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Drive-By Truckers 07/13/06
Plan 9 Records, Richmond, VA
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Source Summary Multitrack soundboard recording by Bill McElroy.
Edited and compiled by Mark Lynn  
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Drive By Truckers
Plan 9 Records

Plan 9 25th Anniversary Concert and benefit for the Harvey Family Memorial

cd # 1
Tales Facing Up
One Of These Days
Easy On Yourself
Feb 14
Gravity's Gone
My Sweet Annette
Marry Me
Aftermath USA
Jay World Of Hurt Intro
A World Of Hurt

cd# 2
Why Henry Drinks
John Henry
Happy Birthday To Ross
Shut Up And Get On The Plane
Ronnie and Neil
Moonlight Mile
Let There Be Rock

cd # 3
Encores:Nine Bullets
Zip City
Goddamned Lonely Love
18 Wheels Of Love
Daddy's Cup
Decoration Day
Lookout Mountain

A classic night of DBT that will never be repeated.

Multitrack soundboard recording by Bill McElroy.
Edited and compiled by Mark Lynn ([email protected]).

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DBT 2006-07-13 d2t01.flac:877a86329787d9fa031f97ec5cd3b23a
DBT 2006-07-13 d2t02.flac:1de47548833aa911bd28e76b98f22a27
DBT 2006-07-13 d2t03.flac:a1ccb681574fcf43abc4c1712da0dd5e
DBT 2006-07-13 d2t04.flac:fb397368a884742ea8db6a36ed8c4a60
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DBT 2006-07-13 d2t06.flac:5d0e6d0e84149d06cfa65b3cd0c5fe79
DBT 2006-07-13 d2t07.flac:6dd06c7109c22d39f053717540548912
DBT 2006-07-13 d2t08.flac:62d1a629b03a31e73249cd60e4ecd881
DBT 2006-07-13 d3t01.flac:c6cea713f2fc9ba6cd87cbc6243ce928
DBT 2006-07-13 d3t02.flac:50ad26c6cb91898a8ee40e993f632bd4
DBT 2006-07-13 d3t03.flac:720c5d4c09ef2488f36760b51d0d16c4
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DBT 2006-07-13 d3t06.flac:a7677716b8375ccf7b5149d2b7e1d054
DBT 2006-07-13 d3t07.flac:1f135cb3b522597320b568f833e131eb

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