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Drive-By Truckers 03/27/08
The Fillmore @ TLA, Philadelphia, PA
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Entered by Kyle pike
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Source Summary [16 Bit] DPA 4022 > SD722 (Tom Huster) 
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Drive By Truckers
The Filmore at the TLA
Philadelphia, PA

DPA(B&K) 4022s -> SD722 -> Wavelab 5 -> CD Wave (tracking) -> FLAC
FOB, DFC - Clamped to lower part of railing on the balcony
Recorded and transfered by Tom Huster ([email protected])

cd # 1
Goodesfield Road
A Ghost To Most
Righteous Path
Where The Devil Don't Stay
Ronnie and Neil
3 Dimes Down
The Company I Keep
Plastic Flowers On The Highway
Women Without Whiskey
I'm Sorry Huston
Uncle Frank
2 Daughters And A Wife
Daddy Needs A Drink
Lisa's Birthday

cd # 2
The Living Bubba
Self Destructive Zones
Dead, Drunk and Naked
Guitar Man Upstairs
Puttin' People On The Moon

Marry Me
Let There Be Rock
Lookout Mountain
State  Trooper>

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dbt2008-03-27 TLA d1t01.flac:de2c8156bf08394aedaefbd15f59e3f9
dbt2008-03-27 TLA d1t14.flac:47c30118a19d0f372c6457bb1c2e4da7
dbt2008-03-27 TLA d1t02.flac:3339c5bba958b7b127970654a8315ceb
dbt2008-03-27 TLA d1t03.flac:b61cb4cf959e51c9d2ad4028aa059800
dbt2008-03-27 TLA d1t04.flac:d363bb3ff1464f8df0e3a01e2113092e
dbt2008-03-27 TLA d1t05.flac:1e564837dc779b50ab6e0dbf867ec6ed
dbt2008-03-27 TLA d1t06.flac:3c32ada40e4f0dfaa9c36a6dfa291c48
dbt2008-03-27 TLA d1t07.flac:7ddb43045bee0e3fea4dd6eba586b0e5
dbt2008-03-27 TLA d1t08.flac:75cfa834937d85f5ab43e6abfc697f8e
dbt2008-03-27 TLA d1t09.flac:d61fcf95ad870648a61b6ff925f32b34
dbt2008-03-27 TLA d1t10.flac:3901d6a5c014548369593620140842b7
dbt2008-03-27 TLA d1t11.flac:70a8007d9187373221e24b7aed37f5f0
dbt2008-03-27 TLA d1t12.flac:0f40a95cd6ed8843d8755bf3bf0c1d55
dbt2008-03-27 TLA d1t13.flac:baa0672c3a6678b5ef10097a7bd96db0
dbt2008-03-27 TLA d1t15.flac:3488a93cda6b7a3ca10ea7ca3f04776d
dbt2008-03-27 TLA d1t16.flac:0931a6a721280b20f8349c4be74913aa
dbt2008-03-27 TLA d2t01.flac:d4b2957ca5fe02350b1c0b556fa77c54
dbt2008-03-27 TLA d2t02.flac:11cf0cb1cff20b89907e6543c5d3842a
dbt2008-03-27 TLA d2t03.flac:7e0d5671a72689b2cef77ef9d1445663
dbt2008-03-27 TLA d2t04.flac:d8da89ad5184ccf98439037c553d1110
dbt2008-03-27 TLA d2t05.flac:a0cd5b2659ca427113c58707469cd235
dbt2008-03-27 TLA d2t06.flac:8956275465b371e3c3a36ac16cf54e95
dbt2008-03-27 TLA d2t07.flac:42b82e1c76fed949ae189941ae091a3b
dbt2008-03-27 TLA d2t08.flac:fc2b0e0d5a4716da8e8faab7d0d72361
dbt2008-03-27 TLA d2t09.flac:8425087f23b1f6443c29ef2c58f9b0a6

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