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North Mississippi Allstars 06/08/07
Wakarusa -- Sun Down Stage, Lawrence, KS
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Source Summary flac24: neumann km140 > edirol R4 (oade basic mod) 
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North Mississippi Allstars
Wakarusa Festival Sun Down Stage (5:45pm-7:00pm) - Lawrence, KS
June 8, 2007

Source: neumann km140 > edirol R4 (oade basic mod)
Conversion: R-4 > USB > wav > Audacity (normalize/fades) > cd wave (track) > Flac frontend > FLAC
Taped/Converted/Seeded: Shawn Smith

Set One
s01t01: Shake What Yo Mama Gave Ya
s01t02: I Don’t Live Today*
s01t03: Stay All Night > Lord Have Mercy > Stay All Night
s01t04: Love And Happiness
s01t05: Mean Ol' Wind Died Down
s01t06: Write Me A Few Lines > Drop Down Mama > Sugartown
s01t07: Some Kind of Wonderful**
s01t08: Georgia Women >
s01t09: Po Black Maddie >
s01t10: Skinny Woman*** >
s01t11: Po Black Maddie
s01t12: No Mo'
s01t13: Ship > Gloria

Performance Notes:
* = Jimi Hendrix Cover
** = Grand Funk railroad Cover
*** = w\ JJ Grey (MOFRO)

Luther Dickinson: guitar, vocals
Cody Dickinson: drums, guitar, vocals
Chris Chew: bass, vocals

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636e5eb975d8d64cf46c63c4b47639b6 *nmas2007-06-08d01t01.flac
abc36f1b85d11d4c42329107959cb045 *nmas2007-06-08d01t02.flac
d5bacba9272a0b8a2800c09448042c84 *nmas2007-06-08d01t03.flac
e0174e597c5984d2f53e7ffc8dad336c *nmas2007-06-08d01t04.flac
c58affa5a45886afbc06990e92f71fae *nmas2007-06-08d01t05.flac
ab1592b52ccdcbaf10ad5991adc25770 *nmas2007-06-08d01t06.flac
a0f0a81b412939d2392947c20547af6e *nmas2007-06-08d01t07.flac
ed72322bd6f191cb969a9169e3ef8d19 *nmas2007-06-08d01t08.flac
482712f0e063e495b2d2db552437940d *nmas2007-06-08d01t09.flac
18036e6facfd0fa1b3c016ea9d0768e4 *nmas2007-06-08d01t10.flac
90617d1a1e5132aee011fc990c1a9d57 *nmas2007-06-08d01t11.flac
70b6693689809fa82a2b3c32d2b26ed4 *nmas2007-06-08d01t12.flac
7c0385ade2182d372911489ef57df249 *nmas2007-06-08d01t13.flac

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