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Radiohead 08/20/08
White River Amphitheater, Auburn, WA
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Entered by Ron Broman
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Source Summary Source: Church Audio CA-11 (Cards)>ST-9100>iRiverH120 (Rockboxed) 44.1Khz Wav Loction: Section 211 row 2, Edit Audition 1.0 (Cut tracks, minor Eq and amplifying) 
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White River Amphitheater
Auburn, WA

Source: Church Audio CA-11 (Cards)>ST-9100>iRiverH120 (Rockboxed) 44.1Khz Wav
Loction: Section 211 row 2
Edit Audition 1.0 (Cut tracks, minor Eq and amplifying)


Set list from

01. 15 Step [Ed encourages the crowd to participate in the \'Yay!\' chorus]
02. Reckoner
03. Optimistic
04. There There
05. All I Need
06. Pyramid Song
07. Talk Show Host
08. The National Anthem
09. The Gloaming
10. Videotape
11. Lucky
12. Faust Arp [Thom messes up lyrics several times, starts singing Neil Young\'s \"Tell Me Why\"]
13. Jigsaw Falling Into Place
14. Climbing Up The Walls
15. Dollars and Cents
16. Nude
17. Bodysnatchers

Encore 1
18. How to Disappear Completely
19. Arpeggi/Weird Fishes
20. Idioteque
21. In Limbo [Tambourine accompaniment by Nigel Godrich.]
22. Street Spirit

Encore 2
23. You And Whose Army? [Thom dedicates to the people who demonstrated against the WTO in Seattle in 1999]
24. No Surprises
25. Everything In Its Right Place


Note: If audio is mixed with any other source, please be aware that timing adjustment may be needed.  My 44.1Khz is more like 44.0991 so you will need to stretch it to make it match otherwise it will be out of sync at the end.
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Radiohead 2008-08-20T25.flac:497b9f63f2d1783ea33cad8d2ba131fd
Radiohead 2008-08-20T01.flac:30f2a4fa5d56cbae1c4f9850da5e1dd9
Radiohead 2008-08-20T02.flac:59ee5c9b8d12fc33e77b4ab701b48154
Radiohead 2008-08-20T03.flac:44c5650ad182d47cd0c4818268645623
Radiohead 2008-08-20T04.flac:53397b6715a37a04af63b4c6f3b70c67
Radiohead 2008-08-20T05.flac:b2220ee43bb0ec171b6e0381c535a569
Radiohead 2008-08-20T06.flac:eaf5a52096dc5519fd6293bd9f44e278
Radiohead 2008-08-20T07.flac:4d866eb25111bd3962ad43f0fce37315
Radiohead 2008-08-20T08.flac:8c4427e78c2b23cb225f3d85ff8a6115
Radiohead 2008-08-20T09.flac:df4cce386be11f79fdcea5444a3a1c93
Radiohead 2008-08-20T10.flac:8da7d13ff3421bb478a47f91a59b8233
Radiohead 2008-08-20T11.flac:4a3d7c4da257d04d79508906c85790ab
Radiohead 2008-08-20T12.flac:a16709c01726d0440035ad1831c563ff
Radiohead 2008-08-20T13.flac:f13fb3a81aa5cb416c508a358ee6d371
Radiohead 2008-08-20T14.flac:a360435c0481a9836cfc5b96c9c3968e
Radiohead 2008-08-20T15.flac:872efa5daeefb53234deb92f9cb06bdd
Radiohead 2008-08-20T16.flac:732a2cfa32f63cbe2d5e489c3d746e9c
Radiohead 2008-08-20T17.flac:34247c7c01398dcc5fbb368e86ce17f3
Radiohead 2008-08-20T18.flac:a647020669f6b4155ed5a093a778ae7c
Radiohead 2008-08-20T19.flac:3d58f0d109c016b997e2b8e9c912e308
Radiohead 2008-08-20T20.flac:a0ce5ff1ec645a41299cc1815ffdb3f7
Radiohead 2008-08-20T21.flac:800031c911708ffa4a34e3a3596c2fe7
Radiohead 2008-08-20T22.flac:80c97b9416794f118bf1697b38c85196
Radiohead 2008-08-20T23.flac:e5d62ceaa0a014f17c5967f21c10034d
Radiohead 2008-08-20T24.flac:df56ba7a91a1f2745cbe9f0a5295fd9e

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