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Wilco 02/15/08
Riviera Theatre, Chicago, IL
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Entered by Jeff Thomas
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Source Summary Audio Technica AT-899 omni => Edirol R-09 => WAV => Magix Audio Cleaning Lab => WAV => FLAC (level 8)  
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Riviera Theater
Chicago, Illinois
February 15, 2008

Source: Audio Technica AT-899 omni => Edirol R-09
Transfer: R-09 => WAV => Magix Audio Cleaning Lab => WAV => FLAC (level 8)

Location: balcony, far left, roughly 10th row

Track listing:

Disc one (76:15):
(1) Marty Lennartz intro (1:18)
(2) Band entrance (0:49)
(3) ELT (3:30)
(4) A Shot in the Arm (4:40)
(5) Side With The Seeds (4:57)
(6) You Are My Face (4:59)
(7) I Am Trying To Break Your Heart (6:23)
(8) Pot Kettle Black (4:31)
(9) At Least That's What You Said (5:29)
(10) Banter (1:02)
(11) What's the World … (false start) (0:19)
(12) What's The World Got In Store (3:13)
(13) Banter (0:50)
(14) When The Roses Bloom Again (5:07)
(15) Airline To Heaven (4:40)
(16) Ashes of American Flags (6:20)
(17) Either Way (3:40)
(18) Jesus, Etc. (4:02)
(19) Banter (1:04)
(20) Too Far Apart (4:35)
(21) I Can't Stand It (4:37)

Disc two (78:56):
(1) Sunken Treasure (6:04)
(2) Spiders (Kidsmoke) (11:45)
(3) Misunderstood (6:15)
(4) Far, Far Away (3:45)
(5) Why Would You Wanna Live? (4:27)
(6) Impossible Germany (6:09)
(7) Sky Blue Sky (3:46)
(8) Please Be Patient With Me (4:39)
(9) Cars Can't Escape (3:44)
(10) Hummingbird (3:14)
(11) Encore break (1:36)
(12) Banter (0:17)
(13) Hate It Here (5:09)
(14) Walken (4:33)
(15) I'm The Man Who Loves You (4:23)
(16) Heavy Metal Drummer (3:25)
(17) Candyfloss (2:44)
(18) Outta Sight Outta Mind (3:01)

