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Greensky Bluegrass 09/24/09
Terrapin Hill Harvest Festival, Harrodsburg, KY
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Terrapin Hill Harvest Festival
The Pavilion Stage
Harrodsburg, KY

2CH stereo audience


01. soundchecking
02. more soundchecking
06. China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider
07. tuning


01. time capsule story > debut song?
02. jam > Wind Cries Mary
03. Wandering Road
05. John Hartford song
06. banter
07. harvest banter > song
08. banter > jam
09. Jam > When Doves Cry

This set was moved to the Pavilion Stage from the Chapel Stage due to weather.

This was a rather interesting and intimate set. The distinction between the band and the audience was broken down in more ways than one. You will hear a washboard and a djimbe. These guys were not in the band. This wouldn't be so bad, but they were pretty terrible. I moved up closer to the stage between the discs, and these guys also moved up. I asked them to tone it down, and they did for a few songs, but alas they were grooving way too hard to move to the back of the pavilion or quit altogether. I'd been wanting to see these guys for a while now, and they did not disappoint. The guy with the washboard, however, did. Ugh.

Don't let me talk you out of downloading this though. The jams are great, and the audience adds to the recording in most places.

Any help with the setlist is greatly, greatly appreciated.

Thank you Pete and Brenda! Thank you Dan Carpenter and all the other guys from LP sound for working in the crappiest conditions and still rocking the great sound! See you next year!

There is more to come.

If you have to contact me try john.radawski   @   da goooogle mail dot commmmm or look for me on facebook!

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