27/04
Good Music & Other Stuff, Asheville, NC
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Entered by vanark
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Source Summary flac16: akg 481 (xy 90) > DAP-1 @ 44.1  
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North Mississippi Allstars
Acoustic (Chris, Duwayne, & Luther,)

3-27-04 Good Music & Other Stuff, Asheville,NC
in-store free acoustic show.
no mics, no amps....just the three of them sitting on stools and playing.

source: akg 481 (xy 90) > DAP-1 @ 44.1
about three feet in front of Luther dead fucking center
mics at 4 feet on stand (about guitar level)
I had to adjust the levels between songs to prevent clipping

transfer: DAP-1 > audiophile 24/96 > soundforge 6.0 > cd wave > flac frontend (level 7)
taped transfered and seeded by Gordon Wilson, [email protected]
sector boundaries verified with shntool

1. Tuning
2. Instrumental
3. If you want me baby??
4. Conan>
5. Instrumental* >
6. Conan
7. Bad Bad Pain
8. All Along
9. Born Under a Bad Sign >
10. Be So Glad >
11. Catfish Blues >
12. Be So Glad

* may just be the solo but sounded like a different song to me.
big thanks to the guys for doing this and to all the nice folks at
Good Music & Other Stuff for everything. If you are in Asheville
go check out there store.
also a big thanks to blueselectric for the help with the setlist.
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nmas acoustic 2004-03-27 t01.flac:1e0c68d4a6f5058e63b8930a4693e999
nmas acoustic 2004-03-27 t02.flac:4391f7690501764fddad0af57321b82c
nmas acoustic 2004-03-27 t03.flac:0165e2898aaf08b92067e90548ce4a7f
nmas acoustic 2004-03-27 t04.flac:0f7fd70e64e0405991a840316db652fc
nmas acoustic 2004-03-27 t05.flac:a833b266806d7063c7a76aa0e394fe41
nmas acoustic 2004-03-27 t06.flac:3645808b9ba6ff716b675b76331f0178
nmas acoustic 2004-03-27 t07.flac:2f499ca794a65f549beaf43b89659386
nmas acoustic 2004-03-27 t08.flac:7dcfa1e9a9599afab27b3489059bd9e3
nmas acoustic 2004-03-27 t09.flac:0b44c3c24613741241bc47bf3e934801
nmas acoustic 2004-03-27 t10.flac:c6918acfb7ba036c81b7804a2f393441
nmas acoustic 2004-03-27 t11.flac:68eb7034377525454e6376cc8d716428
nmas acoustic 2004-03-27 t12.flac:97dd6cc70332417454c5988fc14cac36

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