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North Mississippi Allstars 02/03/09
Granada Theater, Lawrence, KS
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Source Summary flac24: MBHO603a/ka500(FOB,LOC)>R-44@24/44.1 
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North Mississippi Allstars
Granada Theater
Lawrence, KS.

Source- MBHO603a/ka500(FOB,LOC)>R-44@24/44.1
Lineage- Wavelab(dsp,tracking)>flac

*24bit fileset*

01. Yo mama >
02. Eaglebird
03. Keep the devil down
04. No mo
05. In jail
06. Freedom highway
07. Mean ol' wind died down
08. I'd love to be a hippie
09. Brooks
10. Po black > Skinny woman
11. Drums >
12. Miss. bollweevil

01. Mutha
02. Boogie
03. Eyes
04. Hey hey
05. Love the one you're with
06. Mud
07. KC Jones
08. ML
09. E: Po boy > snake drive
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51cfa2176a2259fd3555dcc349a6caa1 *nma2009-02-03pt1t01.flac
fa5b371948e68d71f8b3627944043bc3 *nma2009-02-03pt1t02.flac
5bca4075b7df8335928fbd8e7f78a415 *nma2009-02-03pt1t03.flac
9d9f298fdc4b57930f276bf07552d0e2 *nma2009-02-03pt1t04.flac
ec531854725570fbbf7b15a8992a81f9 *nma2009-02-03pt1t05.flac
c19906ed52a1b2b8836259f24a47acee *nma2009-02-03pt1t06.flac
94e2f4904f41b0525b725bf6ac6bbd84 *nma2009-02-03pt1t07.flac
fa89753c85931620172d470f581e1cd0 *nma2009-02-03pt1t08.flac
97c65ac39e217f04239d4120c1a7f264 *nma2009-02-03pt1t09.flac
069d9bc22a47c048712b34ec3864d1be *nma2009-02-03pt1t10.flac
e9e24df475ef897445dc1a37b372e03f *nma2009-02-03pt1t11.flac
beb4cb177db8221e2343839758d6038b *nma2009-02-03pt1t12.flac
3c59761da35f01f6737e75865fb27ac5 *nma2009-02-03pt2t01.flac
a48b7d2828d18d822ed93e9c1ac07228 *nma2009-02-03pt2t02.flac
7ef826427a0debdb0790854455a9b49c *nma2009-02-03pt2t03.flac
f6075e19fe5604092df39ba6f0d8e8cf *nma2009-02-03pt2t04.flac
7ea429001a21c3b0dadcbc293846551a *nma2009-02-03pt2t05.flac
a8a3084c1744b6da9bdf0f93256bc048 *nma2009-02-03pt2t06.flac
0286e5e0d91574d955cbc92f1b74c747 *nma2009-02-03pt2t07.flac
6f1ae77422d07c3633fce1ea4edc7f9b *nma2009-02-03pt2t08.flac
33ade83941b6d8ab5dd0f653b448cc98 *nma2009-02-03pt2t09.flac

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