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Grateful Dead 02/09/73
Roscoe Maples Pavilion, Stanford, Palo Alto, CA
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary MR 2 Track Reel > 7.5 IPS 1/4 tack dolby B reel > DAT > Sonic Solutions > CDR; via D Finney; Seeded to etree by Popi; Note- This is another eac of the same original Finney seed discs according to Popi 
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Grateful Dead
Maples Pavilion
Stanford University
Palo Alto, CA

MR 2 Track Reel > 7.5 IPS 1/4 tack dolby B reel > DAT > Sonic Solutions > CDR
Some cuts between tracks
Note that there were many technical failures during this show including loss of all tweeters on the first note of "Promised". "Casey Jones" has alot of distortion.

Disc 1
Set 1
1. The Promised Land
2. Row Jimmy
3. Black Throated Wind
4. Deal
5. Me And My Uncle
6. Stage Chatter
7. Sugaree
8. Looks Like Rain
9. Loose Lucy
10. Beer Barrel Polka
11. Mexicali Blues
12. Brown Eyed Women
13. El Paso
14. Here Comes Sunshine

Disc 2
Set 1, cont.
1. Playing In The Band
Set 2
2. Wavy Gravy chatter
3. China Cat Sunflower >
4. I Know You Rider
5. Jack Straw
6. Dead battery
7. They Love Each Other
8. Truckin' >
9. Eyes Of The World >
10. China Doll 6:00

Disc 3
Set 2, cont.
1. Big River
2. Ramble On Rose
3. Box Of Rain
4. Wave That Flag
5. Sugar Magnolia
6. Uncle John's Band
7. Around And Around
8. Casey Jones

