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Club d'Elf 02/28/01
Tonic, New York, NY
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Entered by Eric McRoberts
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3 , set1-48k , set2-48k , check-48k , d1wav , d2wav , d3wav , set1-48k.wav , set2-48k.wav , check-48k.wav
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Source Summary [Schoeps cmc621(Left on Bass & Brahim, Right On Horns & Drums)+Neumann KM 140 (Left on Medeski, Right on right PA)]->Sonosax SX-PR->Apogee AD-1000->DA-P1 @48kHz; R500->Audio Magic Presto II->Zefiro ZA2->Soundforge 4.5->CDWav->.shn Recorded by Bill Mulvey, transferred by Eric McRoberts 
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Club d'Elf 2-28-2001 (Early & Late Shows) Tonic, New York CIty, NY

Source: [Schoeps cmc621(Left on Bass & Brahim, Right On Horns & Drums) +
Neumann KM 140 (Left on Medeski, Right on right PA)]->
Sonosax SX-PR->Apogee AD-1000->DA-P1 @48kHz
Recorded by Bill Mulvey.  Mike Rivard's DA-P1 patch master
used in below transfer.

Transfer: R500->Audio Magic Presto II->Zefiro ZA2->
Soundforge 4.5->CDWav->.shn transferred
by Eric McRoberts.  A 48k archive shn/ape set
was made.

Disk 1 <70:50>
Early Show:
1.  The Tingler-> 22:25
2.  Big Light In Sky 15:08
3.  Sidi Rabi 21:47
4.  Make Me The Sergeant (Down In The Hole)* 10:28

Disk 2 <77:46>
Early Show (Cont'd):
1.  Left Hand Of Clyde 17:19
Late Show:
2.  Scorpionic-> 19:21
3.  Bass Beatbox-> 14:51
4.  Last Business-> 09:19
5.  Jungle Adagio 16:53

Disk 3 <67:22>
Late SHow (Cont'd):
1.  Challahba 07:46
2.  As Above-> 17:23
3.  Vision Of Kali 13:48
4.  Shadow's Shift 16:15
5.  Challahba 04:33
6.  Vision Of Kali 07:35

Mike Rivard-Basses
Erik Kerr-Drums
Brahim Fribgane-Oud, Doumbek, Karakab, Bendir, Vocals
John Medeski-Keys
DJ Logic-Turntables
Mat Maneri-Electric Viola
Joe Maneri-Reeds, Voice
Eric Hipp-Tenor Sax
Curtis Hasselbring-Trombone

* w/ Richard Zukowski on Poetry Recitation
Show Checksums
eb7185c53fb280a0edd8758a4edaf9cc *delf01-02-28d1t01.shn
3d82509fb37869831e5f5b1c513ba195 *delf01-02-28d1t02.shn
16a95e95ef5a7d34a9b20ee18d11258f *delf01-02-28d1t03.shn
e1cdf64a867364a49261d2efa3a02164 *delf01-02-28d1t04.shn
142a9a1d599d1645d939e62ba33089d7 *delf01-02-28d2t01.shn
14b19953f8505d027001dfe56e4a92d9 *delf01-02-28d2t02.shn
d813efadecd8e128a76f869219d41027 *delf01-02-28d2t03.shn
c460c6b12ecc47ae9ef356a74f755976 *delf01-02-28d2t04.shn
e2f5e3e786cf2349947d3b95c50a1520 *delf01-02-28d2t05.shn
6e6850c5542e8a2039ebb561d3c14fac *delf01-02-28d3t01.shn
23c9d110104d7c31be03289371a5f12e *delf01-02-28d3t02.shn
5e77793c625326fde9972589d609813b *delf01-02-28d3t03.shn
a43afc9bc71db5921adf53b3a8e249a9 *delf01-02-28d3t04.shn
7ce85e9b5584e7a6e294d65184867776 *delf01-02-28d3t05.shn
d20b8837ae4e6e1d9ddbf5b210cd0a60 *delf01-02-28d3t06.shn
dd41c7cd572f49f9ba945cd4f503e731 *delf01-02-28set1-48k.shn
022a1e7c1579d3767d47c5969c184e41 *delf01-02-28set2-48k.ape

9c22fab4f05860f235da5e211a98cfd7 *delf01-02-28soundcheck-48k.shn
23d33d931047a9683638b4b5396d4103 *delf01-02-28d1t03.wav
b9130a5daeb4de5b4ac5e12e331c4b71 *delf01-02-28d1t02.wav
f71460ababb5ef6b6e5314e3ffa14de0 *delf01-02-28d1t01.wav
f5a6e7776844cb56582259d585b1096d *delf01-02-28d1t04.wav
a6c780ce8161a9808228e1cc3b3568a1 *delf01-02-28d2t04.wav
ad983590259c99c62e8423a6bc507323 *delf01-02-28d2t02.wav
5dc8b532b12867853821a4cd93606541 *delf01-02-28d2t03.wav
16bce585d4dbd04c1578ba3874ee05ad *delf01-02-28d2t01.wav
5518ab9d88709b9a12c44c5743a5d800 *delf01-02-28d2t05.wav
49e1d3cc702c9b092ba9ffdbc88a84d9 *delf01-02-28d3t05.wav
4659c944c9257f4e4d9f34e3ff877cee *delf01-02-28d3t02.wav
80a0ac6cd45e3790d9dffb311732a2b5 *delf01-02-28d3t03.wav
7333fdfb75e018957fe2a889d03e5a08 *delf01-02-28d3t04.wav
054c270aa626780639d2475f229270e5 *delf01-02-28d3t01.wav
04282ee0207e4d8f2cf95bc53d7f5f81 *delf01-02-28d3t06.wav
88684fb026b7885e6c706598dd341ed1 *delf01-02-28set1-48k.wav
5a3b78d081795bbbc4816bd5b1a96a39 *delf01-02-28set2-48k.wav
97ec113d71ff4b611352349383409a6d *delf01-02-28soundcheck-48k.wav

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