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Wilco 02/27/08
9:30 Club, Washington, DC
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Entered by Jeff Thomas
Checksums ffp
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Source Summary B&K4022(xy)>V2>744T @ 24/48>wavelab 6.01b(fades/resample/UV22)>flac 
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February 27, 2008
9:30 Club
Washington DC

**16 bit source**

Source: B&K4022(xy)>V2>744T @ 24/48
Transfer: 744T>wavelab 6.01b(fades/resample/UV22)>flac
Taped & transferred by John Paradiso

One Set:
Disc One:
01 Intro
02 Sunken Treasure
03 Remember The Mountain Bed
04 Company In My Back
05 You Are My Face
06 Side With The Seeds
07 She's A Jar
08 Shot In The Arm
09 Nothing'severgonnastandinmyway (Again)
10 Handshake Drugs
11 Pot Kettle Black
12 Roses Bloom Again
13 Impossible Germany
14 Its Just That Simple
15 Someday Soon
16 Box Full Of Letters

Disc Two:
01 I'm Always In Love
02 Pieholden Suite*
03 Jesus, Etc.
04 Hate It Here*
05 Walken*
06 I'm The Man Who Loves You*
07 Hummingbird
08 On And On
09 pre-encore crowd
Encore 1:
10 Via Chicago
11 California Stars
12 pre-encore crowd
Encore 2:
13 Casino Queen
14 I'm A Wheel
15 Monday*

w/ Total Pros Horns
Show Checksums

wilco2008-02-27d1t01 Intro.flac:429f5481dc1cb1f34768cf89cf221439
wilco2008-02-27d1t02 Sunken Treasure.flac:583bd6c6a8a8e5e09c3a79859735c3f0
wilco2008-02-27d1t03 Remember The Mountain Bed.flac:4cfdf31ac90c5cda4765353632f681cd
wilco2008-02-27d1t04 Company In My Back.flac:be517b689d25f8139624dc7b35e5a8c0
wilco2008-02-27d1t05 You Are My Face.flac:5314d2874cac2839558bce1a9448d3b5
wilco2008-02-27d1t06 Side With The Seeds.flac:3f2c97c0d47952286ec4b9bf06a2ff54
wilco2008-02-27d1t07 She's A Jar.flac:e7464c57f64bd2b462af7ef6a2b67b34
wilco2008-02-27d1t08 Shot In The Arm.flac:0ecbde8a73a0640dde6b19f28dffa1bf
wilco2008-02-27d1t09 nothingsevergonnastandinmyway (Again).flac:10bc6b72995be13fd6f4423360d70146
wilco2008-02-27d1t10 Handshake Drugs.flac:dedd16737ad04fa62f5ef54398105bf3
wilco2008-02-27d1t11 Pot Kettle Black.flac:563962a9cf98599b31ab0a85a136e0b7
wilco2008-02-27d1t12 When The Roses Bloom Again.flac:96140b405c2ff2b37b9bff2cad61abf7
wilco2008-02-27d1t13 Impossible Germany.flac:e51c49d6921642f175d401f58119c732
wilco2008-02-27d1t14 It's Just That Simple.flac:202a6cc0d2254ac7dc4a7cc8d86a3870
wilco2008-02-27d1t15 Someday Soon.flac:252fe73637d329f1cfed458cc52a5357
wilco2008-02-27d1t16 Box Full of Letters.flac:eec83b219156e869728302ac4fbb15c4
wilco2008-02-27d2t01 I'm Always In Love.flac:6e21617935e8ba93a3e31d1347f9c4d0
wilco2008-02-27d2t02 Pieholden Suite.flac:f845a1939142a7b020b7702b0a73af2e
wilco2008-02-27d2t03 Jesus - Etc.flac:14530947d22ab06ff76ad583f779542c
wilco2008-02-27d2t04 Hate It Here.flac:74bf73e0bab0072d0cf0567b42a5fb70
wilco2008-02-27d2t05 Walken.flac:a68090ee07f50aec253242fdf4399983
wilco2008-02-27d2t06 I'm The Man Who Loves You.flac:e8a5403c59f197d334e7fe6b0f64ebb6
wilco2008-02-27d2t07 Hummingbird.flac:c253dc4d92f101b34d4adca57096008a
wilco2008-02-27d2t08 On and On and On.flac:8d5d1481754354e39e991b5c6489dfd3
wilco2008-02-27d2t09 pre-encore crowd.flac:3a96f9b30f23bf1da6fb3e50b906c571
wilco2008-02-27d2t10 Via Chicago.flac:59c15a0440bf85623587d2297e5ffd29
wilco2008-02-27d2t11 California Stars.flac:94dfb0dd764bad27a27e63a1b43b7052
wilco2008-02-27d2t12 pre-encore crowd.flac:e4131fe3d0aeb855b6e485457e273183
wilco2008-02-27d2t13 Casino Queen.flac:6bbeb851743058f4c0d33a87806b6116
wilco2008-02-27d2t14 I'm A Wheel.flac:9e1af57ef979be94213b91167f755aaa
wilco2008-02-27d2t15 Monday.flac:e176086cbe99d4fa152bc9865f160360

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