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Derek Trucks Band 12/06/09
Ritz Ybor, Tampa, FL
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Entered by Steve Blanchard
Checksums ffp , md5
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Source Summary flac1648 Church CA-14 cards >Battery Box > Edirol R-09 recorder @ 24 bit WAV/ 48kHz sample rate > Kingston SDHC card > Audacity, tracks split, EQ, Amplified to -.3, downsampled to 16/48, FLAC Level 8 > FLAC 16, Taper: Ernie Winn 
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Derek Trucks Band, 2009-12-6, Ritz Ybor, Tampa, Florida

Church CA-14 cards >Battery Box > Edirol R-09 recorder @ 24 bit WAV/ 48kHz sample rate > Kingston SDHC card > Audacity, tracks split, EQ, Amplified to -.3, downsampled to 16/48 (thought to be downsampled to 16/44.1 BUT THEY ARE NOT), FLAC Level 8 > FLAC 16

Taper: Ernie Winn (bluesnut49), mic stand inside SBD cage, 5 ft left of DFC, 11.5 feet up

01 Meet Me at the Bottom
02 Volunteered Slavery
03 Blind Crippled & Crazy
04 Done Got Over
05 Mahjoun
06 Already Free
07 Key to the Highway>band introductions
08 Kam-Ma-Lay
09 Feel So Bad, with Mike Mattison, Susan Tedeschi and Col. Bruce Hampton on vocals
10 Sweet Inspiration
11 Afro Blue
12 Joyful Noise
13 Encore Call
14 Hook & Sling

Derek Trucks, guitar
Mike Mattison, vocals
Kofi Burbridge, Hammond B-3, keys, flute and backing vocals
Yonrico Scott, drums
Todd Smallie, Bass and backing vocals
Count M'Butu, percussion and backing vocals on Sweet Inspiration
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T01 Meet Me at the Bottom.flac:00df535d55792c799aa6ea83d9c72c30
T02 Volunteered Slavery .flac:80756d3bdb85877833bbc6c35b7e3dd4
T03 Blind Crippled and Crazy.flac:600ff736e97f7b1eab549b031ee57685
T04 Done Got Over.flac:8140b5dadcfe74ac4d56a23807956002
T05 Mahjoun.flac:1d3f64364496ddbb83c00d2bc2e7dbd9
T06 Already Free.flac:01f64c0e7f5b1a83e92a6dd3ce2d25d3
T07 Key to the Highway.flac:fd653ccee2fa06d12407735ddd578b81
T08 Kam Ma Lay.flac:6d3f158f78537f6d0eb80d9ec1ba0e68
T09 Feel So Bad.flac:a862520db2df1e400bca43638755c644
T10 Sweet Inspiration.flac:6b649f4e6eec845d4ddb4f42f48bff0b
T11 Afro Blue.flac:537a6f7b6e27a8eb9b0a5686f5e56ae0
T12 Joyful Noise.flac:c19636681a0e143607486bcba67cf161
T13 Encore Call.flac:62733a2bd6b62551c75a42be602a8dde
9468b79b520c6600727e2387c2799f6a *T01 Meet Me at the Bottom.flac
71a39432cd564e72bcee06cb03d89b05 *T02 Volunteered Slavery .flac
865fbd87f02db6e361c95a233e9de83f *T03 Blind Crippled and Crazy.flac
1ad6ef1138dc4a93613b8bec58cab3a6 *T04 Done Got Over.flac
9575f75728739a80fb0f16f3a660a16a *T05 Mahjoun.flac
5067a7add27a88f1f822365e44a7ab1f *T06 Already Free.flac
4938cd6b3494f59f1be2480c8905d3bd *T07 Key to the Highway.flac
fad7a52b3b6b7ba7cbea96f34a4ba26d *T08 Kam Ma Lay.flac
86745bc98d8fa57d7526757a7ea84687 *T09 Feel So Bad.flac
d7f5cefd02eebfebfab403779e8d7608 *T10 Sweet Inspiration.flac
553c34bbd075e7a3709839e3196d0aaa *T11 Afro Blue.flac
fc13860fde8d530339afd23b761956a2 *T12 Joyful Noise.flac
2169b1808c58fd63998b9866072e815f *T13 Encore Call.flac

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12/24/2009 sloppy these files have been down sampled to 16/48, not 16/44.1 as advertised.