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Grateful Dead 03/24/81
Rainbow Theater, London, England
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary AUD > MC > C > SB!Live > CD > EAC > WaveLab > shn MC: Sony TC D5M, dolby B, metal-cassettes, Sennheiser 406T C/1: Maxell XL II C90, dolby B, Nakamishi DR1; Seeded to etree by Bernd Weiskircher 
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Grateful Dead
Rainbow Theatre
London, England

AUD > MC > C > SB!Live > CD > EAC > WaveLab > shn
MC: Sony TC D5M, dolby B, metal-cassettes, Sennheiser 406T
C/1: Maxell XL II C90, dolby B, Nakamishi DR1

Minor denoising and equalising using WaveLab

tape flip in He's Gone > Jam @ 14:53
tape flip @ the end/beginning of Wharf Rat > Around & Around

Mastering by Bernd Weiskircher

CD 1:
01. Mississippi Half-Step >
02. Franklin's Tower
03. Beat it on Down the Line  >
04. Greatest Story Ever Told
05. Row Jimmy
06. Me & My Uncle >
07. Big River
08. High Time >
09. Little Red Rooster

CD 2:
01. China Cat Sunflower >
02. I Know You Rider
03. Shakedown Street
04. Lost Sailor >
05. Saint of Circumstance >
06. He's Gone > Jam
07. Drums >

CD 3:
01. Drums >
02. Space >
03. The Wheel >
04. Truckin' >
05. Wharf Rat >
06. Around & Around >
07. Good Lovin'
08. crowd
09. Brokedown Palace (aborted)
    Brokedown Palace                      

Show Checksums
fcfb79fbadfddf079c3bf27a6e988ad0 *gd81-03-24d1t01.shn
99beca528e626b1d9d08af0e9ccb0df0 *gd81-03-24d1t02.shn
068a77d60b37aad9482f69629025e1f5 *gd81-03-24d1t03.shn
c4abd0aa3b1a897d13965d2343400285 *gd81-03-24d1t04.shn
6c88b7936f146017b73497baebe4a041 *gd81-03-24d1t05.shn
bbca7085b3cd04092664f7515902ea42 *gd81-03-24d1t06.shn
40bd2830556b122a540fd7eeac649951 *gd81-03-24d1t07.shn
7be2deec532af7bff7cefd2b8dfd617d *gd81-03-24d1t08.shn
faa739363ff2f88a331e7fc831c8d8e6 *gd81-03-24d1t09.shn
08dbcb6358b85317826bedfc99a89f76 *gd81-03-24d2t01.shn
5988be256ab0bbe7103690a3597a7f49 *gd81-03-24d2t02.shn
7c135d44a7b8f74e80d8d58a4dd6f0b6 *gd81-03-24d2t03.shn
a2ac8ed8873d7916f3be9690a39ca9f4 *gd81-03-24d2t04.shn
14cecf30f388a56e07026b63f4f4af67 *gd81-03-24d2t05.shn
ee4fc94da581ae132599bf7df3738a79 *gd81-03-24d2t06.shn
1c1dc39d989cea6d04221abe46dc1703 *gd81-03-24d2t07.shn
58362f18292ed543abb44282e1bdc2b4 *gd81-03-24d3t01.shn
230d01b49e54898b6f43f2ede49e6aa4 *gd81-03-24d3t02.shn
6b3e74e3b337350aa14639cf15a6bea7 *gd81-03-24d3t03.shn
3e7af882440092c6460ea243eb35d508 *gd81-03-24d3t04.shn
25c13042ca03abcd61bf6f18118349f1 *gd81-03-24d3t05.shn
410cc5730e71ed7d1a7ad2434454e82f *gd81-03-24d3t06.shn
89e5f28813e6459cce5d75f4937f218f *gd81-03-24d3t07.shn
ba853be0b53286a64d8331c293de363f *gd81-03-24d3t08.shn
04cd0410f5616dc1969e1b13f6abf7cf *gd81-03-24d3t09.shn
f98e716b382b510d1450da59d0d4c736 [shntool] gd81-03-24d1t01.shn
ce9f905da37c185ee4f3f2603f7e4ff6 [shntool] gd81-03-24d1t02.shn
a00404f3e3fecd9098663ea25a5ed0a2 [shntool] gd81-03-24d1t03.shn
059df23e4d9a5238ffca0390a21f09de [shntool] gd81-03-24d1t04.shn
214cc9d494f32a59d7fd82a7c26d44cd [shntool] gd81-03-24d1t05.shn
4918c3d7b38d19c9be0dcfb2627f3918 [shntool] gd81-03-24d1t06.shn
3bac3f8d7fbcbc2a45d88fbfcff70301 [shntool] gd81-03-24d1t07.shn
b6a06857f1faad8a0c16b8c96dccd841 [shntool] gd81-03-24d1t08.shn
69a30cdcf994d8cf6d1050c2918c4ac6 [shntool] gd81-03-24d1t09.shn
efd7d180d0b0180c0c09f2831b40d070 [shntool] gd81-03-24d2t01.shn
0772a45f8872dd6f4873a197b2c8ec7a [shntool] gd81-03-24d2t02.shn
6ed0964c72839bfe0dbdd1a4cfca6376 [shntool] gd81-03-24d2t03.shn
a8b2c3839fe7f89122dd159157806b14 [shntool] gd81-03-24d2t04.shn
918efaeae257ae5ae35be23ba1058b53 [shntool] gd81-03-24d2t05.shn
88968eb0b6f12671cae46df218370f94 [shntool] gd81-03-24d2t06.shn
6064dabbb58a54a4b931416e4758eb19 [shntool] gd81-03-24d2t07.shn
4b47e206ade19ab51c0a3be3a783548d [shntool] gd81-03-24d3t01.shn
3a47d9e916b15be401652c5ac1a4b36e [shntool] gd81-03-24d3t02.shn
c29f595d83b5116a29038fc8f98ef6c0 [shntool] gd81-03-24d3t03.shn
80e98f46258ce5c5a4ad7ad3b343978d [shntool] gd81-03-24d3t04.shn
f205e2612e5ba3785d991964b59c4ea0 [shntool] gd81-03-24d3t05.shn
41fa5545dea5b3d3d7225db9612db0f7 [shntool] gd81-03-24d3t06.shn
29f85990bf71be21f0e1851af91952eb [shntool] gd81-03-24d3t07.shn
1436d40cd29b8725a1a3d778557d48ba [shntool] gd81-03-24d3t08.shn
917d249c229a1985b6b78486111d47e8 [shntool] gd81-03-24d3t09.shn

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