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Grateful Dead 06/??/69
Home Recordings, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by dr.unclear
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Source Summary misc "Home recordings"; AUD> cheap mic> portable recorder; via Tzuriel to abgd 
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SHN'd and posted to alt.binaries.gdead.highspeed by Tzuriel 6/24/02


GD - Home Recordings, Summer, 1969, AUD (portable recorder and cheap

1.   Friend Of The Devil  (with other lyrics and John "Marmaduke"
      Dawson singing lead)  [4:45]
2.  Trumpet Solo - Robert Hunter?  [0:50]
3.  Dead Or Alive  (Robert Hunter vocal, undocumented song) [1:09]
4.  Train Song  (Robert Hunter vocal, undocumented song) [2:24]
5.  No Eggs Today  (Robert Hunter vocal, undocumented song) [0:35]
6.  Jam - "Feeling Groovy" and Uncle John's Band riffs  [7:43]
7.  Uncle John's Band Jam  [8:56]
8. crying?...  [2:03]
9.   unidentified guitar  [0:28] / end of tape.

Total time = 28.55

1:30 minute track 6 Sample .wav included (16 MB)
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Total post 170 MB

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b3f9601c582fb3f569c83b70c6983a25 *Track04.shn
e6e84a3461670ad0b236306fb99937b3 *Track05.shn
06bc2819aba901b666302741f7cd2981 *Track06.shn
c6442aa0c62e5d1d58e9660bdb552db0 *Track07.shn
ade052829290dd5e244eadfa65809b09 *Track08.shn
5debde9dd31f5ac99e9b8830349313ed *Track09.shn
85a49c0230d2bb989eefe0c2cd7883fa [shntool] Track01.shn
2de24cf59e3c0982bd8ac3f30fcc7bd7 [shntool] Track02.shn
0a33885bffc4c89d6983e80528063ec4 [shntool] Track03.shn
ae95ef35810a283ea7781c74faa90a38 [shntool] Track04.shn
70ddcebd6f9f834648417bbe4d5bc1c9 [shntool] Track05.shn
e549141683879806d6f2d24807809c35 [shntool] Track06.shn
df867488e5e2f3b75859221617832c8c [shntool] Track07.shn
0757e1188e2783e7d887a8032854c4e1 [shntool] Track08.shn
569aa8097221fd8266170242071c697a [shntool] Track09.shn

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07/15/2002 Hamilton, Diana I created this shn entry under 06/??/69 since it's reportedly "summer", and since ??/??/69 already had something different for the setlist entry, prior to the "home recordings".
08/06/2002 Diana Hamilton Fascinating collection of scraps! I'd guess this was a personal working tape of Hunter's, maybe. Further comments/guesses on misc portions:

1. Friend Of The Devil (with other lyrics and John "Marmaduke" Dawson singing lead)- Is that a banjo instead of a guitar? Also, the bass does not sound like Phil.

2. Trumpet Solo - Robert Hunter?- Lesh had a trumpet but this playing would be too amateurish for him- I'd guess Hunter too.

6. Jam - "Feeling Groovy" and Uncle John's Band riffs, 7. Uncle John's Band Jam- probably the most interesting parts for Deadheads, showing UJB development.

8. crying?...- This would be "toddler whining", possibly followed by toddler fooling with/at the mic. Likely a girl- Sunshine?

9. unidentified guitar- Classical guitar, that is! Nice signoff. :)