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Radiohead 09/23/03
Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA
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Entered by Ron Broman
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Source Summary Neumann KM140s > SD-MP2 > SBM1 > Sony D7 DAT master > HHb CDR830 > EAC/wavlab > FLAC Taper: Wilson - section 102 fob 
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Sept 23, 2003
Shoreline Amphitheatre
Mt View, CA

Neumann KM140s > SD-MP2 > SBM1 > Sony D7
DAT master > HHb CDR830 > EAC/wavlab > FLAC
Taper: Wilson - section 102 fob


01. 2+2=5
02. Sit down. Stand up.
03. Where I End and You Begin
04. Kid A
05. Backdrifts
06. Lurgee
07. Morning Bell
08. My Iron Lung
09. I Might Be Wrong
10. Sail To The Moon
11. Paranoid Android
12. Punch Up at a Wedding


01. Go To Sleep
02. The Gloaming
03. Idioteque
04. No Surprises
05. There There

-Encore 1

06. You and Whose Army
07. The National Anthem
08. Wolf At The Door
09. How To Disappear Completely

-Encore 2

10. Airbag
11. Everything In Its Right Place
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2560ecabb2c04d68d35ee082e4015781 *radiohead2003-0923d1_01.flac
1a325178ad8464e09275994b888dd7a8 *radiohead2003-0923d1_02.flac
e8a1896b5a04162fa9c115ee27dfe4ac *radiohead2003-0923d1_03.flac
2b72fe24484e930989392e27426e9ded *radiohead2003-0923d1_04.flac
10d2fb2210ca6d91f8db9bc1e7a66e91 *radiohead2003-0923d1_05.flac
2eda7f1df0c824a6a78164a68ea09663 *radiohead2003-0923d1_06.flac
066e2bfd9a113a76424f981696183b5c *radiohead2003-0923d1_07.flac
2872680c6c8997ad289fd4d41c561b05 *radiohead2003-0923d1_08.flac
2830668f840ecc69cb13ef529d6e78e4 *radiohead2003-0923d1_09.flac
00fed29b337c35e7ef1aae334428ec84 *radiohead2003-0923d1_10.flac
40dc481c9f506930828fea43f1e5d0e0 *radiohead2003-0923d1_11.flac
bb1fe24e41aae98ca01078f9c2d146f9 *radiohead2003-0923d1_12.flac
c450ddab9fab8a11d067c42eaa5cadfb *radiohead2003-0923d2_01.flac
d729cc54a545ab62e37b846e3c21f0fc *radiohead2003-0923d2_02.flac
6d070c9e8604e0c2ec7c54908a59e662 *radiohead2003-0923d2_03.flac
a1ea4b92b773a269dc37ef0c8eff1332 *radiohead2003-0923d2_04.flac
624717b14bcdb5b47160e1ece3faee67 *radiohead2003-0923d2_05.flac
b0dc9e7432bb97153afb4fd13605f196 *radiohead2003-0923d2_06.flac
10c985a6c62046ecef846581bd046718 *radiohead2003-0923d2_07.flac
3377a9782963e6277f44adfc7aa113e4 *radiohead2003-0923d2_08.flac
69ac43e0be82fe2af4c017a83875930a *radiohead2003-0923d2_09.flac
ad739ce37b83aad73ccc436223c8f02b *radiohead2003-0923d2_10.flac
2a14950cb1d79602b936ae247e69c4a3 *radiohead2003-0923d2_11.flac

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