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Wilco 02/19/08
Riviera Theatre, Chicago, IL
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Entered by Jeff Thomas
Checksums ffp
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Neumann AK40's (NOS Kwon Bar) > LC3 Active Cables > KM100's > AETA PSP3 > Sound Devices 744t > Compactflash Card > Sandisk Card Reader > Adobe Audition > CD Wave Editor > FLAC Frontend  
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February 19th, 2008
Riviera Theatre
Chicago, IL

Taper: John Dewey ([email protected])
Uploader: John Dewey ([email protected])

Source: Neumann AK40's (NOS Kwon Bar) > LC3 Active Cables > KM100's > AETA PSP3 > Sound Devices 744t

Conversion: Compactflash Card > Sandisk Card Reader > Adobe Audition > CD Wave Editor > FLAC Frontend



01. Introduction
02. Outta Mind (Outta Site)
03. I Must Be High
04. Impossible Germany
05. Radio Cure
06. Leave Me Like You Found Me (live debut)
07. Company In My Back
08. Handshake Drugs
09. War On War
10. Shake It Off
11. Summerteeth
12. In A Future Age
13. ELT
14. A Shot In The Arm
15. Poor Places
16. Reservations
17. Spiders (kidsmoke)
18. On And On And On


19. Hotel Arizona
20. Too Far Apart
21. Was I In Your Dreams? (w/ horns)
22. Misunderstood
23. Someday Soon
24. California Stars
25. Hate It Here (w/ horns)
26. The Thanks I Get (w/ horns)
27. Walken (w/horns)
28. I'm The Man Who Loves You (w/ horns)
29. I'm A Wheel (w/ horns)
30. Kingpin
31. Outta Site (Outta Mind)


32. Encore Break (applause)
33. The Late Greats

You will most likely have to split this recording among three CD's, even though the total running time will fit on two CD's, due to the way the show is laid out.

Show Checksums

Set One\wilco2008-02-19one-16bit01.flac:458a0bf8c55ef2f9119d62f9c59b1b32
Set One\wilco2008-02-19one-16bit02.flac:8da98d8ebfa501006fca46b25b53da82
Set One\wilco2008-02-19one-16bit03.flac:566115cc804601bddb9f1425e7a523c4
Set One\wilco2008-02-19one-16bit04.flac:008e3db4a7039096128ccf25eb80c90b
Set One\wilco2008-02-19one-16bit05.flac:dc7a4ffdf3267e4e4b8ece0ce778b346
Set One\wilco2008-02-19one-16bit06.flac:69098b250fd82a02d8e91d73a3ebf519
Set One\wilco2008-02-19one-16bit07.flac:349a966382ce97d7981bb1ea4f3c2665
Set One\wilco2008-02-19one-16bit08.flac:caeceb98a94d11f4849316f921d55813
Set One\wilco2008-02-19one-16bit09.flac:5d207cc51537c860f94ac765c0958bb1
Set One\wilco2008-02-19one-16bit10.flac:af8b5c9501bcbaf258ee025c95f9caa0
Set One\wilco2008-02-19one-16bit11.flac:ae4b4eef7733cdf476e1ecc77b856345
Set One\wilco2008-02-19one-16bit12.flac:d72dddd21faa7f1300c8a47e540dfb46
Set One\wilco2008-02-19one-16bit13.flac:dab1606e2a60b6dc18c6e0e53ff35b1a
Set One\wilco2008-02-19one-16bit14.flac:8110b4561626411474a56e992fb896d4
Set One\wilco2008-02-19one-16bit15.flac:0437d0d5444f0d41640c91a05ed50a43
Set One\wilco2008-02-19one-16bit16.flac:e5e03fcca54a2e78096c2b5442ba33b7
Set One\wilco2008-02-19one-16bit17.flac:99a55db7d87dbcda336b904a005b768d
Set One\wilco2008-02-19one-16bit18.flac:f9222fc0bb67c6df8352e1e0f9b53d67
Set Two\wilco2008-02-19two-16bit01.flac:23f2eb7bd8ba0fd9bedf587e56a5cc12
Set Two\wilco2008-02-19two-16bit02.flac:5ea753b59d3254df54146959a54cad58
Set Two\wilco2008-02-19two-16bit03.flac:a83c9660d642051be4e142b9758b02d6
Set Two\wilco2008-02-19two-16bit04.flac:cde54a54b628ae1c561033482110b0ce
Set Two\wilco2008-02-19two-16bit05.flac:f69d9ee26f5c6dce4cc94ee927ed5bd6
Set Two\wilco2008-02-19two-16bit06.flac:4ffbb8f70a59b93cf9a8e46704c1198d
Set Two\wilco2008-02-19two-16bit07.flac:676d5210c0f31c16c6ef2d2e2b817294
Set Two\wilco2008-02-19two-16bit08.flac:cf6740cfea79c376fa41afb7b8dee563
Set Two\wilco2008-02-19two-16bit09.flac:8bb6f5e77fc7d39a97db0fa06c3a76f5
Set Two\wilco2008-02-19two-16bit10.flac:78cb27827d234ee8b6265fdb8d8a4eaa
Set Two\wilco2008-02-19two-16bit11.flac:bf8778659dcb1fa899edaba8b1001042
Set Two\wilco2008-02-19two-16bit12.flac:bf85fd336a9fefb950c82492f554466b
Set Two\wilco2008-02-19two-16bit13.flac:e59de8aa2af3310aa82e3a6ea0ef68f9
Set Two\wilco2008-02-19two-16bit14.flac:70dbc260587feee4b7f0e14afc3d9d9e
Set Two\wilco2008-02-19two-16bit15.flac:f5305bb170c45e8c48cd05c3217dd8fa

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