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Les Claypool's Fearless Flying Frog Brigade 03/21/09
Riviera Theatre, Chicago, IL
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Entered by Matt Vernon
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Source Summary ***24bit*** Info: schoeps mk4\'s (ortf, roc, 7ft high)>nbox+>v3>mtII @ 24/48 Transfer: cf>usb>hd>cdwav>tlh 
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Date: 03/21/2009
City: Chicago, IL
Venue: The Riviera Theater

Info:  schoeps mk4\'s (ortf, roc, 7ft high)>nbox+>v3>mtII @ 24/48

Transfer:  cf>usb>hd>cdwav>tlh

Band Lineup:

Les Claypool - Bass, Mike Dillon - Percussion, Sam Bass - Cello, Paulo Baldi - Drums


t01:  Buzzards of Green Hill
t02:  Amanitas
t03:  Duchess and the Proverbial Mind Spread
t04:  Red State Girl
t05:  Russian Dance*
t06:  Booneville Stomp
t07:  Drums
t08:  Mushroom Men
t09:  Of Whales and Woe
t10:  Cosmic Highway
t11:  Up on the Roof
t12:  crowd/encore break
t13:  les talking
t14:  Iowan Gal**
t15:  D\'s Diner

General Notes about this show:

Devotchka, Saul Williams, Secret Chiefs 3 opening

* w/fiddle player from devotchka
** les solo on bass banjo

I have seeded a 24 and 16 bit copy of this show.  setlist is from toasterland, but that setlist is missing iowan gal.

Show Checksums

c55542d6d9d8d38c5f598fb1efe6a6cb *claypool2009-03-21t01.flac
738ab7d9a99d1ac1db00edd7d7acef96 *claypool2009-03-21t02.flac
e6cf2f9b267bad5418bcd170358b89b6 *claypool2009-03-21t03.flac
994813def8ef01ea312d5e6f04ebf751 *claypool2009-03-21t04.flac
10ad76bd445e6d12ed29098a6dd91c85 *claypool2009-03-21t05.flac
814b9c8c53b3f2b83b1d75bc16274ef2 *claypool2009-03-21t06.flac
8df19ccb3f762caa718ed2445e7b15fd *claypool2009-03-21t07.flac
f6b2ce3ef507f8c2bf74969fc54c14bb *claypool2009-03-21t08.flac
296b31d94ab1fd5122815a6ebc237364 *claypool2009-03-21t09.flac
0115a4cea6661f3de60b425522145991 *claypool2009-03-21t10.flac
5e9ded83d4abdc2b48635e4c411a788d *claypool2009-03-21t11.flac
31c8c190e1437545c55ed7474c88c327 *claypool2009-03-21t12.flac
69e8ad96c9698aa15bad3272110e3657 *claypool2009-03-21t13.flac
973889f55d0f6d30aaa7d612d3f056f4 *claypool2009-03-21t14.flac
80269001d08fd1a49bc6bcd246ce7b81 *claypool2009-03-21t15.flac

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