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Yonder Mountain String Band 06/17/07
Whiskey Roadhouse - Horseshoe Casino, Council Bluffs, IA
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Source Summary 24 bit Source: sbd>744t (24/48) dpa4011>v-2>744t (24/48)
Location:left front of sbd
Taped & Transfer by Steven Propp 
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06/17/07 (Sun)
Whiskey Roadhouse  Horseshoe Casino
Council Bluffs, IA

Source: sbd>744t (24/48) dpa4011>v-2>744t (24/48)
Location:left front of sbd
Taped & Transfer by Steven Propp [email protected]

Set 1: Part 1(Lord Only Knows)>
Crow Black Chicken,
Spanish Harlem Incident,
8 Cylinders,
Whipping Post>
Romance Blues,
Thing You're Selling,
Near Me,
Going Up,
Different Day,
Traffic Jam>
I Am The Slime>
Traffic Jam

Set 2: Get Me Outta This City>
Ain't Been Myself In Years,
Loved You Enough,
Catch A Criminal,
Long Time,
And Your Bird Can Sing>
Sideshow Blues,
New Deal Train,
Going Across The Sea,
Eli Renfro,
Come Together,
Deep Pockets,
Ten E:
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a75473a82ad3aab716eeb3f526098464 *ymsb07-06-17 Set01 matrix t01.flac
d7a24c681c98ab95aff45217e2e0246b *ymsb07-06-17 Set01 matrix t02.flac
6db81c3f305c5087f4e2b7e30fedffca *ymsb07-06-17 Set01 matrix t03.flac
53276abb8a7d2298f4e5c2ac0c09fd4c *ymsb07-06-17 Set01 matrix t04.flac
8447b35c395b077f069a2edec1adedd7 *ymsb07-06-17 Set01 matrix t05.flac
d6a39ed315eab7f2da6ae0237f556651 *ymsb07-06-17 Set01 matrix t06.flac
6105547a061d3fe386b0ea279dc72e3c *ymsb07-06-17 Set01 matrix t07.flac
43f641416acc645c30296f7bcd81936e *ymsb07-06-17 Set01 matrix t08.flac
f0739d5205cfc4c6c878b3af38311a38 *ymsb07-06-17 Set01 matrix t09.flac
81986cd97debf31b32be5ad0ee9e69a4 *ymsb07-06-17 Set01 matrix t10.flac
fc75622478bb3be3ae50af4486cde1d5 *ymsb07-06-17 Set01 matrix t11.flac
baacf7bffc43b52eed204374948d90be *ymsb07-06-17 Set01 matrix t12.flac
36266a887234407e73f03ba9a81ab5ee *ymsb07-06-17 Set01 matrix t13.flac
e535349fd4de52bf5dda6bc989fc51e9 *ymsb07-06-17 Set01 matrix t14.flac
3d0896bee828d698d850fdd59e2cf96f *ymsb07-06-17 Set01 matrix t15.flac
a5c60c7b35cd72df5d578bb1a5dcd061 *ymsb07-06-17 Set02 matrix t01.flac
b9e0d985b61cc44e93be0d316b318913 *ymsb07-06-17 Set02 matrix t02.flac
311b4c8758b1a173e31da8d6f2a0ba95 *ymsb07-06-17 Set02 matrix t03.flac
5ec0d6a92fe92565f775b9bc9cc0bfca *ymsb07-06-17 Set02 matrix t04.flac
a24759edc1d59539603839262ff4085c *ymsb07-06-17 Set02 matrix t05.flac
5bbfd064812946e7ed9f2590037ca192 *ymsb07-06-17 Set02 matrix t06.flac
3944dc5e42da282ef49ebad02dd453b4 *ymsb07-06-17 Set02 matrix t07.flac
435e510ae2d901ba436249e7f31def37 *ymsb07-06-17 Set02 matrix t08.flac
bb8bbfe16b0b64b85415ca2df28acb13 *ymsb07-06-17 Set02 matrix t09.flac
6b24698828cc384269a4cc97d2b2b88f *ymsb07-06-17 Set02 matrix t10.flac
8dc42ae8ae6cbb176dbe0d4546e84d74 *ymsb07-06-17 Set02 matrix t11.flac
030b4e26fd5738e0b3387d93d83d41b3 *ymsb07-06-17 Set02 matrix t12.flac
4c7f046362fc49a810d3886c19342e7b *ymsb07-06-17 Set02 matrix t13.flac
77b7199878b2cdd4dc3a8e89bea6218b *ymsb07-06-17 Set02 matrix t14.flac
018f54f2316063faff9f1d2fa6e9d498 *ymsb07-06-17 Set02 matrix t15.flac
cf5766a4a941ed61de33b7c158f72d36 *ymsb07-06-17 Set02 matrix t16.flac
530e859d735ed3e4b11c15b1265ffd7e *ymsb07-06-17 Set02 matrix t17.flac
2f6fe6fdb698c75ef5f659de1ee323a7 *ymsb07-06-17 Set02 matrix t18.flac

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