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KVHW 12/10/99
The State Theatre, Falls Church, VA
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Entered by Alan Dorchak
Checksums All
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary {onstage} AKG C61 > DAP-1 (DAT); Transfer: Tascam DA-20MKII (DAT) > WAV via Lucid PCI24 > CDWav > SHN [no DAE] 
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State Theatre
Falls Church, VA

Source:  AKG 61's on stage->DAP1->DAT->Tascam DA-20mk II->Lucid PCI24 digital soundcard->CDWav->SHN
DAT transfer & SHN encoding by Syd Schwartz on July 11, 2001

Disc One (Set One)

1. Africa
2. Cissy Strut
3. Same World
4. Slumber
5. Shotgun House->
6. Mr. Potato Head

Disc Two

1. In Time
----Set Two----
2. City of Tiny Lites
3. Ring Around the Moon
4. "Virginia Bong Song"
5. 5 B4 Funk
6. Footprints

Disc Three

1. Teeny Weeny Bit
2. Point Of No Return
3. Bad Hair
4. Spanish Castle Magic
5. Crowd
6. Encore: Hillbillies on PCP

Show Checksums
472952f6b7a8fd217b84ed7153a7cdec *kvhw1999-12-10d1t1.shn
b0380b543c2a3cd016b413f4d3951eb8 *kvhw1999-12-10d1t2.shn
7fdd2da92d60878aa459e79d37f27a43 *kvhw1999-12-10d1t3.shn
7e0b4e2155a856ffdeb5d0445c73a6d2 *kvhw1999-12-10d1t4.shn
7ace18720d2911ba1a145cea5a5c45df *kvhw1999-12-10d1t5.shn
bbb31b5e14c454a25c0e6b3ee084cbb6 *kvhw1999-12-10d1t6.shn
3f1747cc3edfd4cd46c4ddb71e91edda *kvhw1999-12-10d2t1.shn
a4ed9f714d0f906008830e5d87c1f2ce *kvhw1999-12-10d2t2.shn
18bba95db845d292e8378064b2381ad8 *kvhw1999-12-10d2t3.shn
5beb6716d0cb09a2a6dc203a8ad3cf8b *kvhw1999-12-10d2t4.shn
f433644b062734485f53ebef9f1a65e6 *kvhw1999-12-10d2t5.shn
e6cb112ba68563afd9b118dcfd9423c4 *kvhw1999-12-10d2t6.shn
6cef4a830f7bb03ea2a14950c877c969 *kvhw1999-12-10d3t1.shn
e61a42dadca7a9b53ca101809f989cb4 *kvhw1999-12-10d3t2.shn
1d9ef04ab84450cbcbbb7a53408e71a9 *kvhw1999-12-10d3t3.shn
4bcd5106d7c4ce1b6e08a9ab61fd6de2 *kvhw1999-12-10d3t4.shn
fcb3e79cb95a1e72b392bae8529949ce *kvhw1999-12-10d3t5.shn
b86d42f9e8d55c1e6899a29992cbe246 *kvhw1999-12-10d3t6.shn

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