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Gov't Mule 03/14/99
Ludlow's, Columbus, OH
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Source Summary Unknown Mic>TDK Electric Console Recorder> Aiwa XC-RW700>EAC>Nero Wave editor(track splits)> Flac 
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Govt Mule
Columbus Ohio
March 14, 1999

Master Recording- First time to CD.

Unknown Mic>TDK Electric Console Recorder>
Aiwa XC-RW700>EAC>Nero Wave editor(track splits)>

This was recorded on my Home Console tape
recorder that I gave to my friend Dan so
that he could record this gig. Unfortunatly,
since he was "piggy-backing", I've no idea
what type of Mic was used. Not even sure
which TDK deck I sent him with. Sorry for
the lack of detail, but this is a bona-fide
I edited the very few tape cuts out, to make this a
bit more continual. The great thing about
those TDK decks was that BOTH sides recorded,
so you could simultaniously end one tape and
start another. Therefore there is barely any
time missing, as there were no actual "flips"
to make.
I hope you enjoy!

101.Mule>I've Been Workin'>Mule
102.Monkey Hill>She's So Heavy jam
103.Thorazine Shuffle
104.Mr. Big
105.She Said She Said>
106.Tomorrow Never Knows jam
107.Devil Likes It Slow
108.Blue Jean Blues
109.Kind Of Bird

201.Presence Of The Lord
202.Wandering Child
203.Lay Your Burden Down
204.Blind Man in the Dark>
205.Drums>Blind Man in the Dark


206.32-20 Blues *
207.Smokestack Lightning *

* w/Derek Trucks on guitar

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Mule Columbus 3-14-99 Track101-fixed.flac:2f6cdae00db6dfee5ed50f495801f459
Mule Columbus 3-14-99 Track102-fixed.flac:03040fe2aa050ee0e1d2fd63cdb7a5cf
Mule Columbus 3-14-99 Track103-fixed.flac:e9818be6368bd653c4a5faac61595875
Mule Columbus 3-14-99 Track104-fixed.flac:d7c1079703c5b18c607979fc099434f4
Mule Columbus 3-14-99 Track105-fixed.flac:dd031edd66c2fde6fee97d09c3be35af
Mule Columbus 3-14-99 Track106-fixed.flac:07640c2e2fe5e3430171da334c9511c1
Mule Columbus 3-14-99 Track107-fixed.flac:47412f0c6d947a11711654a970c651ff
Mule Columbus 3-14-99 Track108-fixed.flac:a028039834381a729fe86a6c1b248ab7
Mule Columbus 3-14-99 Track109-fixed.flac:3fbbbda06c511241ef44c4b3cd9a47f0
Mule Columbus 3-14-99 Track201-fixed.flac:1e91eab84d2a481146b90f4983c9ef2f
Mule Columbus 3-14-99 Track202-fixed.flac:5ab46d63c64bf0cce675cceb1eb55395
Mule Columbus 3-14-99 Track203-fixed.flac:9ac1b1a4713b9f6b2239426361080d5f
Mule Columbus 3-14-99 Track204-fixed.flac:7e90fd62736460e5af4e4500a91d3e95
Mule Columbus 3-14-99 Track205-fixed.flac:9919b79288b531ba795e77550ffe8d05
Mule Columbus 3-14-99 Track206-fixed.flac:d58640aff8bb92f576af2c06b5951f86
Mule Columbus 3-14-99 Track207-fixed.flac:cf2e8c893407714901f491ed21646ea8

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