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Show Checksums
ec648812f5142bb604bcc5e2b415a1a7 *GD73-02-09D1T01.shn
9cbb220ac1770ad366a932f1620afdca *GD73-02-09D1T02.shn
6b9ad62805eba6866e542edff17434ca *GD73-02-09D1T03.shn
31763401329b71edc884acaafd488686 *GD73-02-09D1T04.shn
a2452b3ae8349101d53915be4e79d947 *GD73-02-09D1T05.shn
d844496334b44203cf3ef13060d69d09 *GD73-02-09D1T06.shn
33038f167635fc413d4415e42f93d8f4 *GD73-02-09D1T07.shn
07c9d626448900b059b93b145f3cc74a *GD73-02-09D1T08.shn
b7b0b3fc9bb89963c4f7f67204883d03 *GD73-02-09D1T09.shn
06214098fe5a5fb67474c2f40764796e *GD73-02-09D1T10.shn
be115ca8b1d1af4692da7d89ebad805a *GD73-02-09D1T11.shn
d00da6a4c36b215fcabdf0c165897415 *GD73-02-09D1T12.shn
749fcd658e216f03c3783ddeea4a28d8 *GD73-02-09D1T13.shn
2b8bed6b4aba23549ff8543c4168ed29 *GD73-02-09D1T14.shn
a66fd5e30b22232f7bc6dc4a3fbe00d9 *GD73-02-09D2T01.shn
af8dfe7ffeaa87fcbf468187e039a4b4 *GD73-02-09D2T02.shn
7f4ea75976da412cca2dfdb5915746e8 *GD73-02-09D2T03.shn
757f902f8b5c522498a894e6e14cf1ba *GD73-02-09D2T04.shn
79d7d95aec9226bfb345dc6132a036cc *GD73-02-09D2T05.shn
dd20f225bf506d7e4a7ee1fe08338cb3 *GD73-02-09D2T06.shn
5c9486b8871c1c5fa0841321c7865c5c *GD73-02-09D2T07.shn
9255de4368c3747ce2ceb4a53bbfbe38 *GD73-02-09D2T08.shn
813a080be0fed040ae37a7c339ecfdfd *GD73-02-09D2T09.shn
237d4fa91c7303b6e28d9e78a262a1c5 *GD73-02-09D2T10.shn
8c46b777d1ea86debe40a2c0fdf815b2 *GD73-02-09D3T01.shn
1378279e21a6e5831af8841c26e27726 *GD73-02-09D3T02.shn
f6f66510fe393ef58f5a0cd6a2719d83 *GD73-02-09D3T03.shn
976e0493918ee6ed20b9ad8a1c344f76 *GD73-02-09D3T04.shn
8d0815f6f7eb85e54a9231d280d9611c *GD73-02-09D3T05.shn
29751f41a64118c23d4e5b6dbea119fd *GD73-02-09D3T06.shn
889d3379e9f0d85fe7db4001616887af *GD73-02-09D3T07.shn
593c0db99f481e48cb33a72dafc67789 *GD73-02-09D3T08.shn
9dafb697f2854a5655f2f7ec69c1ec25 [shntool] GD73-02-09D1T01.shn
3b5be89df5e4bf19bd21fcbd2cb1d2fe [shntool] GD73-02-09D1T02.shn
3f35d28ea6da7968755296116ddfc78b [shntool] GD73-02-09D1T03.shn
d015c6c8d1c69fcdb07a29703ca5d807 [shntool] GD73-02-09D1T04.shn
42a4dc1c61bac1970357ed9e42d0695c [shntool] GD73-02-09D1T05.shn
d30f881736c726edcd9747e07e617dc4 [shntool] GD73-02-09D1T06.shn
d467dc17c9e3313df90c9a1c040d3798 [shntool] GD73-02-09D1T07.shn
f9b38133d33ea06f6c7cb6ba12e43fba [shntool] GD73-02-09D1T08.shn
97ba66a2e51ea4cda68fb6acbead6187 [shntool] GD73-02-09D1T09.shn
01ab2b9268fb37f871e2e8539c7e9104 [shntool] GD73-02-09D1T10.shn
a068e09f796c1d30f9cc998f9d0ca721 [shntool] GD73-02-09D1T11.shn
f40d6cdf960e8f2eb8411f370dd82ee1 [shntool] GD73-02-09D1T12.shn
d8594d328ed51e3c3f7f09d1957e67f2 [shntool] GD73-02-09D1T13.shn
361bdf4d50bf2fc58914c0e2e58b80da [shntool] GD73-02-09D1T14.shn
06237262c1e261cb8bc6f982c9057c01 [shntool] GD73-02-09D2T01.shn
e959162d1450e4a25472d9f1163437be [shntool] GD73-02-09D2T02.shn
a4114e6f3c4223f8ad37d22a5e86088f [shntool] GD73-02-09D2T03.shn
bb525a463e64e5e74f70c1f62e53055f [shntool] GD73-02-09D2T04.shn
af0c7129e899a39e7881d814d6db5641 [shntool] GD73-02-09D2T05.shn
8f34c2e3ffd6257f958132a76c64031f [shntool] GD73-02-09D2T06.shn
e12eb0570bb36c4882624c4a97823a8f [shntool] GD73-02-09D2T07.shn
ad24a152a95ad9cc1b914d100a8eabc6 [shntool] GD73-02-09D2T08.shn
dec3138e0ef62ce372b9d677fb11830a [shntool] GD73-02-09D2T09.shn
5a2c8b80aa5464f54118d7ff81d67d39 [shntool] GD73-02-09D2T10.shn
138ae5d54c5fafc74e737503e7786592 [shntool] GD73-02-09D3T01.shn
253c34b719a779eff88bd1ff60beab28 [shntool] GD73-02-09D3T02.shn
718185ff41273c907ecdb8f7fd401fa5 [shntool] GD73-02-09D3T03.shn
06defc4158b398ca332999b419bf142c [shntool] GD73-02-09D3T04.shn
8fdf987b3051d2ceb39274be444540b7 [shntool] GD73-02-09D3T05.shn
3bda1ebfc6080ae52a9f9c87defde817 [shntool] GD73-02-09D3T06.shn
0c544e8b9a35ff6411a067e8c93b9aee [shntool] GD73-02-09D3T07.shn
1476dafcc1115ef00aa30d80623dbf84 [shntool] GD73-02-09D3T08.shn

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SBD> MR> R> DAT> CD; Show... (3) Jay Ashley (Bertha)... (1) S : MR > R > DAT > SS > CDR... (2) flac16; Recording... (0) flac24; Recording... (0) flac16;... (2)
Date User Comment
07/10/2002 Tom Snider, Jr. popi is correct...this is another eac of the same original Finney seed disc