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Derek Trucks Band 12/10/09
Skirball Center @ NYU, New York, NY
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Entered by Steve Blanchard
Checksums ffp , md5
Disc Counts 1 / 2
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Source Summary flac1648 CA-14 cards > CA9100 > Edirol R-09HR @ 24/48 > Kingston SDHC > Audacity Eqd, Bass Boost +6db (last two tracks only), tracks split, downsampled to 16/48 > flac (level8), Taper: absnj 
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Derek Trucks Band
Skirball Center @ NYU
New York, NY
December 10, 2009

Source: CA-14 cards > CA9100 > Edirol R-09HR @ 24/48 > Kingston SDHC > Audacity Eqd, Bass Boost +6db (last two tracks only), tracks split, downsampled to 16/48 (thought to be downsampled to 16/44.1, but the tracks are not) > flac (level8)
Taper: absnj

01-Sweet Inspiration
02-Get What You Deserve
05-Down In The Flood
07-Already Free
08-Meet Me At the Bottom
09-Sailin' On
10-Susan Intro
11-Key to the Highway*
12-Afro Blue
13-Joyful Noise
14-Encore Call
15-Home In Your Heart
16-We're A Winner

* Susan Tedeschi- Guitar
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dtb 2009-12-10 t01.flac:8a2e21f2af9b569992b6e05d4f9400f5
dtb 2009-12-10 t02.flac:6289e0fac69925a7563ce9e16b198204
dtb 2009-12-10 t03.flac:ad822ac920caeecf6f5bc8c8f8258b75
dtb 2009-12-10 t04.flac:0f534a687dd2a43904f7b24fe09e63fe
dtb 2009-12-10 t05.flac:0e9da306e15500b0bade4f385536771d
dtb 2009-12-10 t06.flac:c57a51e4384dfe3d1b1b663e094fe2f8
dtb 2009-12-10 t07.flac:e38e00406daceb77884e583dae442962
dtb 2009-12-10 t08.flac:d9b8413390a604970936a61cc0d22878
dtb 2009-12-10 t09.flac:0cbf60796e9e916e485761365285544c
dtb 2009-12-10 t10.flac:0730cd55d8a6132f5b531560eb598b75
dtb 2009-12-10 t11.flac:24b6fc6e6c46d02610acf5de657613f7
dtb 2009-12-10 t12.flac:c28e98666c6ff878ea391c0f5c4aeaf8
dtb 2009-12-10 t13.flac:3f77909ee1577f2d990f356fc78a27cb
dtb 2009-12-10 t14.flac:d460af980ce1f936bbe24c9da088d91e
dtb 2009-12-10 t15.flac:47349cdc335ded4f732c796f6c928042
dtb 2009-12-10 t16.flac:6255346d727e674820b4c4e14ea87eaf
23fd51df84dda682546da6325a392147 *dtb 2009-12-10 t01.flac
bb9a23a55f7fd894dba75b5c222443e1 *dtb 2009-12-10 t02.flac
9b94361e10ed0824cef7a7e23585d2fa *dtb 2009-12-10 t03.flac
db4920d6285dfa96f24c7136bb22e6c3 *dtb 2009-12-10 t04.flac
66bd0ad38030b75f8660360d537ee8c9 *dtb 2009-12-10 t05.flac
5c88d562f06a50f7179e36e91e413ca9 *dtb 2009-12-10 t06.flac
701b5c2185c019328e8bcf95245c4f1f *dtb 2009-12-10 t07.flac
71c0dcc77043d86883bdb965b6f74154 *dtb 2009-12-10 t08.flac
ca756564b777ae9c5112d16f0d415e96 *dtb 2009-12-10 t09.flac
b3bf1407c31302f7c0ead2623c84ce6b *dtb 2009-12-10 t10.flac
78f113c07dbd19c46a48a2dbb0d56cf2 *dtb 2009-12-10 t11.flac
a4121a1472b24108fe39804c158188f6 *dtb 2009-12-10 t12.flac
308ecdffce91401195a00a92bd6477f3 *dtb 2009-12-10 t13.flac
7bd3f37bb4e49371ec91bf8e8469b882 *dtb 2009-12-10 t14.flac
f5a72dcbf82da83213cdd09bd28ccab9 *dtb 2009-12-10 t15.flac
6463dc349039cefe5965bff8749080ce *dtb 2009-12-10 t16.flac

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