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Grateful Dead 06/27/69
Veterans Auditorium, Santa Rosa, CA
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 1 / 2
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Source Summary SBD: MR>?>Cas>CDR;Slightly modified version of David Finney's prior seed; seeded by [email protected]; To abgd via eric 
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Grateful Dead
Veterans Auditorium
Santa Rosa, CA


Disc 1
1. Slewfoot
2. Mama Tried
3. High Time
4. Dupree's Diamond Blues
5. Me and My Uncle
6. Casey Jones
7. Dire Wolf
8. Sittin' On Top Of The World
9. Big Boss Man

Disc 2
1. Dark Star >
2. St. Stephen
3. The Eleven Jam
4. Green, Green Grass of Home
5. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue

D1T7- Glitch at about 4:23
"From Good Ole San Francisco, the Good Ole Grateful Dead". This
is a very interesting tape, recorded as the band was moving from
the Live/Dead sound to the Workingman's Dead sound. Note the C&W
twang in Bob Weir's voice and the alternative arrangements in some
familiar songs. According to Deadlists, Jerry plays pedal steel
guitar on "Slewfoot" , on "Dire Wolf" (Weir on vocals!) and on
"Green Grass".

Digitized from a cassette which, reportedly,
was made by Dick Latvala.

Apparently, the original recording of "Slewfoot" had the levels set too high
for the first several seconds of the song. On the cassette, this portion
didn't appear to be saturated, but did have higher levels than the rest of
the tape. This portion was captured separately from the rest of the tape,
then spliced together later. This explains the distorted sound at the
beginning even though the average level is the same throughout. The rest of
the song is in pretty good shape, but the subsequent songs sound much

There is some tape noise in "Dire Wolf", which is sung by Bob Weir. "Baby
Blue" has an internal cut, plus it is clipped at the end.

[email protected] (w/slight mods by [email protected])

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5970bda665033ecc4dad4dbfc43ab47f *gd690627d1t01.shn
e3903dc0cdfa69c4753b57ca15384a78 *gd690627d1t02.shn
66b8bdaca0e6365687a192deda440d5e *gd690627d1t03.shn
4b28be342081991b95f290756fecc340 *gd690627d1t04.shn
9267e86717c5ee6874023901672bb897 *gd690627d1t05.shn
a30adba88b57e2b33a6a7c7c199445ce *gd690627d1t06.shn
94f12709feaa6b06a8dc5650adb13789 *gd690627d1t07.shn
c357b9f66c44fd8dc3ff22efe597a444 *gd690627d1t08.shn
4e57b5914a99d5fab6a6e3602506b9d1 *gd690627d1t09.shn
2a368a0c9a76acf298982fb8a3360b83 *gd690627d2t01.shn
0559580421c6ae4cf23ff4a6a6cd0809 *gd690627d2t02.shn
a919bccca0c7459c3fd42117e58d5cf4 *gd690627d2t03.shn
b3231d2bc1aae427a4aaa37f2107c406 *gd690627d2t04.shn
1678eca5d2e2a49b193e9948f3d496d2 *gd690627d2t05.shn
8f2a0b282ef13e5791118c6823bd6603 [shntool] gd690627d1t01.shn
08427d18d6e852a5888c440e9d5fc3d9 [shntool] gd690627d1t02.shn
9793ddf0915e69ca8cbb82df41abe59b [shntool] gd690627d1t03.shn
53214fda42a96477019dd243c1584fc8 [shntool] gd690627d1t04.shn
9f2f75f023c8ed56246e3f4aaee94f0c [shntool] gd690627d1t05.shn
2e979e59152102bc1636362762fedfad [shntool] gd690627d1t06.shn
31f42127170b5ff94e446a77d48d642c [shntool] gd690627d1t07.shn
cf1a7b3d8199095497a8ebae06cc85ec [shntool] gd690627d1t08.shn
5a7cadffdae00a6189b7336f78bf911a [shntool] gd690627d1t09.shn
2fc8c68b4f292f07de6ae4d991576c16 [shntool] gd690627d2t01.shn
6274dfc40dba90341a7ed3be67e6ca77 [shntool] gd690627d2t02.shn
897394cd4132c8e3d2b32723004fcde1 [shntool] gd690627d2t03.shn
569f4a6a0e71a3bb6d116caacb73de72 [shntool] gd690627d2t04.shn
8eef42ca229683d51a65b8051ce9b2ba [shntool] gd690627d2t05.shn

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