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Wilco 08/04/08
Whitelies Lawn at White River State Park, Indianapolis, IN
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Entered by Jeff Thomas
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Source Summary CSB mikes -> Sony D8 DAT -> wav -> flac 
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Whitelies Lawn at White River State Park

Indianapolis, IN, USA


lineage: CSB mikes -> Sony D8 DAT -> wav -> flac -> DIME
Upped by igaines at Dime A Dozen

1 Via Chicago
2 Side with the Seeds
3 You Are my Face
4 One Wing (new song)
5 I Am Trying to Break Your Heart
6 Remember the Nountain Bed
7 Company in my Back
8 Handshake Drugs
9 Pot Kettle Black
10 Impossible Germany
11 Forget the Flowers
12 Jesus Etc.
13 Sunny Feeling (new song)
14 Walken

1 I'm the Man Who Loves You
2 Spiders (Kidsmoke)
3 audience (encore break)
4 Hate it Here
5 Heavy Metal Drummer
6 Shot in the Arm
7 Casino Queen
8 Hoodoo Voodoo
9 audience (2nd encore brak)
10 Monday
11 Outta Mind Outta Sight

a somehat buggy outdoor venue, Jeff complained several
times about bugs flying into his mouth, at one point
even borrowing some bug spray from the audience and
spraying aroung the stage
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41f73dfaee118ae0960ab57716335976 *Wilco20080804D1T01.flac
0025fb3a4b483ec830da759096bc4017 *Wilco20080804D1T02.flac
d0d889472b483bb4e7a9b00403154f2f *Wilco20080804D1T03.flac
61b560c2d726908f5453ca68e6172db8 *Wilco20080804D1T04.flac
c6f598bd9a5d35c7a8b12af3029bddb1 *Wilco20080804D1T05.flac
dd8ae48ca1b3b2d76d7922b450bbffe2 *Wilco20080804D1T06.flac
d26e9b399a5a3f3b98f7cd5b5040bc25 *Wilco20080804D1T07.flac
aab34255dd843050eb400226c787ffdc *Wilco20080804D1T08.flac
32a98289158e7528cd1b077cdf6f3466 *Wilco20080804D1T09.flac
30398280c5b6969b2d4df31a4d3d98e3 *Wilco20080804D1T10.flac
5cb1d1fed092f16dfac8081bbe90004f *Wilco20080804D1T11.flac
ce124adc1c0f0c12fff59c8bbac346f1 *Wilco20080804D1T12.flac
3aaad0d54e0f1fcb29748a258025c416 *Wilco20080804D1T13.flac
2123d4ac9e1a6541313ced56e0b3bb4a *Wilco20080804D1T14.flac
e0a830e04831bf269b200b2cd4b07a22 *Wilco20080804D2T01.flac
e584461e3b806338881ca8fe3745700a *Wilco20080804D2T02.flac
479727a3e0d163cc3c60f5fd75c89f69 *Wilco20080804D2T03.flac
62660b0d6692509b95c9de91ca9e1e02 *Wilco20080804D2T04.flac
8508036d65cd57cd6be70111f0929e63 *Wilco20080804D2T05.flac
765232c97d4e9bfc52dcb3cbeb54e42c *Wilco20080804D2T06.flac
3b38cbac55cdd9138a080bdc63206e3e *Wilco20080804D2T07.flac
4766d6f51ad02de2bd483f64634f0e0e *Wilco20080804D2T08.flac
02f46dd0900ee12f66a1bfeac47c9b00 *Wilco20080804D2T09.flac
d487e02327546df0c17321e21529fd76 *Wilco20080804D2T10.flac
4034548602413e1b1551c50c85ec9573 *Wilco20080804D2T11.flac

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