Show Checksums

7d6a6648b5f57e4a0d68837c53e80407 *Wilco20080215d1t01 Marty Lennartz Intro.flac
888f65aab9f5fb11f8ea47e833f5409b *Wilco20080215d1t02 Band entrance.flac
3af9b03b110c3baae26d36bf4031d035 *Wilco20080215d1t03 ELT.flac
857a77a438c672a4a43774f1f74dba3a *Wilco20080215d1t04 A Shot in the Arm.flac
d7961fb3069a810ad02a421eceb41b40 *Wilco20080215d1t05 Side With The Seeds.flac
e6ca14094e788b5f9375fb263df0d3bc *Wilco20080215d1t06 You Are My Face.flac
f4dcbc6aebeb104def126474f6a3e5e4 *Wilco20080215d1t07 I Am Trying To Break Your Heart.flac
f53c58a853bf70685de0a74e14855120 *Wilco20080215d1t08 Pot Kettle Black.flac
306a1281cd019d676e3a72d86ae0d85a *Wilco20080215d1t09 At Least That_s What You Said.flac
022f9c1aa046f6e6545729394813303c *Wilco20080215d1t10 Banter.flac
f00a44cccb434aa3df537f47a6e85426 *Wilco20080215d1t11 What_s The World (false start).flac
3bb8158e8626a17584b12df363be04ed *Wilco20080215d1t12 What_s The World Got In Store.flac
037d45290d8014f170a0f9ea12311676 *Wilco20080215d1t13 Banter.flac
aee4b70fc3abcf66cfbd62949b485af1 *Wilco20080215d1t14 When The Roses Bloom Again.flac
574d0cd81893dbbfa41e662f3fffb636 *Wilco20080215d1t15 Airline to Heaven.flac
553e3864fa5526f0a18c0d4bccc6eeb8 *Wilco20080215d1t16 Ashes of American Flags.flac
c3718e375554e24073b9e26ae2a18963 *Wilco20080215d1t17 Either Way.flac
2c339e646028e069a45609a2053b49c8 *Wilco20080215d1t18 Jesus, Etc.flac
7eab9324a5b43d336eeb3e2ea536cc12 *Wilco20080215d1t19 Banter.flac
1549a22348e3538b78489efe1b3abbb2 *Wilco20080215d1t20 Too Far Apart.flac
e31193f455388d031e92e257dfdce91f *Wilco20080215d1t21 I Can_t Stand It.flac
d29ccc40accd1a1d3da152a548a61d3c *Wilco20080215d2t01 Sunken Treasure.flac
32e7a48986fa8e4ba1f02eca3193b191 *Wilco20080215d2t02 Spiders (Kidsmoke).flac
63fa07942072b53c771ebe3bdb412d67 *Wilco20080215d2t03 Misunderstood.flac
d7af3229a574b8049ee75be3026c47ca *Wilco20080215d2t04 Far, Far Away.flac
798d18152a892c4c898774314a39c217 *Wilco20080215d2t05 Why Would You Wanna Live.flac
e9c5d4f4b57f619655965d6e1b0886d4 *Wilco20080215d2t06 Impossible Germany.flac
d8c11f5137d86e846e77817f405ce349 *Wilco20080215d2t07 Sky Blue Sky.flac
f71465df69dab1b8bff7b8a49e59cf29 *Wilco20080215d2t08 Please Be Patient With Me.flac
f71742b17443d37896ce7f1c06bc9a70 *Wilco20080215d2t09 Cars Can_t Escape.flac
216c0f9efd7b492f47b44cabbd4f40a7 *Wilco20080215d2t10 Hummingbird.flac
c36de36ce72273eb5538f9a35501ba13 *Wilco20080215d2t11 Encore break.flac
81538f32a13c7a16ab8f22e6ac722678 *Wilco20080215d2t12 Banter.flac
1e0b93bf7d032ac74016f8b8c238c077 *Wilco20080215d2t13 Hate It Here.flac
288f04cdc13e9772cc195c9ccc5cea44 *Wilco20080215d2t14 Walken.flac
81bbb7cb80b4bde664e6cd0d4bd52e47 *Wilco20080215d2t15 I_m The Man Who Loves You.flac
65a512786800a649391c0cd163d1f565 *Wilco20080215d2t16 Heavy Metal Drummer.flac
4360a05d18f5efc8245d402a4bdb96a4 *Wilco20080215d2t17 Candyfloss.flac
478608b8e2ba5895ec73d55917df25d9 *Wilco20080215d2t18 Outta Sight Outta Mind.flac

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12/22/2009 jthomas0237

Night one of Wilco's five-night "Winter Residency" at the Riviera Theater in Chicago. Due to horrible traffic, I only arrived 15 minutes before showtime, and was left with a less-than-optimal location on the far left side of the balcony (though fortunately, near the front). The recording sounds a little distant because I was not in a direct line to the speakers, but overall I think it's a very pleasant recording. The mix was very good and I was fortunate to be in an oasis of silence -- so despite the fact that the Riv was oversold (every seat was filled, the floor was so crowded that you couldn't move, and there were hundreds of people spilling into the aisles and around the bars), there is almost no crowd interference on this recording. Hopefully someone (Jerry?) will post a recording from closer to the PA, but if not this is a very solid, listenable recording.

As for the show itself, it was great, and very long by Wilco standards. Wilco's goal is to play every track from their 7 "official" albums over the course of the five nights. Jeff Tweedy clarified last night that they will also play as many b-sides, unreleased tracks, and Mermaid Avenue (not technically "official" Wilco albums, since they were collaborations with Billy Bragg) as they can. Last night they knocked out a large chunk of their catalog with 31 songs -- several of which (for example, the "Being There" rarities "What's the World Got In Store" and "Why Would You Wanna Live?") have not been performed in years. The next four nights ought to be very interesting.

Feel free to remaster to your heart's content, but if you choose to post your version please document what you did.