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Ween 09/01/09
Fox Theatre, Pomona, CA
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Entered by Greg Yurkovic
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Source Summary flac16: JW Mod AKG 460/mk46/ck1x (DIN) > EAA psp-2 > 722 > Firewire > Samplitude SE v8 > CD Wave 1.94.8 > 24bit/48kHz > 16bit/44.1kHz > FLAC 
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September 1, 2009
Fox Theater
Pomona, CA

Source: JW Mod AKG 460/mk46/ck1x  (DIN) > EAA psp-2 > 722
Location: DFC 30' from stage - directly behind Floor/SBD ~ 7' high
Transfer: 722 > Firewire > Samplitude SE v8 > CD Wave 1.94.8
Lineage: 24bit/48kHz > 16bit/44.1kHz > FLAC (Level 8)
Editing: Samplitude: Resampled to 44.1kHz (Ultra High 2)
Waves L2: Threshold:  -2
Dither to 16bit (IDR Type 1 Normal)
CDWave: Tracking
FLAC Frontend: FLAC Conversions (Level 8)
Foobar2000: Live Show Tagger: Tagging

Taped and Edited by Mikey Jones (terrapinj AT

-One Set-


01  intro
02  Dancing in the Show Tonight
03  Mister Would You Please Help My Pony
04  I Can't Put My Finger On It
05  Touch my Tooter
06  Stroker Ace
07  Marble Tulip Juicy Tree
08  Back To Basom
09  Now I'm Freakin Out
10  Learin to Live
11  Transdermal Celebration
12  Dr. Rock
13  Mr. Richard Smoker
14  Wavin My Dick In The Wind
15  Woman and Man
16  Object
17  Buckingham Green


01  Birthday Boy*
02  Mollusk*
03  Mutilated Lips*
04  Tried and True*
05  Help Me Scrape The Mucus Off My Brain*
06  I Don't Want It
07  I Gots A Weasel
08  Bananas and Blow
09  Powder Blue
10  The Enabler
11  Put The Coke On My Dick
12  Gabrielle
13  Don't Laugh I Love You**
14  Ocean Man
15  Pandy Fackler
16  Roses Are Free



01  crowd
02  Your Party
03  The HIV Song
04  Fiesta
05  Piss Up A Rope
06  Spinal Meningitis
07  Licking the Palm For Guava >
08  Mushroom Festival In Hell

* acoustic
** Dean on bass, Gene on Dean's guitar
Show Checksums
2bf90ce784a8470986f668aaf0484de3 *ween2009-09-01d1t01.flac
81189418d54c1ce2bd6536776269435d *ween2009-09-01d1t02.flac
1c4a2ec3bc2c4feb20105955387cd52a *ween2009-09-01d1t03.flac
6967119fd81d8084d07a1376feedfcad *ween2009-09-01d1t04.flac
5031a77c37d2b2e668c95f908bc6ed49 *ween2009-09-01d1t05.flac
b5b82a3a00be4f1ca220c185c2b7652b *ween2009-09-01d1t06.flac
c4abdb282ede7f35b833120e25620ac8 *ween2009-09-01d1t07.flac
d9d7e50094bb85d20f22daeab519157d *ween2009-09-01d1t08.flac
3fb1f67def8277f300d3abcf39963c0e *ween2009-09-01d1t09.flac
a36415728e6e40c5b4bbd1da3786c096 *ween2009-09-01d1t10.flac
c50f5ad83724137e722329ee07ab5bc0 *ween2009-09-01d1t11.flac
a4606e041ed193c7c99cd2adc1975426 *ween2009-09-01d1t12.flac
f19566a3da4a838ffbec7784c746b2e4 *ween2009-09-01d1t13.flac
ddd5cabc7a0d0a3eac117224b1e44409 *ween2009-09-01d1t14.flac
d908085a313ae35303a7018a31344ccb *ween2009-09-01d1t15.flac
c5a1ff3cd6517a590034bbeae938c37f *ween2009-09-01d1t16.flac
f9d00ea9eec31874bc80a0b69cfabde6 *ween2009-09-01d1t17.flac
545f43ceae6b69606867c11a36ed6612 *ween2009-09-01d2t01.flac
dd7817f5e138f72e58ca07e12b5cb9d0 *ween2009-09-01d2t02.flac
a271c8daa4352caacf76e1c84e74ba43 *ween2009-09-01d2t03.flac
d58c67228a7a192858877d252e1d8b04 *ween2009-09-01d2t04.flac
dd42b5809b71b80d9452ca2fa62a071d *ween2009-09-01d2t05.flac
d6ac2d5518ad9525a6d080cbcf6cad9a *ween2009-09-01d2t06.flac
7f2d6afbf3f7ce7d6e805156c55fc717 *ween2009-09-01d2t07.flac
eeb736b65cb897b62cb3faec91eabc87 *ween2009-09-01d2t08.flac
839baaa5e58a0dc71c7f4cf516f097b2 *ween2009-09-01d2t09.flac
2c9d93ff311175e5a82928984c4cd152 *ween2009-09-01d2t10.flac
5497a439450ebd26afc636fefe9a9993 *ween2009-09-01d2t11.flac
ec2a817101e3aedb0d69f9273799776d *ween2009-09-01d2t12.flac
4301faec58267da8a4790b2cb66e8c1b *ween2009-09-01d2t13.flac
27ffb4d91a26adcaef24bdbc346bdc35 *ween2009-09-01d2t14.flac
3564e10baea3bebdf3c733a33d253e3d *ween2009-09-01d2t15.flac
7405921d18169dd3cf378af6e6602a6d *ween2009-09-01d2t16.flac
bb1b3fa1e802d5fb6232f4144bf24eb6 *ween2009-09-01d3t01.flac
661451c7dcae08f0d8425a1c816e23f4 *ween2009-09-01d3t02.flac
caec8e029650e81caf19902ae2a704e4 *ween2009-09-01d3t03.flac
b840e48c6ed692bb6a366c3ba5f9fe98 *ween2009-09-01d3t04.flac
8fec59bf53fc933c15e68b4df3a56a1f *ween2009-09-01d3t05.flac
b9aa2201c9b634d53f32ec9b0c200472 *ween2009-09-01d3t06.flac
ebcc8591de3df5e87de46aa322f35499 *ween2009-09-01d3t07.flac
297986eceefe4d0a3dcbc3899dc23b6d *ween2009-09-01d3t08.flac

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